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Terra Haute (Journey through New Flatland I)

Terra Haute  (Journey through New Flatland I)

L. Edgar Otto  [project begun: 29 March, 2013]

 *i Encounter

*1  Nebulus moved over the endless flat plane as if a cloud until he encountered another being that had two eyes and two hand sitting meditating in the center of all things.

2  "Hello, I am Nebulus and who are you?"  "Me? You can call me the center of the world."

3   "But the world has no center or the center is everywhere at any place."

4   "So it would seem, if we must probe the mystery, one that by the way is as real as your state of mind.  Or that you think your journey walks in a straight line that from some higher view could close on itself again."

5  "Middle One,  will you teach me your middle way that I can follow and learn from you?"

6  "You have felt out of time if that can be measured and are drawn to me or we meet in the infinity by chance, but if you fall or rise to greater things in the emptiness, that change is your own journey as is your thinking for yourself."

8  "What is the world and why is it here and not- if I can find the words, not rather here at all?"

9  "I will talk to you awhile as best I can, yet I am but an echo before beginnings and after ends. We may not meet again on this one and only plane if you awaken then make your journey.  You and I are still one shared space that from each our view something does not fit into our visions,  The world stands firm not matter what we say about it or if we miss each other's point as all things already crystallize and decay."

*ii Far from Equilibrium

*1 Nebulus moved far from the Center of the World to collect his thoughts.  Center One was beyond all horizons as his journey began and he began to fall.  But he kept his feet firmly on the endless plane. He began to divide it into checks that took on the colors of the four windows or winds.

2 How strange it seems that I have feet and hands.  I can see the up and down, the right and left of things, the forward and behind. These seem to be decided by me and not the world as though I were still outside it.  These feet balance and too the sprouting of five toes, but their soles are still made of clouds and tides like the world itself fades into an ever distant mystery.  I cannot tell if I move or the world does, or which may spin, nor if we expand or shrink or stay the same- in some background of it all these still try to turn me in some direction of the winds.

3  Nebuli then decided he could skate with some effort as the grid of squares seem to change and patterns repeat their colors again.  He sat down, put his finger cloud cloaked thru the plane and brought it out again.  So, a new place to explore, to begin a journey, he thought.  Whereupon he put his head thru it and looked around at the sky filled with one of the four colors.

4 He tried it over each four of them together and these seemed to point to some relation of the colors of the wind.  When he put his head into this square doing this learning to shrink down to such a level- or the same thing expand his vision once passing thru this many faceted spacious honeycomb of planes he found the combinations of dragons, turtles, tigers and the Phoenix that fixed his compass in such worlds.  The he put his finger thru one of them.  But his world in this flight path of the journey was no long just flat land. I think I understand and have discovered three space.  He shouted to himself with new comprehension, quite pleased with himself and the sense of the beauty of it all.

*iii Log and Journal for His Ship of Thoughts, Organized

*1  There are 24 ways to color the surface of a cube with the four colors that seem to sufficiently fill all space.  These can be turned and return again over all of them arbitrary if I keep the one ideal beginning, its element set standard over all transitive identity.

2  If we view the cube from the inside then the same 24 colors are mirrored on the surface of the cube, thus there are 48 squares to see thru a center of inversion.

3  Yet with a center we can imagine again a higher space, a crystal, an analog to a cube called tesseract of dimensions and rotations four and the 8 cubes that make its faces as if cut and unfolded are each distinct in higher colors and cover the world in possible ways by mirror pairs.

4  Since I am still firmly standing on the endless plane and pretty much a center for it within indeffinite horizons. Here it takes eight or sixteen colors, seven then the one for seven all have the same withiness and the eight is the mirror image from outside to the others contained.

*5 We can separate four of them to make a row while the other four make a ring.  An anchor ring if these meeting or separated to which in the evenness of four dimensions makes thru them when connected a hole- but the space thru that hole is really outside the cube ring.

*6 In such dividing and compacting of the tesseract the center is drawn into one world again where its center is not doubled but a place of singularity, a face of zero.

*7 Sometimes, when we try to color maps of curves of islands or lands, high or low, hot or cold, we in our journey without a plan need a fifth wind.

*8 When I try to measure the volumes of a space reaching  eight dimensions what seems that difference of a sphere of the same dimension placed in it although curved fills all the volume as if a cube of lines or curves the same.

*9  I know this is but the first step for a longer journey Nebuli noted in the margin. I wonder if the world will tell us something new or in its telling something save for me that cannot be beyond the all there is as not,  he continued as a mental note to himself.

* * * *

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