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Journal Omnium

Journal Omnium

L. Edgar Otto   16 January, 2013

"In the quinidad of the godhead the ti-cornered snowflake of the world rejects the virgin and the sphere dream, these in hidden space feel the bond of love and do the creative work of lovers..."     The PeSla

We can see physics more clearly if we can see the ideas of physicality and its intimacy with the vacuum as quasicity more clearly.

The simple count over the intelligible geometric, algebraic or group structures follows a consistent mathematics where what we emphasize of a system finds its unities and parallels.

The count may consider the paths so ordered as extensions of the Z quasic ordering across the orthogons in the natural dimensions where in the low dimensions at least as our world so appears as material.  Both in its nodes and one dimensional paths as the cube is not fundamental- thus the simplex from a corner as if the origin of a quasic brane or the exclusion of merged gluon groups has a wider vacuum influenced (transitive over methods from an edge up to a symmetric space structure).  In that the tetrahedron is fundamental if irreducible to a given dimension it is self dual as so is the 24 cell in four space to organize wider systems of physics.  These respect simple number theory.

By self-dual we understand "viriality" that can double a set of points or edges or can merge them.  12 to 24, yet in the case where we have one face as if the two faces not unfolded nor of a Moebious sense of things beyond some existential stance, the doubling of 24 into 48 for each face becomes again the 24 as if the totality of possibilities from one origin of the group multiplication of them.  But this duality does not restrict the interrelation of such abstract groups that as a general theory will seem not to exist or at least be hidden.

The Quasicalulus stands in complimentary or contradiction to the Surreal calculus intuitively, but there is a fundamental theory of the Omnicalculus in that there is an anti-surreal calculus such that (in matters that the quadratic formalism over a plane or brane follows the transitivity of corner hierarchical count) that abstractly suggests it is the integers that we can see as if irrational numbers. Or as in quantum theory we do not have an adequate explanation as to why some physics is integer in ratios where in the general probability of things each point on a number line can be transcendental let alone irrational in the transfinite count.

It is important to keep the generational quasic field power set wild card elements even if abstract in mind where in the development or evolution of objects and events in the world we find a consistence and thus grounds for coherence that seems in its ultimate nonnecessity of design as intelligibly related.  Of course at some existential unity every finite group has a corresponding infinite group, but the idea of what is finite as a power continuum from the Omirror view of the universe may be inversed or fixed a little to soon in our interpretations.

The clarity of quasics, again, implies and implements (motives?) the clarity of physics.  But these intuitively developed ideas once understood should not be a stepping stone on which the foundations as unifying are to be forgotten,

In the 8 cubes BOG we may regard these as 8 cube or 4 pairs at the diagonal (a change of all the relevant coordinate constant or by a mirror or at the merging variable) as those of at least the face cube cells of a hypercube. In particular where we have nodes of subcells at a point, here three edges to the corner, we can have 20 arise as well as 24 from the faces in a color notation and count.  This seems to be favored one way or another by those applying it to genetics.

This unity in the comprehension and awareness of these ideas especially where they are still confusions among those in the field, thus the problem even with simple solutions can take a long time even if no generalization is guaranteed or a unity forthcoming of diverse elements in a general opened or closed system seems a very satisfying development for my personal quest of theories- I hope, but maybe as vaguely so as it seems in the hints of unity and discovery by the really average working scientist to which society may not support or understand the deep need for the discipline,  that those working in astrophysics or the colliders do make some breakthru discoveries by their emphasis on statistical methods- which of course we should not ignore philosophically either or in it dismiss other inquiry systems.

This, trivially, there are 15 or 30 color matching cubes of six (and two wildcard merged remote) times the structural binary environs these are so embedded in as physical (not dark) space.  Waves behave within this contiguity of ordered information also at a simplex level.  While it is said "we understand the infinite but the finite will take us a little while longer" we see that where such mathematics is that of the contiguity (as nonnecessarlily the case yet not forbidden) has taken us a little while longer still.

The Omirror (O for omnium or even null) is thus not necessarily itself a Brane, the Obrane in the usual sense of the technical terms.  But such is the case through conceptual themes of recursion and hierarchy, let us not depend so much on the formalism of polar coordinates and the complex numbers in planes only, this is but a quasi-identity of identities, all empty or all replete and full.  In the quantum theory did we not first think of the possibilities of fractional dimensions- and ask in it where is the chaos science?  But such methods, conceptions in context and independently gives us the freedom of wider and more concrete answers as these raised questions loops from them and develops.

The omnium world view has important applications to the sensibility of our states and society to which while we may look forward we also can sense the frustration of a primitive age.  Not the least of this question of privacy and freedom and trust in ourselves is the personal evolving as we depend so much on our animal nature into higher forms of what is a more abundant architecture that grounds by focused privileging of unique necessity otherwise lost in the expanse of paths in this world and the experience while vital and alive to memory or its access with others new states of our spirit in the here or in the hereafter (if those terms are still a little vague in our contemplations where the Omnium is not the ultimate last word as the theory of everything.

The general problem from the recreational standpoint of the actual drawing of the 30 cubes as they match in the Otto-Conway like Abrane matrices tho difficult is implied in principle and does involve the parallel hyper-superposition of high values of binary numbers unto a simplification, so too the haunting yet intelligible generation of shapes as in the Soma cube like puzzles from consideration of inversions.  The consideration of these informational partitions of axial numbers may extend our theories into what happens between those of endpoints or origins we understand as a powerful yet incomplete theory. 

I am not clear on what Conway meant by "non standard" sets to explore by Mahon's cube matching theory unless his square face matrix is considered somehow standard, or does he too see a profound extension into such theories of space possibilities having long been familiar with thinking in 24 dimensions?  Clearly a "compacton" has at least  36 or 2^6 bits of information (quasibits) but things like the possible coloring of the edges of even an ordinary cube needs not be too vast that it is beyond our simplified count, labels and calculation.

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