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Choice, Order, Thermodynamics, and New Directions of Technology

Choice, Order, Thermodynamics, and New Directions of Technology

L. Edgar Otto 14 January, 2013

In a plane (brane) and possibly in its extension of mirror operations thru n-dimensional sub-symmetry space, greater than or equal to five the projective duality, the mirror reflection that divides a dihedron into its facing us as if from the same side so both sides, in three space objects at least with two space inversions may require quarter rotations to generalize, unify and orient axes to seem them truly. Thus this theory or concept if extended from the viewpoint of at least the low dimensions may be limitless. But even as a limitation of foundations, perhaps new directions opens up before us above our quaint concepts of origins and end and twists within the quasi-infinite.

Clearly, the ratio of half the information squared is a quarter of the square of the information, trivially (also as a matter of the powers and mirrors of the continuum of subsets extending the nature of the powers of two). Within or at the center of a quasic region, quasicity as a third direction defining the design system that sets the logic and resolves it as consistent or coherent between the discrete and continuous over the omnium of mirrors, by this I mean the center of the quasic brane in question as if if Half of Infinity wherein we may treat a brane dividing its razor thin empty area between its sides if any, then unfolding it for the span of more general symmetry effects.

This new direction close to the empty myths of abstraction already suggest in theory and experiment new directions for technology.

From a philosophic or theological stance, we may intuitively imagine a third direction of some future model of Heaven rather than those of the usual material or mysterious choices in our philosophy, the end empty or full of reality beyond the idea of time itself or when something ends or begins remotely or in the existential moment the same place.

New Directions, Body, Spirit and Soul :

...This an attempt to better design and use the principles of quasic planes for mapping interconnected data of a given state of design or oversight to aid solving a general problem.

1) Them of the Abrane array...

2) Extent of clusters of similarity unlimited past biomes (thus issues of territoriality and conflicts)

3) A particular node (say by blinking colors at some xtalline point or node activated multiply one or seseme that affects the evolving action-at-a-distance and minimum action in (organic) systems.

4) Attention if such nodes are exchanged or displaced or have intrinsic change of coloration hierarchically inconsistent

5) Useful chart of a given system, how it realized nonnecessary choice or how it may relate to another system, the Neotericontinuum of the learning process as bi-vector-brane causation, learning and memory, perhaps awareness.
These considerations so as to convert systems quasically and to compute them as patterns and embeddings in spaces.

6) Thus in n (quasifinite n)- brane systems we observe condensing (also the focus or flangelation as the simple case) or manifold slices of multidimensional nodes as quasic singularities and contiguity, also compactification formalism.

7) Thermodynamic Order forces (ThO) can come into play at a certain threshold of shock over a total system in matter or dark matter space enable or retard star formation.

8) We propose an analog to a quantum, a super color quantum with quantum logic symmetry effects. The single quantum does initiate multiple reactions (parallel quasically but not for every node in the array) initiating photosynthesis,
as if by the omnic mirror inversion polarization of light the momentum is imparted although the photon is massless.

9) We might interpret synchronicity as the shadow choices of the subconscious at each node or subpoint, and these systems as distinct by omnic mirrors may be interchanged or divide into distinct inquiry paths philosophy's and regions where the universe is quasi-uniform or unified, quasi-identity as it does imagine lack of choices affecting other choices as we map and cover the infinite brane choosing from an infinite set.

10) define- Parapetedio?  (I did not hear this word clearly so cannot find it but it roughly means: That calm before the storm of awakening wherein we realize we know nothing, but even futility is gone into the new possibility of the old or new mix, along with vanity of those who would push part of a bigger picture. But by the arriving at some degree of expertise or wisdom, with sound character and intuition, the shifting of purpose as action considered as futile certainly proves not to be so in this application for new design philosophy where the removal of a single node (transistor in a long winded circuit computer self designed) as if some idea of false vacua, may be useful as influencing and revitalizing the quest for knowing.

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