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Some Implications of a Many-Sheeted Universe

Some Implications of a Many-Sheeted Universe

L. Edgar Otto   04 December, 2012

Numbers can seem vague sets of things as well as vague absolute sets of things.  This may reflect the nature of our inheritance where in general multiplicity for example the recent speculations in the evolution paradigm that has us gain intelligible sentience at the cost of hallucinatory dream state sanity- these being innate from early beginnings as a path singularity divergence defining diversity and uniformity of a species to which there may be actual differences in the mixing and weights of instinct, intellect, and intuition between individuals of which to challenge the symmetry of the situation within an individual resonates with the frontier and core sense of reality of that individual much like the justification of being by the Cartesian claptrap or its reversal of the phrase and the virtual or empty compromise in the paradox or contradictions of something between mind and matter as a mediator even in the case of Hume that may rely on the experimental facts and debates that by thoughts or words alone can actually undermine the arguments of the opponent as a logical fallacy or not.

Thus the vagueness of the quantum level that may strike some pragmatic people as a sort of mysticism is a property of numbers between the horizon of balances or interchange that is the fundamental unified state of change and integration over a natural intelligible system to which what we experience in understanding this as mirrors, reversals of negative values or those absolute (as I understand it from my terse reading p-adic type theories investigate the absolute to which the complex numbers seem to apply where they are used in mathematical physics and philosophic logic).

To have this feel for numbers as I present and tend to see them myself in the illustration becomes a more certain focus than the vague numerology over the statistical grounds of probability- to in particular pull a Newton and investigate  the negative values of Pascal's triangle extended (much as in that method we extend things to the neutral or vacuum values of singularity states of particles and numbers.)  Of course we are prone to calculation errors that may in fact be a lapse in our state of careful problem solving and looked for wishful results of problem solving pattern recognition that may find it yet not necessarily a logical fallacy when in the unstable state of thinking we return again to a clear grounding from exotic logic to the simplification of the valid classical varieties as well this an issue between exotic physics.

Does 1 and 1 necessarily equal 2 if we may imagine something possible like this vaguely outside and alternative and quite illogical for our usual scientific stance of the nature of the cosmos?  In my habits of calculation much as we find tricks to check our work by hand and rearrangements, I tended to ignore the positive and negative differences but adjusted them to get the correct value after pressing buttons before the fact as a matter of narrowing the ergonomics of pressing and contraction needed to correct the errors for the sake of time and storage in memory so accessed. 

Also we may press the wrong button or leave out a step in a calculation.  This too is something to consider as we carefully and for work place safety,l inguistically, half rely on this trade off of sanity and creative sentience. I do say that throughout such times I posted such results, not just a typing error of calculation among various multiple interpretations of a given number as a set in some systems context with imagined usual properties, that the old calculator I used to check my work was defective in the functions and connections to such buttons like the factorials, not to mention it not deeply programmed by today's standards.  So the half illusion was instructive at the core if we take such poetic possibilities seriously while we depend ever more on such machines.

The sort of creative presentation I offer here today is of course a sketch of the way to be worked out as a work in progress and any errors as such in the usual half pointless and paradoxical statement of some authors as a caveat I adjust to say:  "any errors in understanding are not the author's own."  But I meant to say in earlier posts that we have to have a sense of the real and my experience is that general stances of arrogance detract from the finding of the truths in our honest enquiries, especially in the sciences, even if from some stance we over or under estimate our own or an others states of wisdom.

*1 In a many-sheeted universe (to more or less borrow the term from the TGD pardigm of Pitkanen because many world and multiverse I use technically in other ways)  even when number properties break down up to the octonions, globally, these laws still hold existentially in the (quasic) field element entities relative to each other in the same or between levels in structured singularity arrays.  Thus a sort of indistinguishably distinguishable, a radical and ambiguous theory or one clear but not necessarily so defined.

*2 Thus we can assign order (or colors, symbols, shapes) to embedded element entities in their stance of degrees of freedom that gives a potential measure of "weights" in the interactive multidimensional (and hidden fractal like) paths for the resulting dynamics (as permutations and half effective or expressed perturbation or even as a non-necessary class definition of a number as prime) for string theory states of which globally the effects of higher dimensions and the loss of properties descend into dark or empty vacuum field unity either in an indefinite expression or to some limiting point, or both.

*3 A conformal non-necessary array as many-sheeted, immutation fixed on the physicality of these changing sign properties of the facticity not to be free linearly or the counter facticity of the paradoxical not free formally.

*4  Between (and I used the descriptive term earlier epsilon-delta especially for these embedded boundaries of embedded systems) in the dualistic and more general grids, an intrinsic material order in these independent sets (not just a dispersal of spinor like objects the limit of the case as a physics generalization) contiguous between the epsilon and delta (also in a geometrical dualism projection manner) the existential "weight" and general global airy strength or shifting (super multi-sheet path integration of added sub-values open or closed or both) is reflected in the relaxed integration of the field totality within these labeled values of intrinsic elemental entities on multiple and general state "multi teleoscoping" of the tachyon-like quasifinite thus organic system that may logically spontaneously arise or differentiate to diverse and usually equal immutative state sum pathways most likely an individual organism in the natural selection mirror path mutations conserved but most likely lethal to the organism.

*5 Terse Footnote Observations:

*The assignment of order may display statistics based on  general permutation properties of the various labelings.

*Certainly where these involve negative values, absolute or relative, or complex ones beyond that.

*Not all elemental entities possible needs be physically present in the summations nor unique in their weight values.

*The delta-epsilon and the epsilon-delta as formalism may exchange senses, like at an event horizon of that of space exchanged with time, and this formalism the squaring or more of the concept of epsilon + delta such that as Pitkanen realizes the Einstein paradigm can be extended into many sheet worlds, the not mathematically but physically constant values such as h, and for some the constant of light velocity itself, via Noether's teleology or purpose of the least action of a photon of light over a sphere of rotation.

*Yes, synthetically this involves the fourth power as the cell glue of the elemental entities between them as if a simply connected 5th power or dimension of 40 in 5-space.

*In the 11-zies sequence we can separate out the four bases of the suites of eight of the numbers to distinguish the relative epsilon or the delta parts diffuse over a brane or quasic grid as in the illustration of the Sudoku embedding and this a hyper-dihedral irrational angle, small eta of Coxeter, as the next geometric irrational after phi in the quadratic equation.

*The picture then is of many sheets composed of many sheets and so on, a sort of quasic or hyperquasic and fractal holographic concept of 1 or 0 or potential infinity and of nonresistants inductively interchanged conceptually much in the Riemann manner of his complex plane sphere mapping.  This a singularity property beyond the non-necessary concept of multi-branes.

*The string theory landscape of replete and thought excessive freedoms of models (the 500th power or so) is powerful as not showing bias thus the unity in completeness of degrees of freedom in the 3, 4, 5 dimensional cases as well as low energy (mirrored high energy) middle level or familiar physics.

*Inheritance in its material breaking (such as in replication) is defined by some viable process of our viriality (dualism and beyond) views (in my symbols super and preceding subscript- damn our math notations are so inadequate!) the value symbol as two, the square root of two, or halves where in binary the 2^R plus or minus n or 0 is the statement of many sheets observed as quasicontinua.

*Small eta squared over the embedded topologies in hex that nine digits of the quasi-random pi and its powers or for that matter e, both transcendental, the next nine over the manysheets refine the accumulated values to find them explicitly. Why do we think the bases are equal in such calculations of which the base ten cannot do this?  But in general the powers of powers of e and pi are multisheets of these multisheets.

*The Universe is capable of ever more complex depth and span of its total and miscellaneous state structures, also at each state of a given slice, also with tachyon-like dimensions and over the dimensionless aspects of the general Omnium, of these quasi-substantial many-sheeted transcendental ordered but not necessarily contiguous values.

*This seems true for our theories and growing wisdom for our minds.  Implications of our ideas of entropy, oscillation model eternal recurrences, finite or infinite stances toward and of time, persistence of a unity over its general abstract transition as positive values moot for creation, persistence, and annihilation of a set of entities bounded as an individual in a general space of distinct yet absolute similarity, or the question of what the origin or sources of the universe open or closed of real or fictitious effects of creativity is a moot and simplified question as we face and hold some stance on the yet unknown or still to be unknown while we see the core importance of this stance or concept as a problem to have to address in science given total theories of insufficient existential experimental possibilities and insufficient generalization of our total theories of everything.

*Also it is to be reconsidered as anomaly or analogy if we can upon these amplification effects upward as a property of imaginary numbers to add to the familiar level of physical effects of weights or the stone measure or the values of gravity and its general signs to engineer such physics into our imagined speculative realities- if such is not also a moot point of what is possible or realizable in a more or less non-necessary quasifinite universe.

*The stance toward sparsity as creative conversion of vacuum into mass as in the steady state theory in the excitement of those more simple times given the span of that forerunner of the now golden age of cosmology and particle physics reminds me also of Hoyle's statement following the Big Bang background radiation evidence to which even he tried to further dispute as if some physical and substantial particle was the cause (his iron whiskers in space or today's wimps and so on...) in his book on Quasars:  "The universe is not so much the result of a big bang but a lot of little bangs..."  This the underlying concept which quasics and TGD shares as well as those who developed the art of fractals.

*We have the freedom thus ability to find unity within our ideas and connect deep things in our theories and yet what guarantee these a pointless pursuit where all such are possible in any thought out form or where all might be revised via the physics of the past, the source wellspring of the present mangled in return or not from the nothingness, or that this creative property within us may never find perfection (the world as intelligible and the desired myth in those of us who hold life as a positive value that our uniqueness makes sense of the idea of our best of possible worlds especially in the becoming and finding wisdom and our selves), we driving on yet asleep awhile and not aware of it in our mental subspace as we interpolate wishful unity to fill in the natural lapses in the whole.  I am therefore I am evidently is tenable but not enough, creative intelligent design with small letters as Hoyle uses it seems a little more real as we take some stand in the world from the Olympia of our exulted yet paradoxically mundane physics.

* * * * * * *

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