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The Rise of Life (Philosophy of the Sbrane)

The Rise of Life (Philosophy of the Sbrane)

L. Edgar Otto     23 January, 2013  10:30:05 PM

What can be declared or asserted as metaphysics (even for those preoccupied with only the stance of meta-language as the reference frame) for evolving inquiry?

I present today, while I am taking a break from the work of drawing the logic of color nevertheless slow cooking in the crock pot of my subconscious mind (to coin a pregnant phrase- I mean are we aware of the basic cues and symmetries to which we may be attracted?  Damn Freud and any group commentary that descends into innuendo as it seems to do staged as a public play, its tragic and comic laughter as an issue of philosophy, its always near us in the ghost of animism and tribalism past beyond the privacy of interpretations even a child senses with embarrassment of the cleavage, the yoni of branches returning to points of its growth as if our minds are the illusion really, the relation to memory of a sorts where the symmetry is broken, the war of what we react to as light or dark, the vital memory alive or the forgetfulness of networks and chemicals of the body as we dance while the living to estrogen and testosterone- this the food of the market place for nostalgia for the old folks before the antiques are just junk, even for the royalty or dabblers we regard as great artist starving in their time- something of the loss of the old that the new arises, a burst of sorts that reorganizes if not transcends the world from depths so as to awaken and as best we can organize ourselves and the dust...

Synchronicity perhaps not as simple as that wide idea seems to be already as it too, as mysterious as the constraints and limits in recurrences and relations without a counter force to its empty and left open impulse that we do not exceed the whole. On this idea, not as clearly predictable in the standard idea of science as is any theory of life, or theory of extensions of the mind, we imagine or intuit emergence in our evolving be it one of punctuated states of or the equivalence as continuity in the unfolding of the omnium at its foundations of our isolated or collective sea of contrasts, tautologies and contradictions of dualities, of the yin and yang, or of which is more fundamental at a point or motion as the only indiscernible one.

I no sooner post an idea like the steady state creation of isotopes then days later, the last thing I read on the science daily .com with my library time, than the idea of spikes of carbon 14 that it may speak of a relatively nearby gamma burst.  But out so far do we not date things by this isotope? Are we not seeing here evidence of the hidden symmetry in dark space that at least gives up creatively energy back to the universe if not new matter itself- and where does this happen in terms of some measure, some idea of distance, and some reversal of what we hold as concrete duration and time? Could it not be in a sense intrinsic (that itself a deep issue in physics and philosophy) a dusting of a few neutrons locally as this proposed event as evidence is not that far away, certainly in mass extinction cases a lot closer though rare than say the relatively close 65 million years ago?  It arises in return yet progressing, the birth of stars within us, the clock now still so coincidentally correct in the now but a small but unresolved speck in the sky that if we say it as the question of Zeno as when begins the day, each instant may be seen as a pregnant moment, and one that may be the end of baby universe ideas born pregnant, or stillborn.

Another synchronous idea was the coming together of 4 strands of DNA of which this could have been predicted in the spirit of this preoccupation with supersymmetry as a possibility- but a lot of such structures can be although we did not encounter them in nature- rather it seems life itself has already presented us with such experiments so to discover depending on our wisdom and methods of science, creative or not as our looping ideas and genes limit themselves in an era.  To say such a discovery may hold the key to cancer is a tautology itself, the marketing of another wish yet a focusing as important as that of regions that do respond to the organism of the whole- to the extent that the analog in cephalization emerges or is unmasked too, that of the rise of the mind as a part of the rise of life.

I simply give you then some illustrations, art perhaps, in the raw of such flesh and soul made of whispers of bits that arrange as to the best we can with our endowments of the sunrise and sunset, we lost in the wide repeating emptiness of absolute and narrow unique moment.

I put a chart based on the Oxford Companion of Philosophy as that seems the last time it had a golden age, as with psychology, before our confusions of some dominant ideology of the moment as all such, as in the philosophy of the soviet union hidden and practiced that an organization of any kind naturally seeks hegemony or suppresses mutations.  It is a fear of sorts or the consensus of the masses where in the core philosophy and the symbolic power of glorified weapons far beyond those of the hunt, the mechanism is important only as long as it hoards the bullets, the atomism.
In our information age the shadow of Kant comes in unexpectedly thru the backdoor of the house of philosophy
to which we say while the world or a language, or the universe itself (as Lisa also is reported days ago in the sci magazines to say about a theory of everything) cannot be so characterized so our progress is grounded as much in mechanism as in mystery, the spirit of it) has these sorts of looping paradoxes and type theory of abduction hierarchies leading or not to some rejected or welcomed teleological goal.

While she warns the usual warning on the value of a theory as to its beauty what can I do but offer you something in the name of art to which your spirit may respond or not in its biases and predispositions?  It is as if a raw beginning as all things may so begin and end, a still life on the monitor with its gasses and moles if exposed in our real life imperfections.

PBS had an interview with James Taylor I found enlightening, things like he felt lucky, his rich daddy in chapel hill a doctor that excelled in college early and his children all into music not going to school, and Taylor's statements of philosophy, his relation to the Beetles, of what I have lately felt and the electoral map portrays, that we are still fighting our civil war... but from what view does he say this so much now the inheritor of the Yankee way, Maratha's Vineyard, singing at the inauguration? While we were close in time and place the circumstances though parallel had very different outcomes- yet from the wider sense of careers for what it is worth a single spirit is marginalized.

I present then that quite arbitrary Oxford chart of Philosophy, coming to it lucky to find it in a rummage sale left over from the age of books (BTW I found you can find Churchman's The Design of Inquiring Systems on line in e-books but did not have the money or time or know how to go about such internet transactions- I returned the book to the library and as it meant a lot to me photocopied it for private (and the questionable academic freedom of use perhaps) which surprisingly took little time.  The Oxford reading was to counter the perspective of Churchman, new data input I felt needed to which western fiction will not do the job of hard reading helping the expression of how we write.  I do wish I could order some things on line, to support the system, to encourage those musicians I find worth the promoting or the ideas as to that we might ground our judgements intuitively working in our judgements honestly so as to be honest in our creation say of new songs- I look forward to having a phone and a better relation with anything Google.  If we have to choose a system- one that moreover is not as seen by this new generation with a strain of hacking in their spirit.

I plan my illustrations to include the Rising of Life in the symmetries and contrasts of ordinary tree branching which seem often to resonate with us much as the faces on Mars made of craters- our eyes, our hands, our bilateral symmetry.

The idea of a sea of yin yang and golden ratio scattered symbols over a plane it too bilateral, tetrahedral in its group.

Time itself raw as if to view and orient ourselves facing the ghost of the past or future and all the looping evolving interconnections as if even centered round thus global objects are spheres of any place of identity elements and yet may exhibit a higher bilateral symmetry of sorts like on the synchronicity of my comment in reply to Wes some posts back and this problem in the general enumeration of color matching in higher space.

A process symbol, shifted or asymmetrical tic tac toe signs, in the cross eyed viewing array with the stable colors I saw if we make them as if from a vacuum, enhanced over their subtlety- I know my experiments on this may be rather primitive still.

I add two drawings of what I should have posted earlier to show what I was describing in my viewing of these cross eyed patterns.

But this all came from the use of the yin yang as to the drawing programing of the logic to demonstrate the flow of combinations and possibilities in higher space and its apparent natural limitations of which evidently from various disciplines or methods this we encounter as the same principle we need to solve parts of them- if it is a matter of what is just in our unified or diverse nonnecessary quasifinite creative beings, minds and theories, or not.  I will most likely continue the development of this sort of theme.

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