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The Structural Basis of Tachyon-like Ghost Particles (Omnions as the General Theory)

The Structural Basis of Tachyon-like Ghost Particles  (Omnions as the General Theory)

L. Edgar Otto   13 December, 2012

Concerning real and virtual ghosts, mirrors and shadows of dimensionless scale, in concrete design: 

   Many abstract physics ideas can be based on ordinary analogies, water drop models and fluid flow, potassium permanganate on freezing in water forming a ball,  for example when theoreticians expand the concepts into higher models.

Our standard model evidence from the LHC is interpreted today to deny higher generations of particle than the three but this in effect not only denies supersymmetry but the very idea of higher dimensions, perhaps even the fourth as part of our physical description of the universe.  This is after all the result of the attempt to define and add mass via the Higgs-like mechanism.  I find it not surprising that the question of matter to antimatter asymmetry remains a mystery as well the idea that as a foundational and concrete particle it can have uncertainty in the measure (a recent comment in the science magazine today).

The existing cosmology and the standard particle theory go hand in hand to present a unified view of today's science and its methods supporting a dogma while in different areas of research.  But in a unified or Omnium certainly there are echos of what are deeper foundations of general theory.

Concrete is not a bad concept or simple word to use as a departure point of analogous theory.  Water expands most things, but in concrete the effect is to harden the material. Yet, if we add aluminum particles as a catalyst the concrete will rise as if bread and can be carved easily.

In the viriality, certainly from a three dimensional basis, the 12 particles in the article as a material physicality of the generations (not known why there is that number, ultimately) with Diracian algebra, physics primary as Rowlands holds in principle.  This duality principle seems to justify the use of doubling certain patterns in the observed real and positive concrete physics.  This sort of duplication or halving as if inverse mirrors and compliment modeling has deeper basis if indeed it can be legitimately used in all cases.  These after all seems tricks or artifacts of change of sign or the mirroring in entanglement contained over a natural span for positions only found by reasoning in complex number spaces.

We do the best we can with our given principles and language and I have complained that if those languages are rigid and closed, the way we use  groups and dimensions in our general theories, our intuition has surpassed them. I myself in the desire to learn and communicate have fallen into the straitjacket of such terminology when unaware we do so, and that the system then tells us nothing really.  What passes for new theory at the mixing of terms is not new other than the cleaver mixing of empty terms in a new way.

So the old vision of the General structure of the Universe on all its scales as the model fits does resist the rise to the wisdom of it as unifying and wide physical description if I cling to the material grounding with such terms.

In the classical physics, as in a game of pool, the cue ball being of smaller radius than the numbered balls is the origin of uncertainty in the play of the game.  While it works on some grounding level, aids finer calculations, the idea of a field as a vacuum (well one virtual also) by fluctuation that can materialize entities is not deep enough- such as that of quantum physics or the Higgs field concept.  But can in this Wobble Virality (that is the halving and doubling of things like groups and paths and dimensions, or some power set multiple with additions or subtractions, number mixing of the oddness or evenness, of powers as dimensions or those as if nature presents an inverse of dimensions, even of time like dimensions in the symmetry, roots and squares and so on...) can such entities or substance, form and process, arise quasi-randomly from the vacuum by such wobble virality?

If we can double or half things we can have ghostly planes or branes of real and virtual (perhaps dark matter and energy as a very analogous concept occurring lately to many serious or armchair physicists, speculative philosophy and science fiction writers) so to relate these to oscillating patterns including ideas of clashing branes or other oscillating wave universe models,  why not shadow points or branes between those considered more material and concrete?  In the general hierarchy of continua, and of higher spans of numbers in theory,  the sort of classical radius as of an electron, or wobbling muon, (tauons?) of which the wobble may tell us of the existence of parallel universes if we could see that accurately a single electron, may also explain in familiar scale models a measure as if mass, a grounding that can be so described as classical uncertainty.

So too the observation of a photon of light which over the time since the big bang on a foundational level seems not to have changed significantly, save of course the possibilities of the emphasis of physics on the shifting and the color directions of the shift, and apparently a path change that we take as evidence, as indirect as our observing the Higgs, of the vaster sea of dark matter.

What is the statistics here, random as a factor or perhaps that on a higher scale of symmetries we do not yet see and barely imagine, if we can see them?  In these quasifinite and quantum distortions can we make deeper distinctions between the old idea of chaos and those of chaoscience in terms of perhaps a higher idea of uncertainty in principle?

A set of classical spheres is a useful model for calculation also that is confined to a sphere or its general and parallel structure but it is concrete, solid as obvious and not considered from the real material point as negative- yet it can be subject to some random forces or become vanished. In medicine the question of the radius of cholesterol comes up also as important as to how the system of the organism reacts to it naturally including these as source of disorganization at the frontier of our disease rather that result of this classical idea of such spheres and radii.

It is not clear what the Higgs is in the LHC discovery for it can be argued as a lesser particle, confused with its own multiplicity manyworlds or parallel, if the universe were modeled like the Higgs then it confused with multiverse. Or it can be something greater such as my own necessary working limitation of terminology asking if the LHC has discovered the quason, a more general and advanced idea among others from the alternative theoreticians (some of these thankfully have ideas which will prove concrete that nevertheless have principles that likely apply yet remain outside or recognition of significance such as galatomic theory which turns time on its head and involved consciousness in a great growing procession if we must make the distinction between the matter and the spirit.)

But I make the leap beyond myself to what I have already stated as paradoxically general in my own terms.  What the LHC has discovered can be even higher than the quason and its maximum three space atom symmetries.  In the need to coin a new term that of Omnion logically follows although I considered a few other terms: brigade-on, phiphoton, zionon, and most significantly, Casmiron...  Phi, the golden ratio, is in the idea as irrational limitation over a span of space (what I recently called the grounding for a quasifinite asymptotic freedom as a strong force principle- also chromosome fields and their interaction in one organism).

This omnium as particle (iota, point ray) I here conceive as a series of squares of power as if our idea of photon bundle but it is like the pressure between and on structures around them of plates that show the Casmir force (hence dark energy) on the microscopic scale.  Only these are plates of branes and virtual branes as if a stacking of cubes to form a general octahedron,  the antiorthogons, of which the omnion is such a bundle an to which the symmetries of a cube and the lower ones of its component simplexes (tetrahedra) may be divided and compared in the abstract and evidently relative and asymmetric motion.  The geometry of the Higgs as Omnion is a very complicated but intelligible singularity, and its isolation as well as interactions to other bundles does ground some of our uses and methods in our dealing with groups and dimensions, meaning and information.

From the arithmetic we add such properties of counting the things in the branes, single or doubled or not, and the branes themselves, and higher symmetries of the ghost count of such things, the looping in five fold duality of honeycomb Euclidean dimensions, for the total and intelligible count of these multilevel but coherently relating branes themselves of which the relation to gravity if any is existentially or in a quasic span interval transverse and longitudinal in everlasting abstract ineligible counts where expressed as geometry.

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