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Mirror Color Space for an Explicit Particle Physics

Mirror Color Space for an Explicit Particle Physics

L. Edgar Otto    04 January, 2013

The rain is there because the flowers need it to grow.  So goes the case against teleology as part of science.  But is it not a miracle, if we really sought explanations, that the system of rain and flowers fit together as if an ideal that they recognize each other in a world with response?

I must say, reading Churchman again after all these years is quite an experience.  For one thing I see so many of the concerns and issues that developed beyond what I could understand of the world and myself at the time.  I read it as perhaps it may seem so complex to the average reader as if it speaks my own language and makes so many of my own conclusions.  I even saw how it may be important that the nature of the inventor of systems is an essential subjective part of the system so in it I find justification of discussing the personality and view of oneself as if but a single instance as is said of the universe where that may limit its scope.  I see also that creativity is as important the centers of all these philosophic and physics issues.

Of course I have gone far beyond the scope of the book even in the speculative parts and I disagree with much.  But the book was after all from 1971 before the widespread influence and experience of our generation and the computers.  The world itself has changed in the depth of which it applies systems theories as well the depth of its technologies.  But from my viewpoint, how we react to the data of the Higgs phenomena and mechanism for example, suggests the book as philosophy is still very relevant.  In this sense the Higgs is a philosophic particle as much as a goal of our current physics.  It is the wildcard in the spirit of things to which we imagine, way beyond the idea of what is a standard (as the book mentions and as in "the standard theory") our analogies and anomalies, the mirrors, the inversions, the symmetries, all vanish into some relation with themselves and the singularity of wildcards of the dark.

To understand the Higgs data as explicit is as difficult as the founding of new and creative philosophy itself.

The merging in theory of induction and deduction, based on the consideration of physical transmission "at a distance" the so called "abduction" empirically implied as the case of a general design logic (the design as creativity in the metaphysics of production) is not necessarily the resolution of more general cases at the foundation of complexes of singularity system models.  Moreover, induction and deduction may still individually and interactively apply as the bounded case at the frontier of reality where in relation between these general principles in actuality or virtually the paradoxical stance of nonnecessity applies to unified or diverse multi-systems.

I have slowed down in the production of ideas for posting because on one hand I am tweaking the music project, trying to adjust to some level of the new technology.  On the other hand there is so much more I find myself reaching for in the book that I missed and that I now see with all the experience of thinking and debating and communicating with others at least in the forums on line.  Also, since someone took my flash drive in the library my projects to put on line have run out of space in which to so transfer them.

The price to pay for such understanding, in our day at least, makes the society intolerable in the way it operates, in the way it treats the people and sets the policy.  The BS ratio to blindness without common sense is rather deep.  Woe to those who need peer review if they are out in a space all on their own and feel unreal and not established in the collective history and space we imagine science can be.  While I blame the universities for the master-slave relationship growing stronger, I do not want to undermine them but to upgrade them toward more sensible purposes with a sound ethics or morals and real expectations- for I see we can take the next step which in our false scarcity of wisdom we can at least imagine there is an ongoing progress.

It is urgent in our time and in the relationship of our idea of self and mind in the experience of the products of our new computation that we understand and not be just consumers of some idea of what the design of the systems of the data for as Churchman observes, the data is part of the instructions too- the data is the meme so to speak...

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