Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Mathematical Recreations

New Mathematical Recreations

L. Edgar Otto  31 January, 2013   

Like the theory developing where the speculations of physicists are in dispute at the frontiers of issues of philosophy and decoherence and information in the interpretations of the quantum theory, I see a parallel in the evolution of their thinking describing what I long ago considered as physical and philosophical levels beyond our simple idea of a space time continuum at the time (1964) what I have referred to as the Ultranscontinuum in these matters of decoherence, consistency, many worlds, twisters, and the role of information.  To this I add the deeper view that we may complicate things further by the states and phases in theory of consciousness and the observer, at least structure wise- that is a deeper generalization of ideas like Gell-Mann to which we leave the physical continua to go toward the philosophic ones... then the symmetry of things discussed in those of quasi-quality I now style N-branes.  Perhaps on this level we may find ways to understand better the various views that arise in our first unification theories of everything.

But what is our reaction when the gods of physics in themselves are in dispute and wage wars of doctrines if not to address the issues of our time, perhaps write a new myth that too decoheres at things integrate or focus over time?

Entering the waxing of the fish month in a sea of chaos again I so will arise to post more formally, and with certainty to present a formal paper on the more important issues of the nature of numbers in these books I have not posted in this bare sketch with many of my informal drawings included that the unity and beauty of it all in its cold objectivity has been enhanced as to the directions I have gone or may go in my inquiry.  The books do show what we have to have in more advanced significant state steps while the breakthru resolution still escapes us.  (perhaps not some of us but how do we show this to those who are in the evolving as some sort of needed or not needed observers?)

On top of this the epistemology is not neglected as a core part of the philosophic views... the question of typing and the desire to keep the keyboard in the portable phones valuable as in the Blackberry 10 insight rather than the touch- yet the information as a physical focus in relation to heat and entropy in the retrieval of memory or in the forgetfulness - that is the desire to go beyond the shifting needing apps to navigate the ergonomics of private experience.  We are more sophisticated in our touch than the distribution of energy by just two binary fingers. 

So too the grounding of our subjectivity not that different in the measure of efficiency as if a machine unto ever deeper levels of breakthru grounds for understanding the nature of quasiclassical contiguity in matters of our analogs beyond the acceptance of what that was abstract now the familiar physical of theory- again, the breakthroughs intuited as needed but not yet explained how.  The need for new insights, a new Newton or Dirac, not asked in a way that this extension is even asked or realized.

The idea of dark matter is deep into our actual workings of our mind.  I wonder in particular about Hawkings boxes which to me are just Coxeter on certain regions of space containing singularities or not, if in what sort of box, observers aside, do we find a unifying theory as to if the old cat or kitten is dead?

The quasic idea addressed long ago that conclusion in metaphysics of similarity and absolute identity of certain indistinguishable objects in a way that is just not accepted as with phase space where in one point we may describe the totality.  We need this space of a little wider generalization to keep the reality of it in our heads as we exist in this world.

Some of my other titles for would be posts included:

Playground and World   a reference to the Vietnam era and what in our personal experiences constitute boxes of singularity or continua of excluding them...  all the see saws and swings, the spinning roundabouts (I forget the name but throwing a tennis ball on one shows clearly interesting paths) and other physics as prime by us monkeys on the jungle gym imagining flying with the light or vibrating in some ideal lattice as if an electron, or perhaps another universe full of sentient beings if we looked deep down into a fundamental particle- Sagan like or right out of Superman comics of the 50's.

I have issues now that might threaten my newly found stability which do take their toll on the energy to try to write formally.  This sort of thing I feel also wastes vast resources of how we should live in relation to our shared government. It may also waste people as well as new and hopeful projects.

In the dream while typing I dropped and cigarette that started an ember around a whole in the sheet and I jumped out of bed forgetting my phantom typing and trying to recall it or paste it into the real world and that of my pc- well, I reached for the paper and pen the old fashioned way.  In Darling's book I found a bit of humor that ends in the mathematician seeing his bed catching on fire, saying ah there is a solution, then rolling over and going to sleep.

The campus and green illustration was a fanciful yet fractal island like structure, as is the quasi superposition of prime patterns of artificial life that resolve in directions past chaos, a plan to imagine what it would be like to work in one and what details of travel between them, where can we view the ocean... perhaps if we made mazes including the energy to heat the building, fire walls (as all could catch fire adjacent), and the communications between them- it would be more difficult in the physical world to breach the security of those in the commons so in academic freedom sheltered- but would it be an interesting place to commit to memory so as to navigate and to live, or are square and round things a better way to go physically and spiritually?

New Epistemology and Reasonably New Nature of Chemical Bonding  As I said needing a separate post, this applies also to that point in the development of a single mind beyond the chaos not found in quantum theory as to its quasic centering (but that only on the three prime physics level so far discussed) and the self, autism in particular... in the actual engagement with the external world and the communications distinguished in messages between them.

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