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Journal Omnium Recapitulation of Earlier Illustrations in New Light

Journal Omnium Recapitulation of Earlier
Illustrations in New Light

L. Edgar Otto   16 January, 2013

If the formalism of qm mechanics permits a grounding by entanglement for say, qm computation and abductive teleportation, the quasic formalism might follow to permit atomic pattern teleportation as well a superior (faster and more comprehensive) computation.  The limits of this to be better explored in experiment and in theory if any.  Without such inquiry or leap of intelligence, we cannot compare wisdom or theories within the qm theory as it remains a physical or consciousness issue, both still mysticism.

The new freedom and spirit of clarity is perhaps possible in both the transcendence of our spirit, beyond the vague issues of which we imagine now capable of finding results on the frontier of the issue of consciousness or the blind and dishonest dismissal of this area.  Also in the higher clarity the artificial or natural intelligence issue is left far behind.

I returned to old posts and find the illustrations more relevant to this fresh quasic view under the Omnium to which in the cautious stance I informally declared as philosophy or poetry vaguely, or as just a mathematical recreation where it later led to something concrete or explicit.  I found new ideas to explore of which in this flood of archeology of the files saw again half forgotten directions, a few ideas or paths of inquiry pointing to new concepts and methods I now see as important to explore- especially the usual methods of seeing higher spaces from the algebra of its corner or simplex methods as applied differently in the wider hierarchy of dualisms verses the grounding space structures emphasizing the twenty four.

Surely we can classify contiguous resonances or masses of these philosophic or null particle algebraic and creative entities.  We sometimes make poetic and parallel sayings in say our core words universally as are number words that concern the names of trees.  These in general are analogies to the transfer of energy in nature by various branching ideas, the feathers, the explosion and its double, the Fibonacci, chain reactions... the palm tree that grows downward or one that grows upward- the tall red woods that reach the sky only its top alive... all that tries to compare the information in the branching to that (an isotropy of sorts) of the canopy.  I saw a science magazine article this morning, beyond the heat and cold or the wet and dry turning of leaves, this a parallel or metaphor in my mind to our limits of awkenings our span of sensitivities and restarts, rebirth,into wider context: " The taller the tree the smaller the leaves and that limits them."

It is not clear to me how much such development arises from our genes as such theories are so applicable and foundational in that we can describe by wider systems the nature of human behavior or how it grows or even what between species or within one we may expect of clarity or sociability (what motivates us to see the world thru a set of other eyes, perhaps to emphasize limitations).  There is hope as in the case of autism as it seems so defined in our time that it is something of a passing phase or instar for some people like allergies they outgrow. 

Although it is difficult we can transcend say the abuse in our childhood that has finally been recognized (in the sci mags) to scar or hold back mentally and physically and speed the end as if a geshalt come old age so evidently a less controversial theory. In general there are moments in our stages of development to which the wider paths or mastery of some art is optimal.

Replication in all its forms and paradoxes, organic or as physics, remains a key to wider issues to which it seems the very process of memory is affected by our virility so we do not mess that much with the germ or the drive, rather look for issues so to guide society and individuals as some think we can.  I am struck by the waste of wild life as to their animal purposes, migrations, traps for say the sea turtles that seeking warmer waters or food are not aware they can get too cold to dive or survive- many of us are moved to intervene, we concerned to care for the creation given more awareness, perhaps a little pride or fear.  As Albert Schwitzer wrote, I paraphrase, "Nature is so prodigious with her thousand acorns for a single mighty oak, can we expect her not to treat likewise, her stars?"

A nation that faces the perils of revolution can hold as suspect those who with more noble intentions desire to change some moral outrage as nothing more than the personal desire or pleasure gained and lost, not enduring, not healed in time when it seemed to live in forever. It is not clear we can justify a life so vanished by imposing on the world these core organic feelings and functions that result in the uncontrolled passions within us released unto civil war as with all revolutions and wars. Nor can the state wrap its head around fooling the people all of the time that it can bury its dead so it is the highest foundation of our existing.  Most suffer silently their losses if they dare to dwell on them and cannot justify a life, the many or the one moved on, in this world at least.

In the clarity of another day, seemingly eternal for ill or good, the daily content, the going thru the motions of living, the trunk of mathematics that has us cling and reach out with its roots as well as fly between its fruits in the canopy, we do not yet know the span of our inquiry or value of our purpose especially if we try to justify our unique individual circumstances and how we reacted to them- but if we try to add that small gain of unity and understanding, free with respect for our togetherness we enguage with the fact we feel justified by the reality that we say is life.

In the now past idea of what is the observer and that observed as a clear issue, within the span of what so exists as being or becoming, the reality as life and its limits that arise from the wild card reel and dance of inquiry, deeper or meaningless change partners, size of the limited by the pot of potted plants or the volume of the water for fish in a fishbowl, the small or larger ants in hives and food supplies, the larval of tadpoles hurling chemical abuse upon each other...the diminishing returns of our measure of genius as the jungle of humanity fans out to cover the earth.  I stood amazed a long time that observing something on the micro scale that  may change or influence it- or that what I see in the macroscopic world is changed from my place of observation.  We in the middle scale ask so doing both as we so contemplate ourselves.

But what I find amazing today is the realization this is not enough to explain things, there is still more to it than that inside or outside our dreams in the viewing while the living and even in the shadows and mirrors of that not said or seen. Do we have to look back as our footsteps go forward into some idea of the future or of some perfections, despite how we so wish or deny it these things can be real and we can sanely intuit them at least while our unfolding.

Still, our little losses fill our whole world and our soul, until perhaps we grow to tall in time, withdraw our leaves or with needle ones we are and hang on to the evergreen.

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