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Cosmic Code Conclave

Cosmic Code Conclave

L. Edgar Otto     12 March, 2013

Interwoven thru history are the church, state and university by which the people specialize or make alliances of privileged generalities in the search for the key, the nature of cosmic code.

The Inference patterns of the zebra fish exploding in frenzy at the horizon of tannins in the peat bog, branching replication replete light up the dark tea of waters, wisdom with its masks of sugar, sweet nothings, jumping genes, a chance in choices that in the mysterious heat and the fire from the sky into the laboratory of the tinkering mad Frankenstein they glow in the dark redeeming rotting chimeras of flesh.

There is no necessary reason that you without creative effort, the world's work, with only luck or the circumstances of fate for your comfort in the wider picture were the spirit of living things that must eat or be eaten, will fall into awestruck contemplations or fears self destruction that can paralyze sentient beings in the face of waning desire or decay as the truth of this world- as imagination in the mirror of inquiry reaches into the unknown or that known as other worldly cradles our hearts as unique and everlasting so stand firm in belief or blind on the emptiness of eternity of our souls.

The arising of life from the micro-world can also be or appear like a universe as an indifferent machine.  But mechanism alone, or the assertion randomness is ultimately a myth or the universal ground, is not enough to comprehend or unfold into our wisdom the secrets of the world, of life, of the ways of man.  Nor can we by the experience of will in the moment discern the truth either way of what is ultimately real or shadow that we move intelligibly, adapt and accept, what was the clearer and meaningful paths and consequences of our technical progress and pride perhaps in fashion only of our systems of theoretical inquiry- science in its cost overruns so to achieve greatness, or exhaustion beyond the moderation as we drink of our creative arts.

The civil war of our betrayal of our homelands and our bodies of the greater and sustainable good rests on some code as much as interpretation by which the greater picture of how the world's processes and environment interacts as an intelligible system, in truth as complex as that we tend to face in the layers of organic diversities and possibilities, several layers of depth and distinctions finer fit into the models, the genomes over the genomes of many depths or at a local level the naming of things, like streets and towns, some that recur in our linguistic nostalgia it too an intricate system, here a systemic cancer, here the dance with viruses, here the lack of something in the diet or something new beyond the threshold of tolerance or lack of traces of that toxic at once or in creeping smudges of vitality, its parts, its functions.

In the wider nature code and cosmic theme, those who comfort themselves and each other that we cannot cure but can live indeffinitely in the face of a disease, the constant war between us and the bacteria our abuse of antibiotics that threatens in our time to bring the operating room back into the risks of the 19th century less than reasonable sterile environs, we in being told how to feel about the discovery of life elsewhere in the geology, the astrobiology say of mars or how life rose in the first place in the soup of chemicals and light, or how to feel looking down our our watery and cloudy earth of blues and greens or cities in the phosphor beacons thru the night, we do not talk plainly to each other that it was the iron core of things the bacterium did to terraform a world, that in their memory of process the subatomic, and even the creative change in states of isotopes, iridium rain by meteors or viral strains from the stardust or virtual hidden seas of creative space, the earth itself a before nova stable as Earth's liquid core of crystal iron, higher atoms made elsewhere, the lowly bacteria with membranes beyond the plumes and jets of ocean bottom volcanic heat, as much define our cancers masked by our earths magnetic rings and gravity sentinels against the comets, what is the same or radically distinct of our present planet or elsewhere, we would know better if we would only share the wider view.

The loss of careers dedicated to scientific inquiry by its battles of choosing sides, sometimes a false struggle between brothers passes down to the safety and secure life of the people...politics appeals to the core hearts that set us the lava changes of a state often against the church, the university as presumed a house of true wisdom, and what agenda or work is set up so to guide a new generation of believers as if wisdom and God were at odds, so too keep the people in the dark, a different species, a harvesting of deer that for the sake of the many and one on one with respect the hunting and the hunted, the aggressors or defenders of homelands. 

Given enough time, and a lifetime seems enough as with any dimensionless interval past the living, we can see how inconvenient the truth in that known, that a trend that rides on ongoing change or foundational grounding by fiat does not necessarily irreversibly vanish- that the rise from freedom as if a working chaos needs not our constant vigilance as these are beyond the existential memory of what was once tragically interesting against forgotten boredom in indifferent times.  Survival clings to and insures the moment against both transcendence or decay, awakens the sense of having to live life intensely in depth and multiply in time, yet too often and too narrowly we take things to false limits of diminishing returns.

So too we hoard between each other our myths of scarcity as if we cannot see we may pay the final price, here or in some hereafter of the game board as well as the game, the punishment or collateral damage forgiven as we write each other out of the play- in the main this principle of what is as survival needs to be better defined for it may shed light on what was done by our generation, new creative worlds to come beyond the question of life as a futile and once and only vanishing leaving nothing but the ghosts of unanswered questions and life, rare it seems with breathing room awhile against capricious nature, on all scales we as failed stars.

But I did not mean to wax poetic in this post, rather to apply new ideas or views of the old questions- life in particular a game to which for all practical purposes we can assert awhile no such thing as random, a useful algorithm, especially as we now explore in the dark, look down the barrel of a gun to see if it is loaded, tamper with more than the germ... I would hope there was no evil found in our searching but woe to those entities who forbid the careful searching... for those who understand our less clearer sciences in that they are most useful, in that they are us, is about the life sciences way beyond the chemistry.

Let us not put in the way of awakening impediments by our understandable clinging to the politics, faiths, or institutions of learning, education, and research where these play the revolving door of alliances in the complex sum, the hills and valleys of temperature balanced too as a zeroth law, where the truth in complexity and the hidden or hoarded secrets imagined or real in a system or code, even a single pixel of color or light in the role of observation unto interpretation- that such alliances may conserve or break the balance of power less than the total picture on which to paint some arbitrary theory of everything. 

We can only discuss what we have made possible for us to see or share-  If I have been less giving it is because I respect the secrets of others that they do not know themselves how deep and unique their discoveries they use for innovative work made faster an easier and more accurate in their daily lives- something off the grid of what we may encounter in the real or virtual worlds that speaks of the many who solve some problem new to the world as much as themselves- perhaps their doing it awakens the potential of such deeper wisdom into all of us- in that sense the mind as a principle in it transcends the wisdom of our complex dusty bodies or the constellation as if collective inquirer of all of us.
But you do not need to heed our use these deeper keys, and who can say something we still do not know is not more worthwhile?

Who can judge moreover how worthwhile our efforts, even if projected into the next centuries after us?  If in the utmost daring the parameters of uncertainty we would have waited and prepared awhile, so easily we absurdly risk the almost certain loss in gambles otherwise sober or drink free of the thresholds of loops of addiction, is time then said of the essence or that a moral whip or tool to push our projects that the pushing endures is perpetual motion for itself?  Can we, if other worlds are that different (I mean is this not the quasic and philosophical question of what is different or the same, one or many-verse or nothing) can we short of setting up vast energy and power not into space, not into the cheaper exploration without living forms our instruments taking long to arrive, perhaps return from other worlds- that sense of physically different or not some system that in the quantanglement requires our hands on in the place itself that our samples and data survives- a little better reasoning far from the old school and vaguer methods- that as with the call or direction onto awakening life forms comprehension begins when the laws and key in the cosmic code truly is aware enough beyond simple ideas of time to ask what it is of itself.  Before that is time and effort in a free space of which we set the directions in a free time.

* * * * * * * 
Footnote on the Vuyk ball lightning concept as I log on and see his and my current posting- the idea of two such spheres and some relation between them such as charge or the Casmir force on a micro-level from the quasi-infinite more continuous view is the treatment not so much as say two planes (equal to the horizons of two spheres) but two planes as the quasic array suggests these contain interrelating content or information.  I am not sure there is a tangible nil-potent source here of directly usable processes and energy (although we should distinguish hierarchies, looping cycles, shifts of expanding head on or shrinking as if seeing that behind of relative speeds as we are in translation into the ideas of the adjacent contiguity and constraints on these quasifinite integer dimensions.)  In the illustration, with masks and artifacts, is the raspberry on the outside of an arched window or if on this side some complicated model has its own transparent but internal symmetries?  If some form of energy or information fills that between similar or identical things where does it ultimately go once the effort is tapped to divert and use it?  

I am too full of new images in a new place not to feel poetic and long winded so as to bring things down to formal bland numbers to which the reader may add the imagination of colors between inviting regions of lines- but if there is a charged ball of sorts- and not necessarily completely described by the exponential or divergences of local and instant meetings of such creative objects... such spheres can be seen as the heads of Goldbach comets doubled tailed and down moving in a way the cause itself and not that as just heated and blown by the solar wind.

* * * * * * *

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  1. Hey Mr. Otto,

    Yeah, I've been super busy lately so haven't had time to troll my blogs. Hopefully soon I'll be able to catch up. I'm trying to make a living and learn all the mathematics I desire to learn at the same time so am kept on my toes. Certainly enjoyed this post however . . .

    With regards,
    Wes Hansen