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Intelligible Geometric or Arithmetical Structures

Intelligible Geometric or Arithmetical Structures
with Freedom in Super-Primes in Interactions,

On the Multiplicity of Quasifinite Totality Solutions Beyond Five Fold Symmetries,

and Quasi-singularity Null Mediators and Crystal Supercolor Duality Centered Vector Combinotorics

(wow, a title that verges on a synopsis of the subject of a wider abstract of abstract of an article except maybe the political implications on the side- old books sometimes had long titles and sometimes one word evokes that wider and profound... also my illustration is but only of a token quality to that of this difficult article that came so clear and smooth before my eyes as I walked back to home on a brisk night at the hopeful beginning in the air of meteorological spring...)

L. Edgar Otto     01 March, 2013   9:15:31 PM

The coherent arrangement of the 30 cubes of six colors such that they may be placed in spectral alphanumeric order with the proper place of color matching as centered inversions, we may regard the abstract structure as an arrangement of thirty dodecahedra of which there are five levels of solutions, these moreover, require bi-color pairs in a positive or negative direction to all be represented in xyz three space.

The the fourth axis may accommodate a central sixth color so we represent the dodecahedron abstractly as a cube of which there are five edges on each face with five of six colors... nevertheless the fifth face as a null singularity is itself superfluous as a quasi-singularity to add freedom to the count or the pathways of contiguous face and color matching over the span of symmetries involving six factorial.

Presumably we may accentuate a particular color of the five for color matching that reduces from a dodecahedron to a cube of six color faces.  We may have irregular crossovers of specific materiality or directions of cubes in choices of sequences beyond the idea of just a crystalline lattice.  In a sense this model of structure may confer on black-white structural space its invariant reference as measure of or scaffolding for superimposed super-colors as materiality. As in dimensionless constants we may observe such abstract models as intelligible to our ideas of matter states such as formulas that make some processes analogs to liquids or gas both universally and in the local energetic expressions.

Quite aside from the question of a variety of subset quasi-totality regions as to the virtual or concrete, subjective or material issues, or for that matter the engineering or theoretical ones, the question as to the confluence and interaction of information over the span of reality is that of the permanence of the information in the internet "cloud" including issues of secrets and privacy of participants as if in quasi-isolation of such "Colorettes" as that mediated say at a null virtual and chiral distance.  Thus it is from the utility we find of both the theoretical and applied approach that usual distinction of dualism to which conflicts may arise as if mirrored in antitheses of stance- that is the social networks of human bonds in social proximity can present a challenge to the hopeful view of emergent collection of knowledge, data, that in effect may be as hoped more than a collective of just mechanical machines to which there is more noble purpose than narrow but comprehensive algorithms.  Again, some past technologies should not be left behind nor the freedom of inquiry limited by any arbitrary theory of the state. 

Nevertheless, it is clear that efforts in an economic world should value the content to the benefit of individuals that they may by merit contribute more efficiently to the health of the whole.  To this I should add that there are more surprises awaiting, including the physical deterioration if not the virtual data itself if not maintained or if some physical disaster is great enough to destroy some of its brain-cells significantly- if on the other hand we find new technologies that do in fact access higher consciousness functions in a scientific manner- those in retrospect will be realized as an influence behind the subjective and physical scenes already if they are in fact the future case of computation.

Lastly, we are close to the logic of foundations here in our inquiry, it occurs to me that this sort of quasifinite consideration of super-colorettes ( a sort of interval or quantum of waves ) treated as super-bits of information can in a sense condense or compact the information in a wider application of methods that codifies and stores less symbolic macro information condensing it from the bare set structure gaining from the wider symmetry a simplicity of it at complexity just as simplifying to the foundational level may also exceed the minimum unit required to fix information.  Simply said a return, and possibly a general exchange of independent mirror of the total information may be what we inherit from the unification needed here in technology as well as in the primary physics.  Such an internalization of general knowledge potentially puts into our centers of data a core that can construct again massive losses physically or self maintenance as we grow into new levels of technical and subjective awareness. 

But I only know to ask just how much difference this will make say to the speed of computation and growth of technology, that in the mathematics of it we may reach some bottleneck limit for even the most general theory or as an ongoing property of nature we will always find new ways out of such a limitation if we but choose to.  In such bottlenecks or dead ends in that case we should be cautious of what we do for the architecture of our future generations as to the directing of their choices toward what we sincerely thought the good yet we may have been wrong the best way to find new and useful discoveries.  Perhaps too much had come from some arbitrary place in the hierarchy of systems founded on such a simple idea such as replacing germanium by silicon.  Then again our earthy foundations and may still hold things beyond this question of limitations asked of our abstract theories.

In a free society based on material wealth alone as the important issues, or of the explosion of paradoxes of social rights and licensees alone, what can we expect but the usual deadlock as if the resources of our minds and hearts reach that point where returns beyond sustainability diminish like the higher dimension packing of spheres, as inevitable- but the use of such things, like the point of war or the colonization or conflicts of nation states or their unification and civil wars, is in principle no longer viable for innovative new projects or a principles of wealth in an easy or violent age beyond what may be our post alphanumeric post economic era either way beyond lesser cycles.  We should however aim for a little more than what is, and invest at lease with faith in projects of the future and our children, pay as we go or not, beginning with science on all levels.

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