Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cathedral Windows in the Arctic Wind

Cathedral Windows in the Arctic Wind

L. Edgar Otto 19 January, 2013

Winter challenging with cold races by faster than
the summer's hotter climb surprise in blitz

Earth's orbit spins around the sun & it shadow star making cubic slices as the square dancing of the pair

What we gain in the Red River valley for the wheat the droughts & floods take back, branch & vine defeat

Our almanac of counties sand squeezed out the oil to frac
in Liberty's necessity the law stands firm on fact

La Nina & El Nino vie for & drive the winds, I can only
stare thru the windows an eye of peace beyond all sins

Myself a snowflake, full of light made like its symmetries
one among the countless winter's Christmas joy, or misery

Breaking branches, badger dug in, new hope, new growth
Longing to make my journey anew, my wind drowned oaths

* * * * *

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