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The Brain structure as Omnion (Continued from last Post)

Part Three:  The Brain structure as Omnion

L. Edgar Otto   14 December, 2012

"Science is nothing but the search to discover unity in the wild variety of nature - or more exactly, in the variety of our own experience".
                                                 Jacob Malinowski

"We need space more that time."
                                                 Henry Miller
* * * * *

I am awestruck, very much impressed, by the finally doing the interactive mapping of our brains by such MRI and magnetic probing (after all, tersely electrostatic and magnetic aspects can be thought the same, and the distinction at higher magnetic field bonding has been an important result with implications in my posts lately)  the raw fact that different portions of our brains have functional or positional code stereonometry, locations.

But I have serious doubts, medically, that these procedures can be called non-invasive.  If we try to locate, as they did, a position so as to change behavior in moral evaluations or as to what is good or evil do we not try to tap the place for a legal definition of mental illness?  While we may do this without chemical lobotomies, or massive storms of shock treatments for not other hint than those with seizures seem to be more stable and sane,  the search for the place that with treatment, at least a third effective, by the higher magnetic fields that can relieve the structural source of depression- is this not the better case- yet can we say the soul or spirit, the identity of the individual is not somehow different and changed, designed, even by this the same as with our magic dependence on half working psychotropic anti-psychotic drugs anyway?  What is left in the memory or experience transcending time may not be the actual whole person but that in natural order fulfills its own engineering and cravings externally as if survival born of addiction.

The show also discussed synaethesia and this too raises deep questions which as seen a different view, the confusion of senses, of the regions of the brain that are near each other processing numbers and color, and this thought a key to other defined illnesses  such as schizophrenia (would not the wholeness of behavior strive to keep clear the differentiation gained to add to the unity of the function and ultimately at least an individual organism?)

Yes, perhaps the dynamics of the brain in some design imperfections can be understood or benefit from the finer defining or distinction of sub-nodes of personality of which some regard as external voices or commands to cause them to act with seeming authority.  Do we justify such a sin yet excuse the sinner, or should we blame the wisdom and technology as in within us lacking.

  The news as I write this breaks in with another school shooting, of elementary children in Connecticut.  What in such brains many ask and many actions or laws changed in our society based on fear or as if a religious ideal the spin on these incidents the usual stances of the myths as to why that all souls have their value self or to others expressed as if in stone to their right to be as they are, even if in illness.  The show mentioned the realization that a serial killer at bottom found some sort of thrill and was far from our ideas of remorse that set the experimenter on the path to research these things. 

Such shootings, in the climate of the last part of the previous century had is precursors in play that in this time became the stark unreality- and from personal observation such events have deeply influenced the sense of security and well being in society in the hearts and minds of our children.  Such violence is often mimicked as profound and a deep relation to the world- yet it amounts to that such individuals have no sense of what may not matter in the end from an honest view of what may ultimately not necessarily matter as a stances or fact and philosophy.  Humanity ruthless in this matter, humbled and this aware and caring of others and the future, too.

We have then technically the "Between" that exists as the quasifinite (after all the distinction of what is within or among objects cannot be really defined between discrete arrays probed by linear arrays) but invisible or hidden, thus trans-provable quasifinite with paradoxes of nonnecessity in the sense of the alph0 and alph1 transfinite continua- for lesser ideas of potential infinity thought an error really of our computations as proofs, a place more general but not fractional dimensioned in these aspects, tachyon-like in the (I explore global holding terms here) Synchrocontinua or Quasiomnium etc... the Eryle or quasifinite continuum QfnQcm.  These mappings to linear or non-linear diagonal brane roots or expanded from them quasi-intelligibly.

The surface of the brain, even smashed to nearly a sphere with a empty space within but can still appear to function, allows in an organism by positive code a uniform and shared pattern for such functional yet plastic location, provided the foundation of things not deeper than neurological networks that would be in the chemistry of life itself.

I note also the great white board, even the ability to dry write on coffee cups as a collective human information lab for such research just as if the processes may execute such modeling.  What is outside the collective mind may not be errors of our system model, like the defeating of machines by the shattering of their grounds of identity.

Synaethesia then a process of adaptation and first hint of systems of intuition, natural and artificial, occurring or artifacts of our exploration.  For while it is thought in people who could once see but then blind that they forget the concept of color how is it where there is no color those with such synaethesia may so imagine it, indeed, one lady said she could not imagine a world of numbers without color.  These supplied even when viewing a black and white screen while in the MRI (of which this technology now used with caution for what physical changes may be side effects on growing children- thus invasive).

I imagine then, in the brain as Omnion, its more general space and wave packet like properties, the minimum quantization of ultimate singularities of origin beyond the radius of the whole universe considered as an electron, or such quasifinite objects in space with spiraling growing helices as rays, that unto the experience of our centering or emptiness of singularities in the brain stem, the idea of following such light into tunnels at our life's end may have some deeper basis after all yet these are stereometry or positional or structural in nature.

We have consider what is symmetric as not so much the distinguishing of fermions and bosons but one unified species, the zero point of energy deeper in concept to the creative omnic point, and omega omnic source as energy or being in both its poetic and concrete senses.  Of such energy and entropy physics beyond the topological I have styled the Phoenix physics, a fifth physics and beyond.  But this is less than the generalization of the omnium.  The now if after all each of our existential moments as living and thinking things.

The experience of the flow of time is existentially remote from the foundations at that zero moment of life force, the living energy between extremes on the razor mirror, the virtual string not an object save in some context, outside the flow and being.  But life to live must pass through all its stages.

Do things like super-symmetric and higher dimensions exist and higher mathematical operations, higher group patterns?
We make this distinction as if we can draw objects then flip them over to match again, yet in the flipping needing a different dimension on coming back find it cannot be done in this case save perhaps by some faith in abstraction, certainly not basing things just on handedness as concrete fermions that grounds our definition of particles. 

Is this not the logical problems if the world is finite that shows while a proton is made of parts it can be seen as a constant, everlasting if not eternal once it materializes in nature or on the whole by finite extent, universe maximum energy radius the count and principle of a proton is conserved, even statistically?

There was a lot to organize and recall so I hope I did not repeat some ideas too much or left some out, we are whole creatures when the meanings are clear in a poetic mood although we may only think we are whole, and uniquely so.

We suspect that there are higher realms of generalization, the Theotericontinuum where our ideas of consciousness as more of a universal character may transcend physical intelligibility after all.  Some now and future physics of our Omnetic souls.  Such ghosts of ghosts of departed quantities made of such ethereal substance may be communicated among us after all.  For if the truth shall make us free, then while alive and it by no means certain the process requires of us to die despite overwhelming evidence we do,  it is a reasonably ordered freedom in a world of free enquiry that  allows us to discern a truth.

* * * * * 

As I log off I check sciencedaily- perhaps this article is evidence or raises evidence of a wider ground for physics like that of the omnium.

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