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Metaphysics of the Foundations (Iotas and the Point-like or Spacious Now)

Metaphysics of the Foundations  (Iotas and the Point-like or Spacious Now)

L. Edgar Otto     Sunday, December 09, 2012

The quasic view of space formalizes a mathematical basis of field description and abstract motion and rest involving absolute value changes in binary coordinates.

The natural familiar level of understanding motion in the world is to treat entities as positive in the numbering.  But as the physics and mathematics has a general intelligible consistently unified laws in processes and pattern structure t we can imagine or extend the formalism to our concepts of the negative and existence concepts dealt with of zero or the nothingness.

In the history of science and philosophy from the beginnings of the Greeks, for example, and heated debates since then on how different generations see the world core yet vague ideas of zero or infinity has allowed deep conflicts and between people. 

In this vagueness we imagine the unknown and some make the distinction this in not science in the practical sense, but a metaphysics of questionable reality for a theory of the universe's grounding.  We can fear the unknown and it may freeze us into a dream state without fight or flight from our real or imaginary trains that transfixes us in hesitation as our minds take stock of the landscape or compute at rapid speed avenues of time differentiation for escape.

As we have extended numbers to negative values of Pascal's triangle so too we have to extend them to our concepts of zero, furthermore our concepts of duality or 2^R power continuum, where R can take on various formulas of value.

In general the absolute change between coordinates in a quasic space that changes all of them results in what we call a linear motion thus the vaguely defined sense of it as a grounding that is simple in subjective reductions but not necessarily as simple if this reduction is extended into systems of more general dimensions as if linear reductions.

There is no point as such, point like in the focusing.  What then can we mean by our quasi-metaphysical idea of zero point energy beyond that of possible quantum formalism at some vague frontier of observation?

There is no only string like object either which at some ideal ground of reduction has zero dimensions as a linear or looping entity.  Such an idea is deeper than the punch and slice of dynamics that ground energy and biases our understanding of the source, and sink, of light if we maintain there is only a point-like object which is a string-like object (including such a brane-like object) outside linear or ray like motion as if a dimensionless thus quasi-metaphysical entity.

This general singularity we can assign some conceptual position as in the now, that too expressible as a point and line, or as dualities between them in higher space.  In the replication gender property of number we can ground a physics system on the now, deny the now, or with a little more certainty assert, depending on what we imagine as the general field or an existential point of the now, that a ray "all tomorrows and this day" persists and the point the source toward and indefinite future while the past does not exist time as a vacuum full or only imagined as a direction.

Alternatively, we imagine the now as a sum of all past histories left behind as if a vacuum and the vague shift into the future that which will exist but now is phantom "today is yesterdays tomorrow".  These are core beliefs and some things thought metaphysical in one view is concrete in the other.  Theoreticians are aware of this and sometimes declare further reduction into theory a mystery or beyond the scope of practical science, indeed, beyond the ability of mathematics to have the power to apply its formalism for solutions.  Science very cautiously faces the problems of the paradoxes of the frontiers of ignorance absolute in the all too real awakening of the properties of singularities.  The charm of relativity seems that such ideas of the now is what is relative "It is always morning in the world somewhere."  So to the ideas of entanglement beyond the ideas of what in imaginary space happens outside these light cone ideas is a similiar problem of stance that also is the source of our desire as theoreticians and thinking creatures for unification.

If the two physics can be unified in terms of what is physics or metaphysical in the conceptions and we can define them in the core mathematics, the arithmetic and geometry of order and patterns, is it not obvious this formalism is what the quasic description does, and on many levels of generalization, and on many dimensions of representation?

Metaphysical questions as truly metaphysical not to be addressed at this stage at least by science is in principle grater than the narrow and spacious sense of now and the question if an iota is a source that does not necessarily address the methods and physics of matter and science. It remains arrogant to dismiss lesser concepts of metaphysics as outside the influences of what we then design as a program of science. 

Science looses its reality and the wide field of magic becomes the more real, science a ritual of irrelevance.  But the source and being are the same thing in an ultimate reduction in the moment or now we rely on as the foundation and awakening with nature's own restraints upon us that we hold up at least as an ideal of science.  These lesser sciences so defined as dogma are not foundational yet that which remains, everything not science, does seem basic and fundamental as empty terms describing the reality as science at the foundations.  Such is the specter we can now conceptually formulate as vaguely opaque or dark matter.  But the tinkers with faith and arts in magic also fail in their program to escape the absolute expression as reality when faced with the intelligibility of mathematics and physics.

But I do not mean to set up contrasts or dialectics although that is a valid form of enquiry logically among others for the sake of keys to unlock the mysteries of singularities (iota point-like or as a structured spacious singularity complex) and such inverses are beloved and dramatic for the flirting of mathematicians with inverses and compliments leading perhaps to wider freedom of thought or unifying syntheses impressive in their own right regardless of descent to the materialism or accent to reason or where at the fulcrum of a singularity wild card empiricism and reason turn in their own dimensions upside down.

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In the idea of knots, links, loops and so on in the vague but physical idea of matter as knots of space the idea is for me now quasi-metaphysical as a realistic view also in these abstract considerations involving contiguity, adjacency, limits and the absolutes and so on...  I understand what some may investigate this area for the extending of say string theory.  Somewhere between the continuous and the discrete there is the general but nonnecessary space of the Quasifinite- in the second illustration this is represented from both views with the saddle shape background of Pitkanen's TGD geometry and iota ray actualization (massivation of such abstract particles?) meeting in the quasic grid... a sort of null-adic vagueness that seems the business of modern science as independent from such mysticism. 

But this is nevertheless not a pure metaphysics even as not existing nor all encompassing.  For those cleaver enough in their pursuit of sacred geometry to imagine the extension of Pascal's triangle (the complex and negative numbers left out of the details of the computations) they understandably err to fill in the blanks not with an idea of full or empty vacuum, but the face of potential infinity for the generating elements.  Even a classical model of God as in the Jewish Mystical view or his reduction into but 11 dimensional half viewed face would not be as potentially complicated as such a higher being or even just a higher cosmology concern that would have attributes and properties to which our theories may reach as we share the universe's creativity and intelligible design.

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Interestingly, testing my CD drive, I have the local artist Mary Lou Richards song on in the background,  Track two of Ruby Red Shoes.  It is called Space and speaks about that also as relationships that also give us our sense of isolation.  I would have included it in the post but am not sure of the privacy and intellectual property concerns here even for academic reasons.  So look her up if you will...  From Eau Claire, WI

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