Monday, January 28, 2013

Generalized Theories of Everything in Informational Particle Color Notation

Generalized Theories of Everything in Informational Particle Color Notation

L. Edgar Otto  28 January, 2013

I give you an illustration, an arbitrary choice of the colors chosen among the Omnium of possibilities of the many, where the idea of colors as coordinates makes a connection in my vision and of the directions of others in their paths toward a more unified and new physics.

If it is understood that we need to unify physics before we may discuss the so called "theory of everything" as in the posting question by Gibbs and others who speculate on what is beyond that which grounds our standard theory and directs our speculations into super symmetry and methods like p-adic mathematics to expand our foundational methods with our long time Euclidean frame of reference to which of course this tries to find the intuition involving the icosahedral symmetry, the vectors of four space and so on and the idea by which we can see these as manifolds, then I wonder why we have not implemented that which is already with us so far in our scientific and philosophic design, be it from partial contributions of theoreticians where they obviously apply.

I would say more than the illustration that points the way, but I am about ready to withdraw from the on line presence awhile, close the blog again, the enlightenment is much too lonely and the faith more like tolerated for that of the masses far from the elite who in their monk like academic freedom do not desire to partake of interesting times for the state.  What more can be said at this time?

But I will be available should anyone have questions.  What can it mean personally if the gods will allow us to stick around to fill in the colors of our paint by number dreams when it seems we have filled them in even as we have painted them so exactly between the lines?

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