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Eye of the Octopi and Complex Double Vision (part 1)

Eye of the Octopi and Complex Double Vision  (part 1)

L. Edgar Otto   06 January, 2013

Even in the paths on polyhedra the patterns resolve and lead to intelligible and interesting concepts of systems.  Even more so the limitations of the Polytopes and their extension of path processes and codes in the three found beyond dimensions five and greater.  But let us not forget the cyclic duality we find in the polytope we know as a flat honeycomb.

At fivefold space we enter the idea of clear connections in the abstract brane of such a honey comb as mirror space. In this sense we exceed or imagine the doubling of properties of arithmetic and number as 16,  that the bits needed for a structural transfer of information between mirror space or time-like objects.

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1. Choice as intelligible over a system model ( for example the constant rate of mutation over evolving genomes ) is closed or convex or less than 5D, thus finite in stance (down to singularity of the complexly creative vacuum at 0D) but is a multifold parallel geometry in stance up to the absolute or singularity frontier of plus or minus infinity greater than 5D).

2. In the projective dualism of subcells of an orthogon (of the count of its surface elements) all are even across n-dimensions.  Thus a given number sequence up to he next number to be computed may have choices so branching of inquiry models as core systems.

3. Such even spaces, chiral and classical in patterns and methods or processes are a foundational grounding as intelligible.  But philosophically can anything outside the system (perceived as intelligibly of the physical) exist?  What between the 5 duality cycles of the honeycomb polytope subcell of a sequence of powers relate strictly as formal properties in relation to the choices of the sequences and ratios such as of that Fibonacci?

4. Do all models necessarily, materially (a unified inertia with internal or general structural distinctions) or virtually focus into 3D shadows explicitly as physicality, as physics?

5. What about mirror space where such a cycle of 5 fold duality can have other combinations, densities and in a stance in the transition of one influence the space of the stance of those in the other transitions?

6. Does the nonnecessary and not alternating vacuum mean "negative heat" (redefining temperature, that is the zeroth thermodynamic law, and of course the one that does not go beyond absolute zero K) directions at each step duality or leap or jump of a quasifinite force of a null vacuum at singularity?

* * * * * *
So begins the first quarter part of the two page manuscript notes... the rest and related conclusions I intend to post as a second part.

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