Friday, December 14, 2012

The Kingdom Between Us

The Kingdom Between Us

L. Edgar Otto    14 December, 2012

"You can't see the Loom of Years before the days have done their weaving..."
                                   Pe Sla
                                     (from the song Kathy Reconsider)

Physics, Metaphysics, then the lost work of Aristotle, Stereonometry, and a couple of generalizations beyond these... Unity of stances and the unification of physics in relation to the Unified Philosophy, as they seem to transcend our experience and processes of perception of Being, being-life between ultimate's, and as an ultimate concern, the raw creativity and freedom in the paradox of nonnecessity.

If the encyclopedia of psychology states that we cannot define the mind,  I ask how then do we define mental illness?  How is it that some who are diagnosed in one of the debatable ongoing definitions of such disease- obvious there is some difference as we interact together among a social setting, who as I help them cross a bridge they are afraid to cross themselves and more than a few times different people then ask me if I think the world will end- they thank me saying I am the sanest person they know?
How do they know this? 

Why moreover do some physicists, interested in a life of the intellect, presumably of high education and expertise, know-how and intelligence or at least respect for these values, sane in their grounding for creative pursuits, call each other crackpots?

I came across another NOVA show last night that comes in at a time when these more philosophic implications I am considering, seemingly independently such as when I just posted on a third revolution in psychology, that the end of the show suggests that neuroscience will replace psychology as surely as alchemy became the science of chemistry.  It showed some cleaver experiments used to investigate various ideas of subjective time, and the mixing of computers to simulate perhaps what goes on in our brains. 

I do find such shows inspiring and entertaining as Tyson asked feedback at the end of such NSF popularizations (yet I disagree with his take on black hole interiors for example).  Sometimes, in the seventies when I was far away from such shows, the inspiration was a startling awakening to a presentation such as the spatial arrangement of quarks in particle families of which I had independently conceived, yet wondered if what was presented went far enough coming close to my idea of what was more reasonable and right- if so then I was the one lacking something so was inspired to do more contemplation, research to back up my own position.

But I did not mean to post from just a personal viewpoint- I wanted to pass on or at least organize my fast and furious terse notes before and after the Nova program.   "Wherever two or more of you are gathered together in my name I will be among you..." quotes from the New Testament by those in the coffee shop last night over latte... I just said hello, talk of the economy, and yes the end of the world Mayan calendar, some old irc programming and php with the son of the couple who met in the shop- one I recall when he was only four or so... a measure of time.  They are not sure the expression on my face as they quoted and one young girl said to go easy on me for some reason.  But when I left I said to them, "Yes, it is thought new age and occultist to hold that the Kingdom is Within us rather than Among... but how do we know or put forth such truth if not such work come through us?"

I came home to reconsider these old ideas in new light and accepted a little deeper the generalization of the abstract physics made of what is not seen, of its own substance as making sense... that the Kingdom is Between the Among and Within, the Between us as well.

* * * 

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