Saturday, January 12, 2013

Extension of the Quasic Brane and Motivic Space into Omnium Generalized Theory

Extension of the Quasic Brane and Motivic Space into Omnium Generalized Theory

(A General Stereonometry)

L. Edgar Otto  12 January, 2013

I present here an informal sketch of the quasic plane to which I planned to have posters or playing boards run off in detail to see if it may make playing the game more interesting.  So I offer it as art with the suggestion that in these issues of mirrors and range of tensors and so on we can with color navigate such spaces easier.  I give a sketch because I am getting better with paint although I do not consider myself a graphic artist, that program close to the logic.  I must admit that the alphanumeric notations on a higher level of the core binary language require familiarization with some notational memorization of which such methods are not well received by everyone and may set the ground into the wrong directions of memory in which where such memory is free the method seems overly difficult for some minds to feel it not a burdensome and difficult method.

In the arrangement of the binary notations it seems clear that in a sense these can be represented in the usual tensor and vector systems and also across duality, and the inverse idea of why nature uses multiple generations we can have further variations wherein such quasiphysicality is not just limited or restricted to the solvable matrices or magic square stability.  To this end I find the windmill variations useful to explore the patterns and shifts of which perhaps our genome is the primary physical example.

The K of KLMN is simple the 4base description of the 00 01 10 11 binaries.  The Q as in QKKK... or KKKQ is an abstract place holder or wildcard much as to how we understand the role of zero and of decimal places fixed or floating in patterns.  When I apply certain divisions of the spectrum and the wave formulas ( I mean I find the charge from space or in relation to the influence of distinct matter- two core view of De Sitter and Einstein useful in say electromagnetic theory but without these quasic and motivic consideration I do not find something like the charge of a series of spheres or the surface of say a sun or abstractly some extra solar as cosmic rays nor even that some apply to general branes useful in the foundational depths of unification and explanations.) filling in the dark pixels with these ranges of color,  artist or not I find it evokes in me a sense of beauty in the color as well as the symmetry of things.

While it is not clear we can distinguish the color of Love we do seem to intuitively discern the coloration as well the cherished defects of our lovers.

Of course for those whom have discussed such things (in real life) over the years will recall more formal presentations than here- and it does not seem I am adding much new to the theory recently, more I am trying to show where the concepts fit into a wider scheme of things by which it relates to the wide and rapid evolution outside this unified theory- of which it is not clear, but clearer where I have been behind and where I feel very further ahead.  For the sake of possible new readers, in this sketch, I offer much recapitulation or summary.

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