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Mu Omnium

Mu Omnium

L. Edgar Otto   02 January, 2013  14:56:12

"As the Tin man and his fellow players came out of the rehearsal passing by me waving to the passers-by, the Wicked Witch with ghastly make up, I said to him, 'Tin Man, why do you need a clock for a heart when you have so much Mean Green Witch time?' "   The PeSla

When the continuity of my creative efforts concerning the foundations of a creative philosophy of science, and the retrospection of personal influences with hope it sheds some light on our processes of thinking, the complexities of the holidays, perhaps as if the recurring feelings we in the cycle of seasons and days seem to share it is time in this era of my blogging to shore up the themes- begin perhaps a new series of posting.

Since Christmas and thru New Years, the rare times of actually being inside more than 24 hrs in many years I have another series in the complex connections of my thoughts.  Clearly, the issues of this day in science do seem to ultimately begin with the inquiring system  Churchman called Singerian... I struggled when I first encountered this book so just received it again from inter library loan- his Design of Inquiring Systems- but now it seems I have outgrown it and in some respects referred to issues in it not that clear to me at the time.  I wonder how he is out in California where his efforts at wind energy production materialized.  In reading it again I find many themes that I glossed over at the time as these among general systems theories.  I now see the wisdom of it all that applies to my own thinking including how it should be but is not in the arsenal of current theoreticians on the physics.

In going back to the core of what is the experience of all of us in learning, to my important childhood moments to which the environment if not the stance on practical science I owe very much to my father, even in some rather casual things like access to what I imagine now my first inclination of the quasic plane as a carpet depicting space full of planets and stars and around it space ports and cities to which my brother and I took off to the boundary on the other side.  But this is not all of such ideas, in fact the core logic of it I now find and understand in Churchman's book that grounds things at least on these logical design issues of which the bulk was worked out before reading such books.  I am not quite sure where I read about Shannon which I thought was referred to in his book--- the meaning and information as conjugate which as boring as it may seem brought tears to my eyes as I read that passage somewhere.

But wait! The apparent synchronicity of creative discovery seems to be interrupted too, as in the unposted manuscript I talk about the shock wave from nova cloud theory as presented by Tyson on Nova Now... and today at the library where I only checked the mail and science daily finding not much has happened- well, one article about how magnetism, of the permanent kind, preceded the stars and grew strong enough to influence such shock waves in turn- a much closer picture of how things begin to work near my picture of things- one that of course if reached is a challenge to what we vaguely imagine as rational explanations that seems to bring self doubt or questions of soundness of a theory- and as Churchman points out the Cartesian inquiring system is inadequate to handle this as well appealingly the Lockean consensus method on the economics debates in our present state of our congress, the "fiscal cliff" and so on...

Thing is I thought I invented the reflecting telescope (as well, I found Sir Issac did long ago,  I a child playing with my mothers make up mirror that magnified things and some of my father's lens laying around.  So this was one of many pre-learning steps to come to deeper intuitions of which I thought not that significant an influence of which to write- but in this retrospection (after all the question is how we go thru the metamorphosis of our previous states of consciousness over time, the instars, especially when we look back with more mature and well learned formal expertise) it occurred to me that this idea could have been expanded such that something like a lens (would Newton have naturally thought of this if there were not Descartes and some lenses and mirrors around?) with ideas like negative indexes of reflection and many other things of a core stereonometry, we may just be able to see, with significant refinement, as with the burden and joy of finer (Singerian) measure systems (is that not the current bottleneck in our sense of certainty for the discovery of the Higgs mechanism?) that the instrument for neutrino or dark matter telescope in principle is possible and in our real clock time.

I also did an experiment watching the computer clocks to see how long the new years day was on the earth- I concluded it was 48 hrs- here in the Midwest  pippa time in the UK and kea time in NZ... But why is this problem hard for so many or just plain boring and over-thinking for some people?  It seems to me significant in our world view in many implied respects. It certainly was amazing to me so many brilliant people I asked about this disagreed, I should look back at Carroll's essay "When Does the Day Begin?" which led to the dateline and of which the clock for it is considered an "old" method of which I suspect we try to focus more and more locally on what is in the great and more accurate clock our central view of time in the space and spin of which so many things are within.

I will get around to writing more on such early experiences. The illustration for this post is a graphic on the Omnium of which I call it the Mu Omnium- for unless there is the end of things, the Omega Omnium- for each of us in infinity, as the assumptions require if we hold number theory as obvious according to Churchman, at least two is needed...well, this is what I mean by "half infinity" as a qualatative as well as abstract application of group concepts in these slippery numbers.  I also considered the processes of labeling in new light as more of the hierarchical concept to which we have a sort of mirror in our labels as to information or meaning realms that interact, and these categories more than the doubling of mirrors of what is seen or not seen, or touched.
This discrete labeling a philosophic as well as scientific process of these core distinctions that grounds as teneable the universe's and social power with its sense of values absolute.

I find it quite amusing all the issues in the news at a time of new beginnings and resolutions as if the entertainment of it is so cliched and aimed for an average and less than adult age audience- akin to the old shows now on alternative channels look back on with nostalgia- but after all, back then I was a child and these were rather advanced for their day.

It must be a law of nature that the more people there are the less genius and wisdom there is to share, or so goes the struggle over resources and the division of the privilege of labor.  300 million by 2050 for the USA they say, and each of them compared to 100 watt light bulb in energy output- but a drop in the measure of things important only on our earthly scale- Amazing such heat is considered progress to be reduced when this generation is outlawing incandescent bulbs.  Science is after all in its frontiers a faith or a reality in progress after all and not just one less general picture in the wide reach of human inquiry.

If in the subconscious of the universe we have the atomic theory that applies, quasifinite in view,  it is to be expected in speculation at least, that the universe persists and in general seems to be born pregnant like the aphids...

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