Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Recondite Knot Representations

Recondite Knot Representations

L. Edgar Otto    08 January, 2013

I hope the illustrations speak for themselves in this new view of wider schemes of reference frames in the new physics.
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I wonder when our Lubos will get the awakening that physics is not to be done by wishes and ideology anymore.  He cannot see these new physics are the best friend a string theorist has ever had. Of course from the dialectic method those who cannot see a bigger picture can assert but not know if those who present one have some defect that makes them react as if some conspiracy theory was real.  Sadly the idea of intuition as a prioi also has a rich Jewish tradition, Spinoza for example. Are we to try to find a synthesis or not in the unification of physics?  The actual world is part of the struggle to get by or survive and is not just consensus isolated from the people- this is abstract until we see the same data can be interpreted as conflicting conclusions that affect people’s lives- in reason and economics.  Churchman is right on in this sort of analysis in his time when the mortal enemy was communism- not just a non-democratic state system.

But if we do not have a sane method and wider picture, well as Kierkegaard said: “To the cork screw the knife is crooked.”

I do imagine the reactionary in such narrow games and theories show a state of mind wherein it is better we all lose than take the insult of less than a game of science we can all share and win.

Clearly when we can have at least a wider view of say geometries and arithmetic’s, algebras and so on there is nothing special as the axioms can be theorems in one system or vise versa such as hyperbolic space (or as we can see more clearly if we distinguish- or that as a weapon of those in power to make distinctions) what then is Euclidean is a subset of the other style of space.

Einstein’s intuitive ideas were sound in their time and need no defense as our world has finally found new theories beyond the pace of technology.  The will not need a consensus or debate as a given when extended into the wider realm of the new physics.  Each generation of genius may be forgiven for the scope of what they intelligently work with.  The answer he thought was to be found in the algebra yet we begin to see that the foundations just may have to dig deeper into the choices and sense of the reality of the arithmetic.  But the true synthesis transcends even the Euclidean model of Spinoza in his defining of emotions- “anger is the response to those who cause us sorrow”.  Of course the translation from geometry on to another, what Churchman calls Leibniz Inquiring system, can be done by redefinition.

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