Sunday, December 2, 2012

Quasic Non-Necessity and The Great Grand Knight Jokers

Quasic Non-Necessity and The Great Grand Knight Jokers

L. Edgar Otto   Sunday, 02 December, 2012

I present now a sketch of the Euclidean and other tables of Multiplication of labeled quasifinite entities.  I do not know if they are there in some form in the standard literature but it seems the concepts behind it is the stuff of theoreticians.  What we really mean when we discuss at the foundations the various applications of combinations, permutations, dimensions, and group theory, of mathematical physics.

The tables suggest the completion in my exploration in 1985 or so at a time I was inventing games based on geometry in a very fertile period of mathematical recreations.  Some of these in less complete forms have appeared since then in the market place.  But in the manuscripts if ever I can look them over the theory was complete but at the time the purpose of this set of dice based on the 11 and the 22 of the tarot cards was to arrange the shapes or color of the faces such that in a small set of dice for each player all the possible cards can come up in the casting.

The idea of the knight moves describing the linear motions of the natural dimensions with a general focus but lack of bias of some of the expressed directions as logically opposed to the Higher Queen problem move Great Grand Jokers, here in ten or 5 dimensional space is fortuitous in both the logical conception and the notation. For these types of singularities I use the IPA alphabet to merge the j or reverse j and n.  In the set of the 11 dimensions which technically include the gluon like neutral color in the dimension itself, seven colors describing natural three space, the baton (also represented as wine or blood in the illustration of the more ancient suites) is that problem quasi-holographic between dimensions that is there when the go to sequences loops upon the singularity itself.

Yesterday, after the post I noticed a small article in the science magazines about the pancake phenomenon possibly observed in the LHC which seems to give some quantum entanglement direction to what we imagine should be a diffuse quark-gluon plasma.  As Kea said once in the general excitement of turning on this fine instrument of the results "How long do we wait while the anomalies pile up?" I would add to that in this question of supersymmetry (yes, and how we interpret the directionality of a system of abstract algebra or systems of geometry as a given dynamic or a result of position as if fictitious forces and fairy fields in the grounding of the world by asymmetry as well and what this does in a total theory beyond commutativity and so on) that "How long in our search for supersymmetry do we wait as the evidence of its real and experimental analogies pile up?"

In the symmetry of the 10, 11, 12... dimensional brane the count has many halves and doubles as well the 11+1/11 across some mirrors.

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