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M is for Mathematica

M is for Mathematica

L. Edgar Otto

21 December, 2012  6:12:38 AM  CST

At the transition moment, the end of the world concerns based on the Mayan calendar,  being awake at this ungodly hour my schedule constrained by the snow,  I experienced a moment of clarity.  Hesitating then waiting for the computer to boot up I sit here to record my thoughts at what seems to me nothing really but an ordinary moment that in reality does seem to connect to the collective feeling of celebration of the miraculous, the humor of rituals in fun for festivals of light, and for the twenty-six the all to real and personal half mast flags that cannot really heal the breach by ringing bells that fall this side of an end.

We do not know, in the complexity of this universe, if our intuitions or formality works beyond low levels of the strategy of our games.  Nor if in our language, our interplay of concepts and numbers, our methods rather than our dreams is the source of triviality and constraints, which is that holding back a higher transition and understanding of our themes. 

As if playing against the machine or talking with those with the terms and faith in expertise painfully learned in our institutions of education, this issue can be the limits of the terms as well constraints of what we believe of the grounds of our mathematical systems, for playing a game against a machine is not a matter of the complexity of the recipes- faith in those methods directed by consistency of wide solutions over some convex region in the real dimensions of a single brane.  In such likely meaningless reduction and appeal too soon to undefined introduction but useful methods of the likelihood of facts, the truths are assumed in a self fulfilling prophesy all too pat to be questioned as right, all too much the exclusion into the boring of what is the mundane, the sane, and the natural selective business that glibly sustains an objective stance to the future, to our children.

The simplex method, and the idea of the linear implies a place of origin, the old dimension minus one, thus it makes some sense to say of the universe we know at least it has a beginning, the ultimate singularity.  We define the scalar product in relation to this origin with only shadows that treat the dynamics as systems in parallel.

  To discuss these things, seen by others in my language as if I know the idiom and innuendos of that speech so answered or challenging me with some among many maximized strategies, or I looking back at conversations assuming the debater made unreasonable challenges before the fact and not in heart hopeful of clarity to find against my best interest- and yes, that from their side they too do not understand or speak with my informal poetic fluency that my words to them are nonsense at the time.  Still, the logic of it tested and finding some things surprising in the program to which my colored coordinate systems they try to analyze with the situation in say, the convexy plane as ususal the frontiers to explore investigating todays methods.  So in the less than journalistic debates in retrospect I see we missed each others points at the time.

A program then is only as good in its results as the program even if by the mathematical induction and recursion early on so we know the truth in the higher complications in our simulations will go on.  It is hard to beat the machine in its own game, even if it is learning, or it beat the poetry of things.

Clearly, we can reach further into counting and geometry to ask again this division of what we think matter and spirit that it may resolve controversially to one or the other in deeper debate.  So in a sort of absolute disregard for the direction, the zero grounds, the indefinite expanse, and the sign of abstract motions, an idea of measure absolute begins by what one might call by analogy of terms, the orthogonal method. Even this may find analogs beyond.

Yet our Mathematics is not wrong, it may well correspond to physics and seems often mysteriously to do so- at such times the philosopher in the physicist for general interest in tandem with a paper rears its distracting head and if not taken seriously eventually as anomaly with portent it is a threat to the sense of order and sensibility of our age.

So taking a hint from the young logician, in the noble footsteps of his father into the exploration of a science, at this golden age and drama of our awakening and better sight of the heavens as astronomers (we spoiled poets lamenting perhaps no scientists and engineers among my children yet that skipping a generation usually, we as their wish if they do rage in their hearts against the expediency of war so which us but not encourage us in the expediency of survival their roles as teachers, we add to the world the airy realm of theory as the pendulum of enquiry swings.) I ask in my redefining of continuity and distinction of quasic and natural planes or brains- what differences would this make in the mappings and the better defined vector operations if these principles were applied to complex planes?

Our logic systems we design may find a level of unity among the diversity of methods and exotic forms, to reach perhaps that early dream that the two go hand in hand or at least where independent at the foundations, the landscape of it all we clearly understand.  In my system, as quasifinite, the reduction into corpuscles of scalar nature cannot simply be reduced to the usual one dimensional values of one style of space into the number line.  But the logic of it all, that in general works, needs not be fuzzy either.

Perhaps the only test of such intuitions is that we can readily speak the language of the universe despite is codes and hidden codes where real, that this human attribute more than that of the machine may also empower us with solutions and distinctions... that is if we can, while we are such creatures of thought that mixes into one higher realm the wave and particles, the circles and the lines, wrap the concept and paradoxes of it all around our heads.  It is not clear at this time that from the town and gown sources of learning that both sides benefit the world with sound predictions.

I strive not to revise my past tho our sense of being fills in the gaps, cauks the ship of Theseus against the quantum waters with natural substances like flax spiraled also into ropes or taking hints from the octahedron angle honey bees their combs and propolis.  I just know as the drama unfolds in my explorations I can read my early work as if the claim was valid it too long and incoherent.  Yet in retrospect and awakening I can see it as my own work again, it lost in the reality beyond the wounds and loss of love and paper. 

Yet how can we know, knowing the brain or heart is of all things the most deceptive?  Yet in this transition to another state we clearly can make better judgements, even see what is lost in history, its sense of destiny inferred more soundly than broken artifacts dug meticulously from the layer of the tells, of bones and strata, and of shipwrecks.  For as we are so outside of time, of that travel we are also masters of the past and future, that known and unknown, that which lives again in cycles in our genes and from our past or futures at least as immortal as this universe but beyond the quaint and ancient ideas of mere reincarnation as the panoramic model of souls in the universe.

The creative impulse, first as words, then as the logic and its return to dynamics of tiles of symmetry and flatlands, or of a thousand faces in the glyphs expressing the leading zero that out of time converges unto itself again, the real or phantom jokers in the deck and stack of cards, the pyramids, comes to us now in a new form, one that is closer to freedom and the truth, we free to learn, free to work the peace, that we now can speak and understand despite the cumbersome phalanx march of inadequate notations and ideas.  For it is not fundamental the idea of distance between us when it comes down to serious problems at a single or virtual singularity, or one of a more relative or multiply complicated nature.  Nor do we merge into a nameless One. 

We may still touch somewhere in the separations of each other, our real and virtual possibilities and discern the higher logic of it all when it comes down to for the sake of the gift of life and living, creativity where we do not have to ask its grace to have it, nor be programmed in a form of love of which on this earth we cannot learn to do the right thing.  Or in the greater picture moved by our heartaches, losses and wounds, not have enough of lies and evil awakened to our common sense to make and work in this world creative philosophy and science that in our age we leave it the better place, tangible wherein the true innocence of childhood and our worthy heart can flourish and remain.  More perhaps than our push and pull to what directions we may desire toward it, our quasifinite everlasting desire beyond our concept of immortality.

                                The Pe Sla
                                            beyond "and the stars also"

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I sometimes get the impression that I have somehow done what is called 26 string theory... that all important 26 between the square and the cube, and the mirrors where the orthogon and antiorthogon dualities vibrate into each other by duality...  anyway, our rituals as if a secret code in an anagram... or some other form of coincidence and quasi-numerology... time to ring those 26 bells for what our sad society locked down tries to sooth its sadness...

                                                        08:26:21 AM CST             

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