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Athenation and Visual Depth Illusions

Athenation and Visual Depth Illusions

L. Edgar Otto   20 January, 2013

Athenation - from Athena; a form of dynamic meditation that in the mind's eye of its depth of seeing as if centered in three space where an analog of information is colored by the merging of what is our right or left, right or non-right bicameral hemispheres; the structures or stereonometry of our self-reflection or awareness we imagine as a form of consciousness.

This seems to work better when we are younger. Just as the method invoked, as if cross-eyed visual illusion of depth as patterns merge- the two eyes useful to set the range for depth perception so to decide what we see and the reality or illusion of what stands out or recedes from an horizon we imagine as the visual ground as well as it two dimensional.

This comes from a game we played around entering high school and was somewhat successful in the distinguishing of visual images 'transmitted' from one person to another from that imaged in oneself.  But the process is exhausting and leads to headaches.  Moreover, the use of it seemed to be dangerous for it took some time to adjust to the new views as if to be aware and question the nature of a personality change.  This did not seem to depend on distance yet even with the eyes closed glasses usually obscured such vision.

Since those times the dynamics that I wondered why it was not taught in school, say as a health issue as with body changes and so on, the ideas around right and left brain models have come and gone as research in the frontier of what is interesting and in fashion.

We know the dolphins can sleep on but one side of it brain and humans cannot.  We know that we dream on one side of our brain yet if we do not dare the experiment to look we are not aware of this, the hemisphere being a whole brain itself.
These sorts of things I concluded- but not by the use of any form of drugs for which their use I felt alarm that it would reduce our strength of inquiry or intelligence. I still find the drug culture in the form of prescription drugs a trap for our next generation.

Of related interest in echolocation we have the bats who navigate by sound.  The dolphins seem to be able to determine the texture and some of the content of distant objects, as if by a sense emphasizing touch at a distance.  But the same sorts of geometry seems to underlay the information and learning the environs in context for interpreting such general data.

We have a relation to up and down, at least in reference to ourselves as to what we can see or for that matter how we imagine in our mathematics the use of numbers and the xy or x, iy of structural planes, or the way we treat the integration with respect to these axes. Evolution-ally we seem to associate this with gravity.  In this sense we decide from the general data of things out from and before us not only what is the depth of objects but the zooming of the data be the objects with the usual artistic methods to suggest we are viewing in three space projection (the representing of spheres in paintings thus explained as the exception of painting what is seen exactly traditionally by artists).

Now in the visual illusions where we cross our eyes we seem to add some object in the field in the right-left direction but the number of such objects stays the same up or down.  I did not find it hard to watch television laying prone as recently some say they have difficulty doing.  In fact up and down is relative to our own physical orientation so  reversing the field of objects seems to add one in the vertical direction.  As far as I can tell the extremes of these objects are those seen by either eye as if half objects in the combined totality, and where objects stand out as if in space in this relaxed cross-eyed view, it is as if these are doubled objects... we do tend to observe a certain dominance or blinking between the dominant  or ambidextrous hemispheres.

Let us mention also that just as our brains can learn to reverse our environment as the norm with special glasses what we see on the television screen is in effect in a place where it is both reversed up and down and down and up, a certain amount of blinking can cause one to see it thus.  If the black and white information also is transmitted with color information, although with lesser brightness, such blinking as if a black and white disc in spin will convey the colors.  We can observe the ellipsoid form of a ball passing across the screen up and down and of course inference patterns or for that matter the tuning of a sting into single or double standing waves when plucked in front of the screen.

If we have objects once seen as if in a deeper space, other things important artfully to suggest a scene or its inverse, be these even a finite ratio of sizes, we can determine the depth or illusion of depth as distance to some object ( the eye and the screen) as if to magnify them continuously with the distance, apparently without the loss of definition over a depth of field.

I observe that this can be extended to at least three levels of the illusion of depth by the simple crossing of eyes but these do have a centering of the field in focus and outside the finite range of the array of lesser objects the order of depth changes as well the boundary tends to be a horizon symmetrical as if crystalline viewed from the wide sense of the center as a vague non crystalline empty or continuous space. 

The inversion of colors, of light and dark, may bias us to which is the height and which is the depth, but the mind's eye learns or tries to distinguish this.  Now it is not quite that simple for we in our distinguishing of figures and ground we may see deeper into the quasic symmetry wherein with borders determined we in fact draw the crosses of the quasic grid and see no quasic order between them.  This is a higher form of our imagining things beyond even three space.

There are new possibilities of seeing around objects, laser like, or those invisible as now researched at least in two space.  The idea of lasers, still dependent on holography as a difference in spectral colors to show three space from different angles was a natural direction for that technology.

Objects in rows with the primary colors, those which are the natural inverses will fix toward the added half object of a pure color unmixed or they will mix flickering between the colors depending on the order of those adjacent as compliments- these will find a pure mix of  certain colors such as red next to yellow makes an orangeish yellow. 

While colors influence each other by a single shift of two frequencies so as to make a third (as in Polaroid prints or the effects from colored stands in a tapestry) we can see the higher six fold properties involved so to imagine how important the combinatorial theories are to generational symmetry including the reality rather than illusion of string theory.  The order of the colors and objects may be intelligible in the environs of a generation seen as to the intelligible density- where of course group theory applies and one relates to what are rigid motions or those of inversions.

I find it interesting that our human inquiry may lead or evolve to these theoretical wider awakening and understanding of the world.  We seem drawn to it with a purpose of finding it as the hidden agenda nature tries in her experiments.  Much of what other species have evolved to interpret their world is a matter of programming, blindly finding the mineral fresh water by the salmon, or the magnetic compass of the migrating birds, or the five thousand lines of code to which the toad reacts to a fly passing by as if he so determined.

We do not know but feel there is a deeper explanation of what in the realm of our mind (and really, the linguistic approach as if we can control this by our speech as if it sacred and not a secular idiom loosing its meaning as metaphor or worse if it is some truth not socially able to be changed, is rather a low level or mean spirited attempt to give the appearance by the herd of the truth of some agenda or view of the world or the state and its ideology and that in the conflicts arising as the pendulum swings to religions.  That is not the only interpretation of the data environs) in the periodic call for reasons, that it leads to some explanation of extreme behavior as if in matters of what we are as information we are just puppets heeding deeper voices as if our own, or parrots, or not.

The depth of field of reality is much wider than we have but just begun to imagine or to fear and hide from the searching, we drawn toward it unless we are content with the present order of things- but where in the zooming in as we gain wisdom should anyone really draw the line in comparisons?

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