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The hmap on Fixed and Relative Energy of Space

The hmap on Fixed and Relative Energy of Space

L. Edgar Otto  23 March, 2013 5:25:53 AM

I speak here of the wild strawberry model of the universe.  We reach it as if a wall, a celestial sphere conception of boundary and horizons.  Yet, what may be beyond or outside our conception applies dimension free on all scale of reduction.  That idea that vaguely if one were to define the ultimate inertial system of a universe or of the material certainty of the being of gravity or energy or dust that for some who are agnostic or non believers imagine as close as we can come to the idea of a mystery as if God, the Prime Mover, the God Particle- or in our descent into Reductionism He who created the world and walked away or vanished into deeper night.

In this span of scientific inquiry and inquirers who gaze up at the stars, adjusting the time and fine values that make the connection of the macro and micro within the range of the possible, the strength of the assumption that at the micro level we find the Plank value matching intelligibly our theories a foundation for the sensibility and strength of our models, marvelously for some- the end of knowing for others. I do not assert in this wild model what may be beyond this wall as some of the cautious scientists reach that point in their thesis where begins speculations and hits of future prospects. This theory is as thin as some thing the surface of a black hole or wormhole something thru it may pass or something hold it up if we can control multiplicity of light in the direction where time is still vague in paradox.

I do not discuss here what is beyond of intelligible theories or some best of possible theories of everything short of heaven.  For that is the frontier of astute and more deeply understood realms of physics and mathematics still in the formulation, the hint that there may be more before the so called Big Bang that we may probe to see- or the one universe as the omnium contained within itself cyclically.  Nor of the discrete lines of reaching the idea of magnetic-like force such as strings, knots, and wormholes, not even the grounding in absolute emptiness as the source, raspberry yet concrete, ultranscontinuum in the mind of the East or Edgar Allen Poe, chirality the creative force, or that in the chance irregularity we can formalize to find more in a unification as manyfold of the manyworld and multiverse idea. Show he universe itself in rise or descent or totality a map of uniqueness and place on which to whisper our metaphors, creative poetic names.

With the help of our machine intellects, sharing this energy of theory we ask as did the focus yet ever more distant mind of Hawking expanding beyond signals, what is there at the singularity if not in the galaxies singularities everywhere, these a neutral or creative force, we ask them if there can be certain proofs subject to our pattern programs, Can there be a naked singularity?  Their answer is yes if the spinning field is shaped like an American football so comes in pairs.  Yet we can imagine, from the simplified quasic view or in trying to count the styles of particles, half singularities there or half or other integer binary spins.  Of course the result of such reduction is the standard model of but three generations of neutrinos in our view or conclusion while the rest, godlike philosophical particle or not, seems itself but a half singularity.  Voids and attractors in such space may appear as but a single abstract window or one way jet as in the natural world itself there is a flux in the infitesimal picture.

The left over holes or still a little evil axes at the hmap level (surely the shifting of time as if it has a spacious center and a firm direction, quasi-causality by determined force or randomness, entropy and decay accrued the quasar era can be equally significant and worthy of our focus of cosmic study, and analogously some ideal even more abstract time and place, focus of some higher half ultimate and unique era) the reduction of inputs while Liebnizean like all hint at being accepted before and to the extent these can be leveled and weighed in the paradoxes of our Lockean communities for physics as well as society, again the echos or reality of higher core physics values suggested other wise of multiple h or variations in c, or c that exceeds itself in our natural dimensions of observation experiments engineered and made finer resulting in such reductions as impossible.  That the wobble of such entities tells us less and less of other universes if they there or not.

At this hmap level, blindly the seeds and thorns, hairs sprout wild, we can see half singularities naked so split the world within the spectrum of heat and light in dual directions half seen.  We might say that a monad of Leibniz has but half a window after all although we may not see anything if it is open to the night.  So with the imposing of the idea of quasic symmetries and my long gazing at the pixel screen in the search for wisdom and art I face the half illusions as vision as much concrete as what some conclude by abstract method is essentially the same Reductionism

We can think and see into at least a few higher dimensions and where these may be naturally multiple observe some of them but not necessarily the same set- while we still feel their effects including the all important one of pressure of reduction of volume that exceeds the path lengths and linear polyhedral structure into the transcendentally of sphere measure as not a finite simplest ground of structure or even minimum distance, minimum quantization pathways, rings of fire. (indeed I fancifully see five seas in the hmap model still but then in the shear black as white we can imagine the patterns of many faces like those seen in clouds or on Mars as perhaps this is built into our higher depth and perception.  This speaks of analysis by other forms of dimensional symmetry breaking.)

Clearly, in the transitive and not directional cross-eyed viewing of a flatness, of projections from any orientation and not just our bilateral symmetry invoked (I find it poetic but not unreasonable that in a field fo ball lightning some report seeing a human like form- such patterns imagined or as in some science fiction imagined as a universal pattern) that at best we may find inward and outward perception of depth if any at all where the deeper symmetry of projection simplifies.

I present then four versions of the hmap, colors successively simplified.  After all this map is presented as a simplest case so we further simplify it.  It essential has four quasic colors of which we can say if we think of them as dimensions in the inversions we see these, emphasizing the small cold or hot variations, the land and seas, still there at this level and presumably atom forming visible era, that we have what seems a three dimensional view, a two dimensional view only, or two complimentary sets which amount to two and a half (or biologically the gene codon wobble hypothesis) dimensions,  The total dimensions then are ten- but equally split or in the 3 + 2 ratio, scientifically for base string and brane theory in this quasic diagonal form array.

* * *  01:23:11 PM

Infinite regress or circular definitions are not necessarily errors in modeling, nor are analogies it seems to the extent they are geometrical in nature.  Spin or expansion, a replete or empty vacuum force, acceleration or the idea of dark matter, the flatland in our asked for myths of the world's origin beyond the turtles all the way up or down - perhaps the hyperbolic herons all the way down and the elliptic tortoises all the way up for the flatland snakes and lizard are on the horizon of the foundational firmament, a quasi aether in between as with these higher yet simpler theories of everything as with the non-Euclidean geometries born in logic first in the mature logic of their development the truth of them all stand or fall together.

As we expand our comprehension in pondering the universe in our half faiths and suspension of belief in reasoning from my view in the experience of living in this era, from the capital beginning of a sentence to the question marks and exclamations, ellipsis or those followed by a period... it seems to me our generations have tried to wrap their heads around these deeper ideas in the search for singularity then somewhat beyond, to the search for super-singularity.  But as I said the theory is thin, a thin as how vulnerable at any point of fate or accident a living thing is viewed in wider context to the existential moment of breathing.

My initial drive to undertake such a journey of exploration, as with many philosophers, mathematicians, and scientists, was in that state of higher singularity in prayer as if to as nievely perhaps of the Creator how it all fits together.  I am not sure what this does for such a personal faith- to prove or disprove such vague entities while the source of conflict, emotions, and cultural survival as the identity foundation, ground- if there are other paths and views of sentient things could we not also as of manyfold identity of our one near regular landscape?  Disproof in the honest and humble findings in an error leading perhaps in our enlightenment as learning the reverse of the consequences expected of our thinking and equal as a motivation still at a wider distance to totality.  If I were asked at this time in my contemplation's bound in an atmosphere, a sensitive sphere or skin within or without indefinite space walls and boundaries, the floor plans that in flights I seem to contain with standards and instruments of measure.  I have to wait as anyone with only chance or faith to learn some greater answer until I transcend, pass thru
such thin skin, although this need is at best everlasting, ongoing, while as time goes on as a measure or without measure, I feel it is less the case.

This drives our inquiry and own singular energy and uniqueness  sense of being I imagine or from behind the vanished things as if the elements that are our nutrients from stars gone nova, and universes super beyond the nova to whatever paradox of regress or multiplicity in their unification. Knowing this way like the shear simple fact of daily living unconcerned with cosmic things is enough with reasonable learning as an intelligible world is favorable and a given.  In any case we in such philosophy cherish each other on all levels of life and sentience more, love deeper, stand with meaning in thin or vanishing bonds as we learn to cherish the all too common simplicity of soul like things that suspect they are all of the world. 

But if there were only one standard reality, one level of mystery and singularity, and we could explore its immensity, in its finite sense as if the earth with no new bounds- would we still treat it as harshly as we do our blue sphere knowing there may be nowhere else to go in time or space- what is the one picture if there is only one you paint upon the cosmic latte of superbrane canvass or the story with or without special effects of your timeline?

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