Sunday, January 20, 2013

When the Cathedral's Creative Lantern Falls

When the Cathedral's Creative Lantern Falls

L. Edgar Otto Sunday, 20 January, 2013

I appended a long commentary to my posted poem of yesterday. I felt it very clear and one of my best writings. But somehow it vanished in the transition between the files and the machines leaving only the poem, a confusion with the photo perhaps with the renames of Arctic Winds.

I lost too the philosophic and poetic clarity that would communicate the mood in its special way- it is a hard work of memory that from one view is not lost save the discouragement of effort, the imperfections of almost an instant unrecoverable delete by one button of this information age. Yet the light inside should not be lost if we cannot offer it, or it being an issue itself, one that seems to me worth the effort to build upon again, and to share. Even if this effort has to be done in the design, the models as if cathedrals restrained in real time with our building.

* * * * *

Otherwise I would dryly put forth a listing of the concepts as I have usually done, or perhaps what notes as manuscript exist as a churning scribble or photo for the future to decipher, at least my own translation takes care to not obscure in its less than careful penning. Not matter what the appendages or shortages of paper and of ink that flow down my dip the pen, pass the energy thru my quill feather, illustrate like a stained glass window the manuscript that in the diffusion of light some see only their reflection as if in a melting plane of sky or sea, the evolving or made movies of fading paper we naturally see of the world's as fun house mirrors.

began with the photo of the blitz of the arctic wind sustained at thirty miles an hour or intermittently more, the front from the polar North. I take a video of it. From that I make a still picture, for like the sun in its perfect sphere so much is seething fire around it we may be surprised at its shell or ground. Enter the idea of symmetry and that part of my world, as myself is stable again amid the storm, the mind's eye beholds at the frontiers of light and darkness- not clear to the world of touch if such a place is endlessly full or empty. The branches and wires sway or in gusts break but rarely now the art of branching learned, evolved in time, but the scene in the stillness conveys something deep within of the motion, the gnarly growths we discern as unnatural or familiar so imagine underlying laws there to discern.

The human consciousness can stand only so much heat or cold before it vanishes or some greater amount does not matter. The flash point of paper if the atmosphere is dry- we did not measure beyond that- so Bruno with his ideas on the deeper nature of the world feels nothing of the flames of the fire tied to the stake beyond 150 degrees or so. It is our imaginations that conjure the hell fires, or in the remote sensations take the fore warnings that we can be wiser souls.

* * *

I am tempted just to list the technical part of the speculative theory concerning the methods, surprisingly ordinary if one looks into it with standard mathematical physics, of the views of Fred Hoyle and his steady state model of the creation field in the golden age of an earlier cosmology and debate in his time. His ideas of intelligent design with a little i and d. Not bad for an avowed atheist and as with other inquirers this outside the scope of proofs, the consequences and proofs arranged or intended or not to find them. Did he not justly ask why such a God would have designed the world so shoddy as if the Big Bang against the greater beauty of the Steady State?

And Gamow  where the elements are formed in the heart of stars, in its breaking branches and symmetries that come together again- how smart his reply that we need to look for a hotter place. Gamow  who dabbled in the combinotorics of DNA in its dawning age that we can say his view did not lose out, it also applies. Such light ubiquitous seeding the universe as if some front or force of life like Hoyle's science fiction rain of chance ingredients from the sky.

In the creative field cosmology the protons arise in sparse places to fill the expanding world. In the new light of our considerations, the depth and wild cards in the null vacuum, the quasic ordering of branes or spheres as shells, the mirror in the sea of omnium space plays a role as if a coordinate space to which tachyon like we may preserve the paradox of individual or shared memory, the totality there Intelligent or not with a capital I and D in the Design, purposeful or not such higher action in the fact of living.

Yet I imagine my first impressions were closer to being intuitively right, the atoms evolve. How they do so is in the quasic generational duality structures between them. The new elements arise for at the creation we find the generation of pairs that a neutron is conjured- then it may break into its proton and electron... the totality of them constant within a range of what can be seen or felt, referred to itself as one from its one example.

The monk in his solitude of contemplation is not ultimately satisfied with only the sight, he like me in the dead of winter digs in badger like, a little testy if disturbed, but no amount of thought can feel alive without the touch of others, and of the dust- I mean the cold and dark bids us hibernate a bit, but this does not mean all withdraw from the world. The lone monk with his visions so intense does not work in isolation where we share our choices and our visions. We cannot remove or isolate him, nor can he deny desire in dreams.

Finality in the attempts to understand dark matter some suggest the earth moves thru the states of it- much like our idea that this could have effects and be measurable, a sort of higher luminoferous aether. These waves from novas shock the clouds of simpler dust into forming higher elements for in their hearts these stars cannot spew them out. All such processes have their place, it is a question of what is the trend over the states evolving of the general universe.

We can look back at this process for the instars of mass extinction, some accruing layer, exception to the fall to lead of the constants of radiation, as the lead roof sags from the plumbers work on the cathedral rooftops, iridium equally seen as from falling stars from above, or replicating creatively from the metamorphosis within. Let us not forget the grounding of things created or broken into pairs. Of all star systems the binary are the most common. A star may spew out its companion or the hollow hole inside may jet out. The stars and planets no less than as with the particles may express the real time model in the decays or mergers of pairs.

But in the current respected mode the reduction to the raw sand seems our crutch to stand on some frame, some bottom before we swim deeper, some feathering of energy itself with hollow veins before we learn to fly, that there must be some dust, the wimps perhaps that some imagine inevitable to discover. This half hoped and in the judgement of the law usurped by necessity, they could be right or lost in a lesser general view of the foundations. Good luck to such inquirers. May the wonderful mirroring of what we see in particles described as generations not be obscured as a tool that probes deeper into the scientific mystery of things.

But the law delayed, if we could see beyond our day we would know it so, is a judgement and justice denied and implemented by blind but impartial judges.

The spewing out as from all creative objects can be satellites of the same creative stuff, Saturn and Titan appearing the same at first glance in say the atmosphere. It can spew out rings and braids, these mysteriously stable by today's terms, at least from the last great species extension here near the inexplicable fact close to the center of a center-less universe. Or in the airy substance of electromagnetism a belt, a torus.

A lot may depend on such coloration, a higher language really than its underlying modes of information, such as in the order of the five honeycombs of Coxeter as polytopes. Certainly the ordering of the fives in my own quasic and generational logical crosses of the quasic grid- but I have more than one way to see this in retrospect to earlier ways to label things by color so I did not post more than a hint of it that it should be put down more explicitly and formally. In the general context I too sometimes have to sort out my scribbles and recover what seems beyond my sight now of some forgotten or broken path or branches shouted into the memory against some artic wind or festering boiling volcano.

* * * * *
We, not bad really as a post recovered from memory and a few sparce notes on the technical part of the theory... but as all our myths and legends the old seems to grow in value- not in this case- I am quite sure my lost post was have been clearer and better and more poetically beautiful. It is as if in the world itself there is a sort of space like say an configuration space where in theory we can find a unique recording of things after all in the totality.

And while we cannot by such speculative conjuring assert that the quarks or the components of protons may be so created extending the ideas of the quantum theory on the same level of generation or possible cracks or gaps between them, we can measure the resonances intelligibly of such stacked objects.

Let us not apply this too strictly to our models of the government- say to ideas of Liberty- we now see how that model has set afire the springtime of the Middle East as our constitution and constellation returns to its count of stars and its war stripe. Tolerance and trade can be but weapons measured only by the results in the eyes of consensus, of presumed directions or trends in history.

But freedom of religion does seem to have moved us on beyond the great wars for the hearts and minds if not the souls of people to which more open systems and the old views cannot compromise but clash depite the protest of all hearts. The world a better place is not just some economic concern but the death of the last traces of slavery or its minimizing back to and beyond absolute zero where the cold and heat are the same - in the rescue of the world if ever coming nothing cold can be declared dead, our vines just sleep thru the winter.

Our higher being (spirits and souls) may also endure over the omnium, beyond our grounding in symmetry and powers of the emptiness moved on, a creative coordinate space of sorts with functions seen in new light our encounters with the idea of permanence  uniqueness on many levels, tachyonic time given yet changing in its slices, creating transcendence.

In the archaeology of my older intuitions now grounded in new light - (just as Sartre imagined we did not live unless we have contemplated death or self destruction as if puppets maybe as in the chosen election by the determinism of Calvinists we could say it from unseen hands) - I having said this journal, blog may rest or come to an end baring anything radical or revolutionary arising... held on a life line of a few airy strings and tidying up of dead ends for the sake of completion... this a stepping stone unveiled and internalized that on the vagueness of it is the new sight that I now know to ask of still a wider generalization beyond space and the stars- a hint of it anyway wherein before it was lonely and I did not know how blind it was.

The monk while in the world free because of its own collapse and destruction of the state of things of the society and states can only find amusement or a little sorrow at their antics and beliefs on which they stand unaware as to how the world ought to be described and works. But what does he want more than this science and philosophy without creative regrets as one may balance or destroy the whole in return- to be left alone within reason of course  a particle of privacy, but more than that if the living in its successes and failures is all there is- I would not mind even in blind in blinding light to begin it all again.

Just as some imagine the bulk of mass in the proton coming from the motion of its parts, these small compared to vacuum, some such pattern adds to the bulk of our civilization, its spirit and its soul as we build, experience and experiment in real time, test our cathedral windows and lanterns. Until perhaps we find the hint of more beyond the fires and ice while we do not lose ourselves but have to for awhile before our viewing into truths if we can say know them truly.

A small step, beyond the idea of a society as relative or grounded in the hallucination that dance together in images in the fun house mirror that in our thinking rational and as much irrational we can so discern it all from our natural human states of thinking, is this urgent project not to base it all subjectively only, or in reduction to ideas gleaned from frames in relativity, nor in the deterministic dust declare our grounding as unobtainable mystery upon uncertainty. That is the project hinted at and felt by those who desire to add some unity to what we have built as physics.

* * * * * *


  1. Perhaps you would find this short exposition on Non-Duality by Louis Kauffman interesting; it's a bit of math mixed with a bit of mystical contemplation:

  2. Thank you, I will check it out. I have not been on line due to the wind chill but did continue along some new lines with a look back also at what is our grounding in philosophy. I will post back here if I think there is something on that link I may be worthy to comment upon...

    The Pe Sla

    1. Mystical? not sure, philosophy yes... it is a simple (too simple really as if that can be defined by the suggestions given... such as equivalent topologies if transformed into each other- this may not be the case in string like spaces and I have recently worried about this as with all design systems that seem caught between triviality and contradiction- that is in my enumeration of the colored cubes. This is still in a 'mystical or intuitive' state so even my sketches are not ready to post, if ever. For such symmetric considerations also seem caught between this sort of topology of dual or unitary sides in the actual drawing. I also had to review the core philosophy (to that end in finding the best of arrangements of the way Oxford divides the issues) I am trying to devise a Periodic table of philosophy) for this is an all important issue of philosophy of science, Kuhn and Popper agree on the evolutionary approach of which Bergson does not make life force (one subject also I made some illustrations but is not ready for posting) a sort of inverted mechanistic view. Yes, in a way there is a unity somewhere possible in the duality and monism and intuitively we do not necessarily find two negations a positive and so on by all the core logic.

      But thank you for the presentation, it is not more abstract than the Plato like idea of forms as in string theory to which Aristotle rejected in his Lyceum. Now Leibniz has deeper insight on the issue which escapes scientists and philosophers even today- the solution I imagine has to do with the discernible of indicernable or other questions of identity, especially in matters of space and time. But I am still taking in data to advance up to this which in an abductive non-necessary philosophy we may or may not be able to distinguish the indistinguishable- but there are methods that seem to where they apply across the whole area of philosophy and scientific methods. But I do not see it only as a matter of linguistics and say parallels or the nature of relations or not between such identities. I am not sure in such matters one gets it or one does not, nor if this too is a wider generalization to which we might do well to apply to our advanced modern science at least in the questions we ask and the entities of which we seek.

      Thank You for reading...
      L. Edgar Otto