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Of Time and the Omnium

Of Time and the Omnium

(Creative Philosophy and Science beyond a Fifth Vital Force)

L. Edgar Otto 12 January, 2013

Perhaps the reason I wax philosophic today was the focusing of my thought relating two different articles in science daily relevant to the scope of my foundational theories- the idea of a way (phonons) to transmit heat as if light on the micro scale and the idea of using matter waves from a single particle to measure time. I should probably add the two that come from astronomy, how the density of clouds do not necessarily result in clumping to star formation and that there are very large regions of clusters of quasars- I imagined it more crystalline and diffuse, still quasars as creative objects are not primary but part of a hierarchy of creative principles. The appeal as stated by Hoyle in reaction to evidence of the Big Bang cosmology- quasars as evidence of not one big bang but a lot of little bangs (I wonder how this in our day would be seen in relation to particle generations and the ongoing issues of the creation of or immortality or irreducible  protons?).

Also I have time and feel like writing but with nothing really in mind to write about, certainly with less a sense of urgency and maybe lesser desire to engage or communicate these pursuits in debate, explicitly and directly anyway.

In the distinction where time is intimate to mass as viriality, although the philosophic sense of it may be seen as well as if the fourth dimension thus instability of these symmetric mirror relations, we may suggest that physical time is at least a property of particle generations over some span of space.

Up to three generations isometry can reduce to a question of vibration, moreover these may be contained in nets of shadow space wherein heat is transferred with them as boundaries, independent or a relation within the omnium of a dependency as if entropy equivalent to a measure of this general time including disorder of coordinates where fixed as concrete or in definite intrinsic linear motion.

But the general structure that gives rise to the replete generation of particles is a quasic geometry also to generate the generations. Nevertheless, space or material structures may exist as closed or looped entities, and thus as creative entities atomic like and fixed in at least implied patterns.

Thus in the nonnecessity of the matter there is quasisometry by which in contiguity creative patterns will clump as a matter of hierarchies where it seems this is uniform as laws of physics where on a flat comprehensive brane we may divide it into sub-squares without gaps save the distinctions between generations (forces) of contiguity and in the extension into three space we cannot so stack or divide systems of analogous cubes- save as the constructions possible where they relate to concrete rigid lengths of the power of space in question with at least the golden ratio.

Yet, it seems if we go into the depth, as if in a quasar internal region, or of whatever creative object, the core laws of physics across the universe may appear locally distinct. This is not a matter of the infitesimal as the source of amplification as observed in the electromagnetic forces where we deduce things ultimately from the complex plane or its analogies.

The source motives express the driving force for this amplification as well the source quasic generations as part of a wider stereonometry as universal law. Gravity is not so much a leaking into compactified entities of stings that do not loop in one type of space or the other to the idea of differences in natural dimensions as it is the general boundary conditions in this generalization that is always the next wildcard of generality.

I continue to find it an open question as to if there is an ultimate source, or an ultimate point of teleology- certainly the argument by perfection does not necessarily hold not the raw question of what exists or why it does rather than not also. Nor in a wider sense if, as in our projection of what may be the ultimate ends or origins of the universe the source and the omega omnium end as teleology meet as the same created and creative entity. Teleology and its counters thus philosophically not enough to prove or disprove the existence of or our idea of God.

The meaning and information in its distinct forms of a universe as given, singular or in plurality, is quasi-source and quasi-teleology as the foundational inquiring system. We cannot say that any subsystem, especially without these ideas of mirrors and generations, at least as ineligible in the recapitulation if not the causation of patterns, the analog or the discrete in the existing span of contiguity and pattern, which in a design of a theory of everything amounts to moving meaningless objects around and in the doing so find no consequence as information or meaning useful or not- and within the existing while the laws are intelligible we may not be able save in the shadow imagination as if creative analogs on some level determine the foundational laws of the universe, uniform or not, from design, only quasi-meaningful or just asserted so our resulting pattern.
Still, the shifting between generational patterns are useful for our experience of being in existing or becoming across and between generations, or in our sense of a relaxed view of our thus quasi-experiments and perhaps quasi-consciousness as a grounding of some span of accuracy of measure.

Our imagination of a most distant star (or of a creative entity) or of that in the utmost depth as if quasinfinite generations, that we also stand on some horizon as the concrete where being seems (quasintuitively) the source itself of what is given at least in the moment remains an open question of our self reflection universally, existentially  as nothingness, or as the core of potential or quasi-creativity.

As such this itself may seem the meaningful ongoing source of our desire to inquire, to learn, and to imagine in hope the transcendence from the universal law as we understand it generally, is possible, even after the paradoxes of vanishing or the ghosts of departed divisions focused to the remote over wider generational time as if perfection could go beyond the given as if being returns to such a place as a goal, and ever remote could be but a new beginning of even higher universal laws.

We may not necessarily exceed the omnium in the sense of a refined utmost particle as a single instance with high resolution of observation, or the experiments of interaction of them with more than a mechanical test in mind, determine explicitly all dimensions considered, if our general universe can be said to be multiple, or if so that fact even in abstract reasoning explicitly observable in resolving quasisingularities or their patterns.

In the distinguishing of indistinguishable  discernment of indiscernibles  we feel it a common sense truth that one best of possible world may exist if any one of them may exist and that one the special application of laws for systems if indeed in this principle of intelligible systems we can know or not it is the highest or deepest case. Time and space, the not forbidden design where all grounded formally as nonnecessity that a necessary one may exist, is generalized where the core philosophy meets pragmatic science, at least the an omnic sense of time as if its abstract illusion or reality or emergence of phenomena over clear thresholds in the main, is this principle of nonnecessity as a source or motivation.

In the mirror of our hearts we may understand the necessary exception that the same principle allows the possibility of transcending our idea of a totality of being unto more general systems of the laws be they in dreams or in reality. Thus for some this is the common sense or feeling that grounds such hope.

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Footnote on one of my illustrations of yesterday, the colors of the Pesla cube, if the circuit is closed I would use magenta rather than brown of the eight because that not found in the rainbow. And in the game graphics I point out again that as it is presented as a sketch 256 will have its own f-sub-n reverse-6-sub-n abstract quasic motion functions of which that general representation I have posted many times and I suspect no one has understood or considered it. At least as a source of combinotorics it is useful for the count where one may learn or find clarity of questions as recreation. It generates some beautiful number theory (which as the method is still very informal I have posted very little of it).

Sometimes we face a blank page yet it is does not give the usual anxiety or sense of loss at completion for a writer.


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