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L. Edgar Otto  04 December, 2012

If the standard theory is that unlikely stance that we have reached the end of knowledge, the end of physics, despite the potential of an ever more complex universe, we as the one place and that unlikely that alone seeds the universe, all supposed others are fanciful and if part of a reality are not a threat to our own struggle as a species in the physical sense.

We may ask of science as wisdom or as illness of sentient systems, the ground of freedom to grow, the ever changing new to approach and discover, yes, and to transcend even in the here and now, that the Creator to the extent we charactize Him as Mind, He also the meaning at the foundations of what is the Holy and what translates as Heaven- that too in concept divided in the hidden symmetry of intelligible subjectivity, personalization and objectivity as mechanical materiality intelligible as well if our universe shown to be and some things seemingly beyond it a harmless fiction, then we ask about Him if he too is in this earthly struggle of sanity that trumps the illness associated with the gain in complexity that guarentees the mind and wisdom.

Still, from a general stereonometry or structural view that outlines what we may hold as mystery as defining a Heaven there are still general philosophic anomalies more or less that reside intimately which the intellectual certainty and experimental verification of the standard theory does not and may not be able to solve from its phenomenolgy.  For one thing the nature of the generation choices and problem as I intuitively have related to quasic structure remains an open question.  In the application to how we evolve and live on the higher levels of technology and culture may reassure us for good or ill that our generations may dwell in machine like or virtual worlds that the individuals in it are the norm and sane although we cannot be sure what happens in the actuality of our existing when we so engineer or direct our own evolution in some stance toward inheritence.

The idea of such control may have an economic motive we generally assume those designing it are scientifically and intellectually sound with sound grounding of what is known.  We cannot say they have no equal reality as creatures with emotion. As in the romance of Frakenstein the creature is after all life, and one so brought back to life from composite parts by the new idea of electricity inspired by Volta who made the severed frog legs dance.  It seems the end of that particular story was that the monster alone has the wisdom to decide that he was not meant to live, the fire from the sky good and the fire from the sky bad.

Certainly, and we are usually excited to explore the world often fool hardely in the name of progress or the expediency of ill health or war such as the dawning of the atomic age and its promised gains to which we celebrate the chain reaction and imagine a cure for the cancers it may be implicated to cause that save for a minor mechanical accident almost blew up the University of Chicago.  But the black hole eating of something some imagined could be created by the LHC is on a different level as on that level it is precisely the area of theory to which it is set up to explore.

Although we can reassure ourselves by not observing such processes in nature so reason it for our small scale experiment, (yes it is huge but what is the hydrogen bomb compared with the scale of fusion of the sun but a laughable fire cracker?) only after the fact of a mundane and not so exotic theory in actuality can we really claim to know- we can compute the chances perhaps, allow cost and benefits, sacrifice the few for the many, and so on...

Yes, we have manipulated genetics for a long time, we have questioned the heirlooms of our inhereitence, we have fed the many in our green revolutions by the same chemistry that also gave the world through nitrogen poison gas.  The control of the replication in the case of hybirds was an economic focusing and the dependence, for ill or good, on those who sold us the seeds.  Beyond that things are focused further in the gene modification of the plants to incorporate weed resistence and insecticide in their genes.
This situation follows the usual path with health concerns when we cure our addictions with addictions, from the gentle chewing of coca leaves we rev the energy up with all the side effects and overdosing of crack.  But this analogy is only to be seen as an emotional feeling- we do not have the sound geometry of the situation nor show such a stance with theory may not apply leaving social Darwinist free do design anything once they accure the wealth and distribution of power.

The next level of genetic modification, qualitatively, is done with animals, the parts of genes put into them such as the growth hormones, those too used in the so called new "frankenfish". After all, we may induce cloning and fertilization by Platinum needles or electric currents.  We may artificially bring our heatbeats back into a synchronized system.  The old truism may here apply, we become what we eat.

But still a higher level would be the effects on our species as brains, states of mind.  The soul or face of it as distinct toward some ever higher level and aspirations if you will.  How long before we find again that so divided in the business of living on earth a unity found in our humanity that integrates into a wholeness these aspects of space, matter, and time. 

We think from the vague parts of impressions and that recapitulated in our sub-levels, our archetecture such as with our brain stems and new territory mimicing the universe as if it had the potential to imagine utopias and forebrains. As if it could compensate for loss so reset or modify its pathways and tissues yet remain its sense of sanity and perfection.  Must such wholeness only be found in the always distant but hardly understood well or talked about clearly future, or perhaps in appeal to some mysterious past of origins.

From this we tend to think in lines, like a river flowing. Some stand outside and independent of the mainstream but in their shared world with others who cannot understand thinking only jumbled confabulations and tangents is of what they speak, these really thinkers who are more like the many breaking channels and oxbows, new islands and indulations as much in the general change of seasons as anyone that their thinking is more like a delta.  Nature fills her niches and those that build again on the shore forget such cycles of things.

On the level beyond this we have to ask what is the quality of our vision, our projects and theory's, and the paradox of the soundness and unsoundness of a creative mind.  Have we created ourselves as in old age our pets we personify return to the wild in bitterness as a ladys old pet for no other reason turns on her, or the dying cancer patient spews forth anger at his loved ones, or perhaps old Einstein toward the end with brilliant new but still not understood ideas of unification quite out of character presenting to those around him a torrent of curse words?

We are aware we now have a choice of answers while the problem is more complex than we can do no more than realize we should ask.  We still look for the species specific individual or something greater than the genome to explain things as inhereitied or something in the environment, perhaps some simple cure or prevention we have overlooked.  Autism, if we can really get a handle on it so to define it, as if we wish we could find even in our medicines some magic bullets for the mind as well as body. Yet the reasons may elude us on a higher level, and the dark thought occurs to me and not from hidden realms but down to earth directly, we may be the tinkerers as the cause of it all putting together subjective Frankensteins merged to become like mechanical men but not by modifying machines.

Yet the idealistic within us accepts our lot as what God has given and we promote respect for all life, personify the animals, fall in love with our animae cartoons as if love may not be deeper than the wooden puppets around us.  As a young lady may carry and treat her doll as real, an playful testing of future roles, the young man child before the black and white monitor, the first television screens in a state of recording not there as the medium still in the spin of change, recalls his love for the indian puppet that magically does not betray her stings, he falls in natural and unquestioned love with Princess Summer Fall Winter Spring.

Or we become free thinking realists, nothing to be concerned about as we share the noble ideals of science if your fellow scientist prefers to be an atheist, or for that matter a communist.  All such lesser paradigms seem to me to be a way to direct the social roles of children, that is from my more gentle day, the sweet santa claus lies, the avoiding almost zen like higher egghead questions that cannot then be answered, and for the echos of these space age and atomic age children a race of hopeful monsters are formed by which the lying to them is blatant and there is no privacy to be had that the bond between long time lovers is the only and unique and special bonding in all the universe. Today the overboard advertizing that leads us all to soon to fight in the black friday lines over deals and half winning the lesser lottery deals, injure each other in a mad rush.  Some in the needed rearmament of security sacrificing privacy of the individual for the sake of a few ever more asocial souls who cannot learn, who the mainstream of those of caring ethics cannot understand, trying to give sugar coated or false reasons why this sort of thing happens, protections against the mythical loner who thinks his actions in mass and randomly makes a differnce in the world to all but himself with vengence to the sorrowful detractors of expectations that grounds his anger and actions on unknowns.

God is dead is the commetary and the slogan that meant the change from the age of steam to electricity.  But Nietzsche phrased it perhaps meaning it poetically or literally, that this is what a "mad man" said.  Nietzsche who in the end found in his ecstasy of creativity the god as well in the wine that so consumed him, evidence and vindication some say of his own madness.  But if science is true to its careful research and documentation, above all to its honesty, have we not the right not excluding ourselves in the world to ask if it the stereotype or the archetype and deeper down if our scientists are either failed gods or quite mad scientist after all?

But to leave on a more optimistic note lest I am misconstrued as to my support for the ideas and practical necessities of science the new level of nanotechnology is making progress as if we are closer to intelligible physics even with its beginning promise of new ways and dreams while it is grounded in our standard world that we may connect the dots where such particles do have diastorous consequences for living flesh now understood when it merges with steel.  My flow of thought while in the river now oversees the river and the delta and I experience a much wider sense of time.

But the work is still great before we can at last reach for the stars.  I post with these pages an illustration but it was made as pure art, the suggestion of better ways to sort things out and the placement of ideas in no particularly significant array or order.  I made it from the parts of drawings that lead to it a Frankenstein if it were not intensioned as art as we hope when it comes down to it, the right and wrong so wide, so sound yet so changeable enguaging with the world, a pure drawing rather than a photo.  Yes, we can save energy by the better manufacturing of our machines with finer control and these need not be fuzzy logic although that does well to say heat water for my candle craft making.  To start that business again (to finance my music and that to finance the physics and promote the new science) I would find a much better climate where an individual is more likely finds success. 

For instance the design of which I tried hard for precision with clear lines and planes with compass and pen we find not only programs reasonably handling space structures but the three dimensional printing.  This, if the general population understood its significance, is something that aids a particular individual over more costly projects of big science for we can make the parts piecemeal that they can be assembled into a whole.  Who knows, perhaps I can run a little light or color by a few electrons through it and bring it to a life that wants to live.

What in fact other than the fact of it is the necessity of dreams?  If the interpretation of dreams can be importiant what is the difference in that and the interpretation of the universe as physics as intelligible theory?  May all the young Frankeinsteins have or find the sense of it- that is the frontier and foundation hidden over the unity of being to which our peceptions virtual or concrete, imagines in a vertigo of the geometry of the obvious, the half real.

* * * * *

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