Thursday, December 27, 2012

Quasi-Loopy Quasic Cosmic Strings Redefining Continuity

Quasi-Loopy Quasic Cosmic Strings
Redefining Continuity (Psephos Sphera I)

L. Edgar Otto   20 December, 2012

Given that all geometries exist and quasicity exists as one of the representations of geometry along with super symmetries,

In the nonnecessity of freedom of a universe's expression
the distinctions made between such general concepts of planes and branes, and these distinct realms interactive, a more general theory of the omnium exists as well as it divides or integrates phenomena of physics in states and levels under them unto a general overall pattern of universe.

While we may not be able to cover spaces of natural dimensions greater than two space with integral squares we may do so in these natural dimension if the continuous regions, quasifinite, are done in the flatland of a quasic two space brane so as to related the quasi-real system into those higher imagined natural dimensions.  This concept applies as well to knots in a given space.  The return of random paths in a natural plane but not in higher space as likely applies here also.  But such distinctions may after all show us where chance applies to some focused limit even if it is a general singularity so to find from it physical effects that can be used in the manipulation of the information of light.

The patterns will describe loops and boundaries in a quasic plane to ever finer and fractal like resolution (as if we are looking into the creative object observing the general universe into the depth of its conception at contiguity of Nature's natural inversions from her unbiased perspectives).

In effect we both further generalize and redefine to finer resolution our intuitive and objective ideas of continuity in the universe as quasifinite while relating it to our ideas of the hierarchy of numbers to the physical linearity of the number line yet generalize this to the ubiquity of transfinite spaces.

Along with this comes our ideas of divisions or duplications as to what are physical effects and half (as if of infinity) effects justifying the quasifinite count of group interaction operations which may generate non-linear actions where the decisions of pathways are at some local point multiple.  But this in the freedom of action toward a vague purpose or toward a focusing of understanding amounts to closed or open loops, with all the manifold complexity possible but not strict in higher spaces of these two brane conditions, resulting in from one of the physics view isolated and extended configurations of the contiguous substances.

This transcendence beyond the mere holographic and fractal considerations at least existentially (as if the reality of a place we focus as the now in time or space) the transforms make a more general model of relations possible between energy and entropy as to its imagined previous or future states- the shadow of such imagining is the visibility of the concepts we try to measure and observe as dark matter or the supposed resonances of particles, especially those on the foundational frontiers of what can be a measure of mass.

X + 1 = wild card * = infinity also in the axioms of number theory as well as zero and ideas of induction and successor so to resolve to the unified nonnecessity of general ordering. I mention the quasic ordering of pixels or regions is essential to further generalization of topology where order is left general, and that Pointclare's objection to even the turning of integration on end at right angles became his realization of the profound implications beyond the flatland of zero of his conjecture involving circles and points in a manifold.

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