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L. Edgar Otto 13 January, 2013

Part 1: State of Mind & Philosophy Preceding the A-brane Generalization of Quasic Theory

There seems to be a non-necessity paradox of the creative (human) element.

Churchman's speculation and distinction on the antiteleological and ateleological (to assert as if using nonnecessary logic these also seen as a form of teleology) resolves in the light of more advanced physics and philosophy since his contribution to inquiring systems theory at the dawn of computer technology.

The experience of being on line in the virtual cloud for a generation is unreal and compelling, as addictive as the real where we find the appeal of immortality- and consequently less depth to the drama of life in games of love and war, a desensitivity of what we held as a value as if a fact of our spirit or soul.

It is hard to keep or balance in doubts and certainties a nonnecessary unity as an inquiring system that it is meaningful and "Purposeful". While such balance may persist and be expected while the living alternative theories or systems at some point of choice may also persist.

In nonnecessity we cannot say we will not find certainty in science as if a priori purposed system or not (nor as I have observed in the dialog from a scientist "If you want certainty to to religion...not science.")

There are no necessary un-realities, also.

Dream reality by this paradox quasi-justifies and judges existence if not guarantees Being in Descartes sense.

Between these principles preceding this posting, any theory of an inquiring system under the omnium, especially in questions of self-reflection, if analyzed deeper, can appear or seem an exercise in design futility after all. One example is the assertion we may waste our time shifting meaningless objects around or diagonalizing matrices of which this may emerge from the depths of the creative mind so to question any foundation of inquiry.

New ideas (theories or system theories) give us new purpose- at least awhile, indefinitely. Creative people enjoy this intuitive sense of play and power with the goal or in pursuit of a problem to solve or resolve.

The quality of a theory is independent of the consensus of status of the professional or the amateur and the pendulum may swing that either as distinct may rise or fall in matters of commitment to others and to character.

Assuming God an intelligent and sentient being is He so restricted or constrained by such quasized logic as design inquiry? What the guarantees the ultimate paradox of God, Universe, and Being as ultimately distinguished? Are sentient (conscious) beings scaleless or as a matter of degree of the same creative theoretical space?

But if such a being knows this, besides the stance directly or indirectly toward negation (core survival kicking in at some bottom of falling or as in Freud's death wish assertion), what is the stance, fact, or ground that He weights the futility of himself and inquiring design wherein even choice is paradoxically, perhaps unresolved into contradictions or tautologies, so grounded?

Part 2: Analogies to the Concept of Superposition in Quasic space

Axes of a given natural dimension with equivalent weights in quasic logic can be stacked, combined in order, mirrored, or as in the case of 1 i j k be so described as an algebra system (Dirac, Rowlands).

The singularity focus as a center (the division of the surface mirror into multiplicity or its condensing) is generalized as the insight (analogous to Riemann on the nature of dimensions) between inter-reactive dimensions contiguous to adjacent dimensions- thus n, n+1 or the elliptic curve (thus Fermat's Last theorem) in Motive space.

This general insight is at once a source and given being thus meaningfree, meaningless, and meaningful equal to unity. (for a personal world I add to quasic, quabic, the concept or stance along these lines I will style quacoid.)
Note the title word "teleoluminscence" contains the idea that light is emitted (regardless or without heat) and this too in a sense may apply to ideas of metallic colors as pearlescent and so on...

Again, in quasicity, and in the ideas of similarity over a brane space our motives or other formulas especially involving series to some limit, or the space of which we may map a complex area to the real plane- we observe the property not only of numbers intelligible to such spaces but of the even and odd property distinct in its core operations between numbers as making the use of them needlessly difficult in analyzing complicate patterns and large dimensions, continuous or discrete.

Epilogue :

After this rather deep awakening to the possible futility of our enterprise at our personal foundations I cleared away the snow having stood outside long in it with mundane purposes of fancy and for filling the cupboard (not the least of the embarrassment in a smooth system is the realization of how much I do not know about the simple mastery of the procedure, cultural, nostalgic, or enhanced of cuisine properties in chemical state changes- I have lived minimally in such matters and most likely more healthy by default.) I proceeded to make patterns again with this what I felt know a rather simple problem to finally draw or just draw the patterns of the four fold nature as perhaps trivial and futile they where. Yet it connected as useful illustrations to the content of a more comprehensive theory in the struggle with more directed and specialized useful ones evoking synchronously new abstract concepts.

* Footnote: 729 - 6! = 6^3 + 1; 36x9 quasic fractal like hypercolor xtalline over an A-brane so nonnecessary hierarchies over its extension, processes, measure or patterns of phenomena such as clumping in free space.

*Perhaps, the soft background anxiety of analyzing a problem with a false sense of certainty or of the doubts of self reflection is not that accute where we are emotionally stable and evaluate our circumstances adjusting to the influence of them as we learn, as we go about the business of living or dieing in the privacy of our paths of existing as if it everyone's lot in life if they are prone to careful contemplation or abandonment to great art- memory recalled a difficulty as well as its free and directionless laying down of patterns.

What makes it a little more exceptional so acute is the idea that no one, even the professionals and leaders, may be in their quest and inquiring more than amateur artists selling some idea in which they may not know or feel it is also for all its glory or future prospects an exercise in futility. In this we tend at the core to be as silent in such matters that are foundational as it seems is the universe.

But that which is hidden to us, the awakening which is the knowing as the primary purpose as science, can certainly can be seen and most probably will be as futility in our actions, states of being, suspension of disbelief in the becoming on which we implement our decisions individually or in togetherness, as futile... yet, in this intimate experience of half blind wisdom to which we awaken aware as the general case of creativity and nonnecessity in the logic is also the possibility of new discovery, new under or before the suns.

* * * *

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