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Depth Perception and Quasi-determinism in the Projective Brane

Depth Perception and Quasi-determinism in the Projective Brane

L. Edgar Otto  27 March, 2013

We imagine then the quasic brane as containing a Hilbert fractal path to which in depth information such as photons is received and registered in the order and position of cells along the path.  It is conceivable some such path or confluences of them could be interpreted as absolutely unique and logical of all possible patterns made concrete- that is what of randomness is adsorbed into an over-code of presumed direction and symmetry.

Given possible wider choices of a multiplicity of unique patterns it is not clear that in the descent into depth that this necessarily suggests there is only a foundational ground in the sea of such singularities of abstract emptiness as indeterminism that ends physics at some level of uncertainty.
At singularity nature in her own time jumps and paths does not necessarily distinguish its relative differences of depth and span.  But can we by reading the plane alone find intelligible patterns in the rains from the depths over what appears random giving us in finer detail and less focus of the vague generalities by which like the camera obscura our window may depend on the ratio of apature and intensity of light?

At that limit the light becomes invisible to itself to which like an energy contained in a grid as if a visible black hole we may not be able to see or touch save by reason what lies beyond the limits of that atmosphere or horizon despite in a sense the complexity and information is everywhere uniform with a view of but one unique universe of a higher order.  As light energy or dark windows of indeterminate boundaries the lensing by pixel plane or apature pinholes interference at this grounding level of even a single photon the ensemble in the depth has wider levels of focal points so may be used to magnify or scale this sort of information we gather by light or even by particles in space trajectories.

Of course knowing the ordering of drawn patterns and such principles of new physics would help in our tangible interpretations and programmed processes we need in order to program these instruments to find the order.  The essential question, physically as well as subjectively, is what is the proof of a unique state and if we have limits of a change of state beyond the coherence of a system - certainly the values may not safely go but a little beyond doubling - can we know if in an otherwise deterministic pattern if something like a star will unravel or explode spontaneously.  It is known that in the chaoscience a healthy runner may fall from heart attack or diseases may arise even by those not exposed to smoke or toxins.

We begin as if the projective brane is naturally but two dimensions (and these can be oriented by windmill shifting cycles or echoed positions of symmetry) to start with 00 and then the 01 as x or 10 as y or 11 xy together in the abstract and gray quasic motions.  This extended to three space as well and likely with more complexity in the idea rather than a simplification found in four space further simplified in five or greater for such fractal like curves.  Yet it is not clear if in the range of such paths of motion that in free empty space these confluences of paths are not deficient to count the concrete and virtual shadows as an intelligible code- in that respect in the familiar world we can be reasonably sure of a grounding for such statistical methods and topological vacuum focusing as if absolutely and foundationally a causation like we imagine the abstract pressure of false vacuum forces.  Once the light or mass may materialize it dynamically persists over the Omnium in its sums or products of confluences and directed differences in both the idea of projective brane depth and span, here nature is diffusely quasi-distributive in its laws as algebra to which to add one is the deeper paradox if that is a conceptual unit of singularity.

Would a different arrangement or gray encoding give us different results, corresponding or not to other physically set up detection systems such as with the Ice Cube neutrino array?  In a sense nature may be able to see and judge the rain of such particles in some unity only seen partially as we in the three of nine dimensions of coordinate knight paths in four space.

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