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Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura

L. Edgar Otto  21 March, 2013

Learning, the neoteric as what is actuality as unique but a nonnecessary pattern for establishing choices of systems and local detection for perceptive recognition, allows variation and adaptation of a sentient and at least in the initial opening that gives to the black box of the walls of our wisdom and reality the awakening and experience of light, establishes a history more than computational logic without a more unified system of possible depths as if in its appearance or quasi-reality as intelligence the history so extended and established over some intelligible span is the poetic metaphor tissue of the subtle variations in our symbols and the idioms of our language.

In more recent terms, sentience is both a discrete or digital process as well as analog in the focusing of light- logic itself as necessity may describe a unified system and function while not necessarily being self aware or as if the hole that allows the incoming or escaping light of the universe as a structured singularity over time, a sense of the now and locality in the sea of general singularity in wider superfractal, holographic, and quasic space that reflects the patterns of numbers and iterations, mirrors and illusions in the shadows so described at such foundations the question of sentience may vanish as to what over mechanical substance is distinguishable as such.

The nature of proof or evidence for certain higher speculations for our existence will have to be even more complex or transcend our reasoning as can these things thought about and hinted at in our imagination. For now this is outside the scope of the discussion, or forever out of the reach of such limitations as science- in the details at least. At this point the concept of faith, as in mathematics, has its place in the front and horizon of theory an ultimate or ideal metaphor of nonnecessity.  But from a more concrete view the lifetime of a sentient soul or spirit, being, is to the mollusk body of our higher paths and being as our present living and knowing as if the universe as learning like a renewing or decaying skeleton on which its pathways stand.

For in unique patterns opened or closed what is concrete in the dust can seem all important or lost in its success of replication and hegemony of an ensemble of living things that what is a unique thinking being can be itself a pattern of such nonnecessary uniqueness of its depth of subparts or its highest copy of itself as a unified and quasi-isolated entity.  The light or picture that comes from some higher source or empty process, as with a conscious being, is more complicated than what it appears in the dioramas and illusions of depth on the screen.  The self determining characters in a pay are as important as the special effects and magic of what we expect or explore of light and animation.

Our isolation and necessary self focus is not the most significant scandal to philosophic systems for in the separation of our ideas of chance and fate, from the concrete view of natural or scientific stances the anomalities or exceptions to the plots or trends of data can contain false or true points of the necessary in nonnecessity is the scandal that compliments such learning into the unknowns with inelegant and nearly convincing proofs by evolving recursions for such anomalies as with paradox or some forms of the idea of singularities may be resolved.

This, if the world does not harbor contradictions as absolute and without meaning somewhere at the foundations, speaks for a quasi-faith and perhaps a higher form of uniqueness as if all is the aperture at some part inside or outside the black box and its radiation- its natural form of the irrational nth roots beginning in its evaporation's as that of the square root of two where mathematics and physics for example match descriptions of the world.  The structured sea of  singularities, sometimes described in terms of the deeper insights of Euclid as the relations of points and parts, of lines and parallels, of infinitesimal divisions of them as linear or branching Cantor dust, hidden angles and ratios, quadratic and cubic also the such a sea of apertures of which all we record now over time and call inflation or the big bang is but such an aperture caught between the within and beyond in a world with quasifinite nonnecessity of that distinction save in the concrete local cases we observe.

* * * * *

*We could define gravity (as if in linear rather than nonlinear terms) as if it exists only in an ensemble of superfractal nodes... sort of (exxene and regulus) or the perception and sensing of falling force trans-Euclidean and trans-Relativity that leaves the standard forces picture infinitesimally touching yet out of reach at the less than surreal calculus view of how particles behave in influence from levels of acceleration or differentiation from the intelligibly balanced macro down to the mirco world over at least conceptual depths and spans. There is a higher form of relativity, and a higher form of such quantum principles as if a multiplicity or super positioning of such general singularities.

*Two points, and as if conceptual mirror two parts that hath such points or unto an interval of parts which hath no points, or particles may intersect in ways that dynamically are seen in such logical paths while other such pathways and superposition's are not.  This metaglossa as language is the global reduction of potential systems and nonnecessary facticity in not yet determined anomalies states.  These are questions from the macro view down as to what is the minimum size of compressed universe (Hawking) and how within such celestial sphere horizons we may find the influenced of a singularity as if end or creative point, the aperture eye or closed window of a black hole.

*The distinction between polar forms in the development of the usual description of Cartesian line or circle definitions of the standard Euclidean plane allows the shorter paths to be available over such a Western perspective as checkered orthogonal grids... light in an obscura camera drawing seeming to come from another point in the horizon of the perspective (and in the wider quasic case from any ideal point at the infinity of an absolute or structured singularity).  Clearly in this relationship as a unity of physics and the various plane or brane representational geometries the standard forces do integrate to the mathematics of the geometry of space with that of what ongoing gravity. Across parallel lines the transverse angles are not necessarily complimentary.

It may not need the idea directly of some mediator particle as with the gluon, these in a sense linear rather than of a higher and higher than pink noise logarithmic description in the convergences or divergences built into such equations.  For what do we mean in relative measure that to take the shorter curved path requires more energy- what indeed the path of falling faster by geometry alone, the chain curve for example?

*In the quasic sense of energetic confluence spaces of fractal and superfractal pathways, in principle subjective and physical states of potential energy, in this abstract system of nodes can be other such dimensionless projective paths of the same unified holofractal of analogous patterns in the same system of general dimensions overall congruent over similar division measurements or angle this sense what points not described in say a 2D z-quasic code do not exist in the 3D case so in a sense does not exist in the 2D case.  In the cross eyed view the simple 2D perspective does not, in repetition of the same orientation of objects in an array, give us the illusion of different columns as if standing out in space. We can think of these higher physical path and biological pathway nodes in the sense of what we mean by time like dimensions.

*Clearly such concepts as to the nature of singularity gives some intelligibility to the idea of a single Higgs like particle as the origin idea of the so called big bang and for what would naturally creatively follow (as in Kakus careful comment mentioned in Gibbs blog yesterday).  But that while applying the intuitionist sensitivities of Weyl to something useful in concept that may apply to physics of reality, is a suggestion and not clearly in whole or part a theory of everything where wholes and parts are more nonnecessary and quasifinite in concept.

*In the search for a better world thru open communication and inquiry, in the actual experiments of combining computer systems, as if a search for "artificial intelligence" the superfractal model if interpreted right can hint that at least some of what is real in such theory and experiments does begin with the algebra, geometry, arithmetic of these patterns of numbers - but no evidently in isolation from a wider theory of our evolving and learning universe.

The crude question or idea of a mix of such human and machine patterns with all the problems each may fundamentally have if built to resemble or even recognize such patterns in the general nonnecessary necessity paradox like with the general unique or multiple superpositions of particle or point-like singularities will not establish if these are identical or something that transcends them both in the evolving pattern of things under the Omnium. 

Nor can the logic of it be unique yet total in its span and aspects as if to program short of echoes and firmament of the onion models suggest printing or merely quantum technology for computation upon one object such as an electron without at least a wider theory- we may not in principle clearly say we can learn anything about if there are other parallel multiverses say by the earths or and electrons wobble or its wider sense of shifts as we observe in the finer scales the unique yet random variations thru the grand appature of the WMAP- nor perhaps establish that as unique as we imagine and experience it.

* * * * *

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