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L. Edgar Otto 

19 January, 2013

Later tonight I did a follow up on the Hogg's Fractal Hex grid seen as if a Brane to notate the directions (quasic order Zz where between dimensions and generation the circuit can be open or closed in a given dimension.

The quasic pattern of 5's in fives I imagine a new class of polytopes which of course can be a particle of sorts (for now a philosophic particle) but clearly in this condensing (that is the colapsing or compactification my flanged compactons to use the more general term in use, the dualism of the 5 honeycombs successively can be thought of as a radial succession, looped, as if five spherical particles superimposed.

We can debate the nature of the space such entities are or are embedded in so as to describe wider manifold, and which are open or closed, flat or curved in various combinations short of a more unified general view of the totality as physicists are now doing on the lower level.  In any case at least the quantum theory falls out as a special case, possibly one direction in description of equivalent geometries over the Omnium, unlike in the various stances debated for quantum interpretations and its analog extensions into the subatomic.

As Gibbs pointed out on his blog it is hard to argue with proof so the rewards of mathematics are recognized faster than those who make breakthrus in physics.  Other than what we seem to be doing as if metaphysics concerning the zero, null, and other nilpotent spaces for a general intelligible symmetry of the count, a mathematical conservation idea where it needs to apply as a working assumption, I have the sense what I offer is after all mathematics, one that moreover seems like the simple proof by construction.  If such pictures do communicate what we experience in the vision when we look out from ourselves, eventually to awaken to the principles.  But the intuition while it is still vague to me is an amazing thing that can call the theory and its trends right- that among the highest of the amazement and mystery of what we are as sentient beings.

I begin to understand, for the explicit and careful exposition, why Conway abandoned the little wooden colored puzzles and other methods for the use of computers.  Nevertheless he suggests color useful to convey number relations. It is not easily evident how we may derive 5 grids from what we are used to imagining as normal dimensions as arrays of four or at most their extension into polyhedra of five fold symmetry, but in the cut and paste drawing it almost seems like the touch with what we see- yet I doubt we can ultimately replace it and remain the beings we are- but we should face this virtual world and not let it define us as so many do now who now live socially in the vague at a distance touch, as with any tangible theory- take it with a grain of salt.  The salt returning to seed the clouds for rain that flows back to the sea melting in the sky after its reach as crystals.

But this may not be an endless process- I mean after speaking the idea, writing it actually, I ask what more are we close to finding that can still advance things in the understanding as I climb out of the sea, grow lungs and legs, and like creative steppingstones now feel the jump not into blind unknowns now give me a good reason in sight to know to ask?

Or have I just mindlessly spawned back like the salmon to the fresh but toxic waters of the volcano lake, the greatest good for the greatest number just the safety by the herd against the gulls and bears, determined and content the climbing, growing teeth to defend the scarce terrain, as if perhaps the God who used light bulbs to incubate the chickens or the eggs that come first at the science fair as a young man, or a big messy model of a volcano for His science project.

Meanwhile, in the letters, the graffiti on the derelict building in the decaying down town someone spray paints the old zen circle or line practiced to perfection, but one or the other, over a lifetime- was there not a great ape some while back who made finger paintings, his fan vault themes, his begging for art supplies more than for food...?

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