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Intermission: What is Our Most General and Wildest Conception of Space

Intermission:  What is Our Most General and Wildest Conception of Space    07 December, 2012 Next Morning

The Eryle, like the new anthropology dealing with cultural myths as if research of diverse and isolated societies of man, new myths perhaps of our spirit animals or that conjured in fear as the deep most in our roles of story telling as what of the creating left to us if one such as God is the prime creator, the Nagal of Castaneda- what was this but the archetypal myths evolved in the history of man and his dreams we for the most part share? What are these dynamic symbols so imagined by the author in a new age with better appreciation for the environment, home he is in that speaks of the new depths we awaken within us that had no artistic forms or symbols before then, that amount to the mouths of wormholes?  My Eryle was after all a tachyonic creature and the fulfillment of a promise of the father in a bargain if when dead he would return to tell me what was beyond the grave.

I note the articles in Pitkanen concerning psycho-kineses, PK and it puts me off for I know it is cited for dismissal of his deeper ideas by the powers that be, and well, I was never able to move anything material by my own mind.  His concern with the nature of thinking, and of consciousness as the frontier really of physics at the end of the XXth century now that we feel on a little more sound ground with the DNA and subatomic particles, yet I know this unfair and most likely a bias imprinted on me that such things are to be seen as matters of entertainment separate from the propaganda, if we want propaganda we do not watch moves, we watch the news.  So I hint of this reconsideration of the paranormal and the lapse of reductionism in the use of my poetic term PK-ons as if to be taken seriously scientifically.

But what this amounts to, as I have previous said many times, is that I can think of still a wider and more general space, half encouraged by the quantum formalism where we imagine in the higher reaches beyond color that the paranormal may exist, the description of it of equal importance, says Penrose, in the general statement of those quantum laws.  The controversy itself can be thought of in this PK symbols, the psycho-dynamics we are not taught but are left as once sex education of normal workings of our mind, the fear to expose real, if not false and virtual privacy in others so as not to do so in suggestion of copy cats and in our selves.  In the quantum world does the conscious mind actually influence the material world as in the case of liquid helium where we see that the watched pot does not boil? 

From this we can call one side or the other crackpottery of interpretations or despair outside the modern scientific that deeper into the scales and structures of the world it is different and not to be charactized in our familiar terms, the laws not uniform there is the case of laws uniform everywhere.  Or the supersymmetry and such particle partners are not there, the laws no longer uniform but the case involving such things that we understand as nothing at all.

As I have said, even if the vastly complex case of string worlds within string worlds, from my view a lesser theory of everything although more general than string theory as a theory of everything the addition of consciousness in the structural mix of that world of abstract motion, quasic grid or brane like beginning laws of motion beyond the idea of which side of imagined mirrors in nature are concrete and absolute, makes for an even more general theory for we can imagine in any one of the worlds in the vast landscapes of landscapes a conscious being imagining such worlds of creatures also imagining such worlds and what is concrete here is at least the perception and perspective as the possibilities of cosmic codes and structures and its accelerations of accelerations go way beyond our quaint ideas of many-world and multiverse multi-sheeted arrayed fractal and holographic divisions over and under extended subsystems and super-systems.

But on this level of philosophy our center being or perspective and perception, in a sense unique and individual, distinct in some bounds as isolated identities of identities, we find what is concrete so ask again what and why in nature, how, it shows restraint in its evolving. Let us not cop out to say it is a mystery or make a false story that even if true may be limited to what is obvious and down pat. Or reliance on a spinor as if on some level or scale as all there is, not far from the idea of a literal spinning object, these vague quantum terms, really semi-independent, that is they may not tell us much from issues of their orientation even if with unseen influences of super symmetry. Such a spinor free of orientation may have influences so hidden but the result is an untraceable persistent neutrality of orientation.

Atoms are thought to do it and thus gain a bulk of mass in the motion of smaller parts greater than the sum of the parts toward the whole- why not this equally the ground for the substance or process of emerging consciousness?  For that  matter let us spin the universe itself where some cleaver cosmic theorists have declared such a universe would not need the idea of dark matter to fix some design descriptions and this evidently a dimensionless and scaleless phenomenon?

If in the metaphysical idea consciousness is the result of psi plasm reaching and going beyond the velocity of light, in spin so to speak, of what can we actually disprove of such a picture, of such influences of hidden symmetry as physics and as light what grounds such a consciousness far from the pressures of the material from being like a massless radio wave or photon of light pushed out from some intuitive or real antenna into the unknown into such a complexity of what we imagine as modern in our ideas of space and time no longer to seem to vanish rapidly into the immensities beyond our perspective or the eternal divisions on down?

My illustration and symbols are at least art of some degree of value as such... as mathematical recreation and the coincidence and utility of a lifelong collection of symbols and contemplations on the cosmos, the rise and fall of systems and new birth again, seem to come together but not one among all possible unique unification's as all seem possible, as if it reflects the universes so coming together and our human spirit finds what we truly share in its illusions and laws.

But in the illustration, the double logical not sign for nonnecessity as one view, above that the golden ratio Otto sign for Quasic physics of the Omnium, and the modest compass or 9 men Morris game beloved by the Vikings of 24 or 25, and on to the terminus of genetic sequence codes through 26 and 27 then 28 and 32 or 36 and so on, as with other such cube games I am satisfied with the result that these symbols can be mapped on the 3^3 cube, and those involving 81 with a center or not, 2 or 0 more relaxed from the count of even or odd dimensional laws, may be said to do the same for four space within the tenfold regime.  These surprising connections in the geometry of the count of which I have found others like hexagons and triangle slices of the Soma cube seem more enduring and satisfying than the first impressions as impressions saturate in the color picture first seen and discovered or made in the moment.

I am not convinced that when the eyes can no longer see such colors or some quantum level beyond that, into the nothingness below the black and white (and the theory has enough colors after all I supplement only with cosmic latte and its inverse, or robins egg blue to begin such a journey) that our virtual creations vanish nor such things that may be awakened in our spirit- but that is perhaps the theme for some future story or physics of some kind,  even some higher principle that we are in our creativity and rationally so in the intoxication and detraction's or stark awakening to the unreality of it we creatures of doubt to which if we are honest hope for such answers. I not brave enough or foolhardy enough to take the step despite the great abuse and consequences of the concept to assert against as some hope or be in favor as if truth beyond faith, there is a God.

But most great prophets leave the mundane world of living with the others the price to outgrow them, so wisely they become monks.  Another paradox of our core creativity.  I am not ready to give up the quest of foundations if only to fill in the colors in the paint by number outlines.  But I know that we all are aware deep down of that choice, and that for the higher purposes in this world such decisions baring the apparent indifference of the universe and that some chance stumbles in it may be truly accidental, that something honors or decisions and reassures us so, thus answers our prayers.

If it is you, Daddy,  You the Eryle from beyond the grave while you still lived to warn us on that rainy night to delay the leaving so as to miss the accident to come on the road, I got the message even though while you in the world you doubted dreamers and damn near worshiped the simple algebra books now way beyond your six grad as you were instinctively the artisan of circuits fixing, designing them, passing through your healing hands- forgive my half meant humors and angers to those whom you have loved and those who have denied my dream of healing my little brother passed on... whom you lived among but a lesser god but to them long had outgrown that they could not understand you save in your grace..but who knows... the universe has a trick or two with time up its sleeve.

To my fellow theoreticians let my role at least be, while I still live, to say to you... you have done well my friends and I know someone knows this... a poet after all says many things of which the truth of it may be excused as he writes what we can justify as fiction or a play, he not as good an editor or screen writer that sells, of less discipline that of dreamers.  But while at your robins egg blue boards you think forget not also to dream.

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