Thursday, January 24, 2013

Neutral Windmill Xtal Brane (Xbrane)

Neutral Windmill Xtal Brane (Xbrane)

L. Edgar Otto    24 January, 2013

Here I try to develop, exploring rather informally in the examples, illustrations in color code to make clearer the abductive gains or loss from views of extending or restricting systems by its subsymmetries.    Inductively or deductively we may find more or less freedom in such real or illusion space again the term brane as if a suffix for a quasicontinuum.

As such I consider the analogs of Pascal structures 2^n of which in the count n-1 may be considered extended into the null (two ways) to make analogs of the general structure count even in its sub-parts.  Thus containers may vanish with respect to our natural dimensions in the hierarchy so as to make a space equivalent as a crystalline array or even one as abstractly external in the Platonic sense as if vibrations.

But considering lesser levels of integrating shapes, careful to distinguish the looping back between dimensions and representational dimensions as gestalts of octonions with the embedded or extended octonions for the complex view, I compare the idea of higher matrices as if the main diagonal of a matrix as brane, beginning with the Qbrane or illusion phaneron like plane here in the application as if strict logic.

Physics, although that can be seen as primary, would benefit from what in the generalization of the old and new finds unity in the mathematics as well the logic already evolved.

We have the counting between objects of six colors of the same orientation if unified or objects in the same general pattern as orientated as sets of different objects, orthogonally the comparison of two and four natural dimensions and the general issue of what multiple integration is to be distinguished, perhaps arbitrarily chosen, and these choices to have intelligible meanings and grounds.

Part of this, first with considerations of dualities and mirrors, comes from the inquiring method of shapes and colors- which I intuit may describe 'tetris-like' shapes as if quasifinite contiguous (face matching and half merging) general sub-cell vectors. We simply apply this to maze or labyrinth paths of extension, asymmetric viewings, as if such make higher knot like objects in the emergence implied or the unfolding of twist articulations within some of the core consistent geometries.

Thus far if you permit careful extension of symbols and word creation I have at this time  Qbrane, Abrane, Ibrane, Sbrane, and Xbrane as holding terms or perhaps the unifying reality. All of these quasicontinua fit together in the counting.  Where the respect to a shifting traditional English I may reverse the letters or all the coloration of the pronunciation - (which in the absence of a standard if possible allows such braid like influences of sight and sound symbols in some cases as with our use of the technical pronunciation of say Nuclear as Nucular makes harder or more secure a sequence in code breaking (see recent sci mag articles on this) as in the case of collapson for the sake of the sound- both correct as English where these are nevertheless regarded as vulgate.

We consider the break down on a Pascal binomial as the integer count between its parts to find all these n-brane related numbers up to those we hold as significant in the continuous physics I imagine from the simple viewing and division of the quadrants, including those negative, in which to embed conceptually equations of physics in the natural dimensional geometry, such as 480 in the formulas.

Two stray intuitions are hinted at in this informal exercise that really teaches me better drawing methods (I hope the general solution will be reached in the illustrations if I have the support and time for such inquiry).  One is the possibility of a higher resonance of the Higgs if this can be seen, or if so the explanation in the n-brane philosophies.  The other from these brane quasic generational views- the iota DNA in the margin of one of the drawings suggesting yet another alternative reading as if this may describe in the organic system context a direct and explicit linking of our ideas like those of the epigenome to the general and logical theory.

I find it interesting that such new directions of intuition may arise but wonder about this as a paradox of nonnecessity for when in our facts or illusion as the philosophic issue of spirit (Sbrane) if one day I read something that does not fit into the generalization- that is given a non-necessary universe may we not hope for some new experience or theory totally new and never seen, one that is surprise.

I see in the general free marketing to sell to the norm of the masses desirable models who are a mix of the demographics as reaching the most people- that and the observation that people trust more those with brown eyes.  But what of this logically for those in the know: "Never trust someone born with blue eyes."?  But does that not include us all?  Liberty walks a tightrope in matters of choice, that as an independent axiom should merge with the independence of the continuum hypothesis into a wider theory of which the truth of both is a wider method, as intuitionist, anyway.  We should not conclude such a society is inherently unstable.

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