Saturday, December 1, 2012

General Suites

General Suites

L. Edgar Otto    Saturday, 01 December, 2012

Yesterday, after shopping and waiting for the bus, looking at the evening fall over the city,  how restless our human souls that seek some other change of place and time or a new look at ourselves and new beginnings; I felt the wonder of life with a sort of explicit as well poetic clarity, wholeness and well being whatever the projections to or from the world, of my life as well as of others whatever their place today on their journey.

We often mark beginnings with rituals as if to measure time accepting the fact of things as the sole reality that we know our place limited and thankful for life that in the main we see it half full in the world and in our beliefs reaffirm it as the best we can do less than some vague ideal of perfection.  All too easily we cling to the rituals as if the clockwork sets the time and the vibrations of cycles of night and day on which our spirits may overly depend. Surprising changes can set us out of sync with our own sleep cycles and our making music together.

After the difficult concepts of my posting of yesterday the science magazines had the most significant synchronous articles some of which were my concerns. One was the saying goodbye to an old friend, a bank teller who solved part way one of my cube matching problems, the other lady flirted with as if in some ideal world or another life she was someone down to earth that I could love.  My regge friend Marcus too tries to find another and relies on the zodiacs and the I ching and lately describes to me how he reads the body language when we encounter the ladies together in the coffee shop.  The damsel in the bank turned to look at me and what I have known all along- not just the expressions of a face betrays our emotions but what is the stance- and this too was pointed out in the science daily article.  But I am offering today this method of symbols as form or shape as well as colors in the developing form of our card suites.

Yet in the synchronous development where a brief moment may overtake us that he most common among us can reach a great insight at least to the wonder of being alive, so much for some explanation that nature evolves as if each of us win the lottery and may keep it for awhile, or this freedom and security of living endures beyond our accidental hours, the story of Olney beholding Paradise Bay in my recent poem did challenge the Penn State new conception of inflation, quantum looping, and a new beginning of the universe, or seem to do so. 

But what is their idea but a still more compact entity of energy much like the zest oil mangrove fruit we retro-engineer from some supposed beginning.  There is nothing wrong with that view as it is part of the bigger picture and it does follow the general trend of our awakening to super symmetry as a real possibility.

But absolutes are a slippery concept at singularity.  We cannot limit nature by the observation we exclude the magic as in the idea of a big bounce, that to me is a cleaver but theoretical cop out.  If a true analogy and thus geometry then all such models logically apply on this higher level.

As I said given sufficient compass of discourse the loopers and he stringers have contributions to make, not just competing conflict that strives to establish the scientific truth. So will Olney go down to the shore and find his answer and perhaps his proper lover oblivious to mortality?  Why does he think he may want a ride to somewhere by someone who so offers in the proximity of this slice of space and time when it seems just as well he is already there?

Clearly the great Power Ball at the said beginning of space and time goes beyond coincidence and conspiracy for it turns out, as if nature does compensate against her contradictions that in her own unity such processes are pushed aside so never is an issue, a freedom in disbelief, that the winners of the lottery chose the random qwik pick draw after all.  For those who manipulate the world where God acts through the people, (JFK did inspire my generation) the bigger the lie of propaganda (Herr Goebbels) the more the people believe it, flock to the gamble game, react to imaginary fears, cross state lines if the more unlikely stake is large enough, and cannot but rely on the hedging of their wagers Pascal-like, in matters of zero and infinity.

The creative objects, the dark and light matter teases us that these things may not connect and then the observation is pushed into the clarity of shape and number as with natures self evolving experiments until the theory so conforms.  But while the living and the seeking we engage the universe not so much to paint on it what we think life is or to just react or respond to what it tells us.  We as creative singularities and quasifinite beings are wise to facts and intuition if we weigh carefully things from the view this situation is a two way street as we jump the maze and labyrinth, design and map the great city, Far Rock'a'bye, until then find our paradise in a pair of dice.

While our wisdom should not be impeded by those of lower awareness and the world can support and uplift them from their sleep, thus the tradition of true love that is given a riddle and obstacle so more to desire to obtain, part of the joy in the clarity found as rare as mystical moments for we lesser philosophers than Plotinus is the sorrow for others that bids our idol and our god of conscience to pay that price.

Yet Olney seems to have made it again to a point where the path is to wider freedom and almost to the frontier wherein our commitments, those seemingly a necessity for survival of self and world, may just be able to count on our higher views.

* * * * *

Technically, and not in a nerdy fashion where half humorously we invent in a three way chess game very exotic pieces like the snake or old lady with her anti-venom that works only for a few moves (we yet have to understand such philosophic distinctions between deep and shallow humor) or we can just wax poetic as if to see in another distant culture some stars confused with flowers that in the tiles of Mahjong we find the winds and dragons and a few wild cards, old men with canes, bags of gold, bamboo in bloom, a million monkeys who hear say and see not evil, and pandas that people the toy land or elephants made of beer cans by which we too soon swear or think it the higher trend and ground for teaching our children.

In my illustration of the 8 tetronomos, the unfolding and looping or braiding of the game of mirrors and suites, of discrete groups and dimensions, that all solutions are enumerable (and some have shown this the case) and yet if we imagine two of the pieces, my green and blue as if our right and left hands, we find further possibilities in mirrors and in the fractal like sequences in which to arrange them according to our logic or fancy.  The general moral of this story is that while complete and without proofs of cases impossible or undecidable if we rely on these abstract things to describe the world these suggest more than meets our eyes in the freedom many see as optical illusion or as the fact of things faith hinted so as to understand and ground substance and reference frames.  This much generality speaks for the evidence of a higher Omnium, the sum total yet miscellany of a theory of everything - one that in fact gives us the ability to feel the moments we are most alive.

* * * * * * * 
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