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Reply to Leo Vuyk

Reply to Leo Vuyk

L. Edgar Otto   08 March, 2013 

*07:24:49 AM


I like the term raspberry universe; to mine I am but a wild strawberry.  I will have enough on line time soon to review the terms you mention as a commendable attempt to confirm things by suggested experiments.

As you know I too share your sense of the inspiration by exploring the nature, structure, of ball lightning.  I also feel practical models as your sculptures illustrate can apply on all scales as if the universe has that much logic to it all.

Science Daily had an article concerning black holes and information which suggested Einstein was right- others try for some reason to show he is wrong.  That quantum theory may be incomplete does not mean his is for the simple fact that the unitary theory, gravity and electromagnetism may be but part of the total picture- as you astutely said, God plays dice with some of the properties...  Einstein's is one of a few possibilities of that relation between space and mass.  Where they apply all of them are a part of the vision at least logically, or none are.

As far as I can relate and understand your comments at first blush I have reservations on one hand, that any such experiment such as the variation of light velocity will be decisive in communicating the significance of our views. Some theoreticians emphasize this variation as observed at least as to what is its actual value in say planetary systems but one person’s dice can be seen as another person’s fate or by our experiments, in the flesh as well as our mind as influence- a watched pot of liquid helium does not boil and so on.  Something seems to make these chance and necessary views equivalent as if we have loaded dice.

The same thing may be said of our mysterious concept of monopoles (or the one single monopole as some suggest) as to if they can be something that exists.  This key issue, as you see as critical for inquiry, of the number of multiverses (I imagine our results of wobble of a single electron in relation to said universes- is that the raspberry model as a metaphor?)  Can we make such a monopole or is this a limit to something in a higher theory scale as if it quasar like- I mean Hoyle maintained in the face of the Big Bang- not one big one but a lot of little ones?  To this we add your insight that such objects form a hierarchy of "creation".  Some evidence that in relation to star formation our usual picture leaves us with question as if we see the process backwards.  Could monopole radiation directly be observed, can we in a sense observe neutrinos directly? Can there be information seen that has no signal on which to carry it on as if a new level of ether in this world?  We extended QM to the nuclear forces and extended its incompleteness as well.

I suppose we can double things, entanglement and so on, as with Penrose quantanglement or say something informational as 8 fold.  I am not sure about the massive oscillator but it clearly is this issue of seeing four space as to what are the dipoles, di-jets and so on in our theories.  The production, therefore these as if an entity that may still be an isolated system into a given dimension of micro black holes or the obvious fact of ball lightning symmetry structures as if electrostatic would be a breakthrough in technology or observation.

I like the idea of the rotating cylinder with mirrors as if something may sift out from this- Casmir effects could well be a sort of leaky thing the string theorists imagine for gravity in looping systems.  It is the 3 + 1 dimensional view verses doubling here in a 2 + 2 view which can be of use for some of the new oscillating brane models.  Again, can be measure such a drag- nature does seem to like in the main ideas of energy as transferred by such warps or helices- which should at least be global and doubled I imagine and even the count of little berries conform to arithmetic patterns such as what begins as fives across unified fields, branes or what have you.  We note that more is involved (for after all ball lightning has a limited lifespan yet they can contain powerful amounts of energy I know from personal observation).  Electricity does not disperse thru the ground but seems to go in this linear dimension paths like magnetic field lines of iron sprinkling the field with whiskers of iron.  This absurd linearity we observe in particles and polarization of light does seem at first to beg for consideration of a fifth natural dimension, the vertical to two real axes of a round cylinder.

On the other hand, gluons, gravitons and so on may not be observable and by this I do not just mean some particles are do not see or interact with some differential level such as velocity (a great concept that but we need more).  In principle we may not have any convincing experiment yet by thought a least has nature not already done such experiments in design such as how the atoms and DNA works in its complexity and general coherence?  Our earth is dynamic on many levels to which we begin to see where some things are influential, connected, we did not suspect.

Not to say the connections are everywhere in what amounts to absolutely empty space.  So if we follow Einstein down the rabbit hole of mass intimate interacting with space-time and vise verse, will any amount of finer probing reach a definite limit thus theory of everything?  What more experiment do we need than the LHC with its spectacular results and ambiguity of the Higgs-like entities for it is support for at least different forms of things like super symmetry (no necessary mirror particles however) so it may amount to such an experiment already which we just are not able or prepared to see?  Beyond this from my more arithmetical view what is different from the expected algebraic integer values as with dimensionless constants can be a little more- again, mortar between the bricks, or the horizons of the smaller ensemble of parts of the raspberry.

To say cause and effect becomes a lesser concept for it is not necessary there clearly in any of our human envisioned mathematical physics.  To say entangled instant Multiverse and the cat paradox is a profound level of insight- yet it is not simply a matter of how we interpret the CPT's and maybe an X as what may be said mass or electric charge or what have you as in Peter Rowlands find treatment of nilpotent ideas in a complex double Dirac algebra.

What moreover do we mean by an instant?  If the Science Daily article was to promote the role of information theory then it has a worthy goal but that is not a complete theory either as it stands now.  Much is made of the mirrors of zeros and ones, yet in a sense the patterns found therein are quite besides where the decimal is if we say apply it to simple charts we use for naming the radio frequencies. It is in an order and yet it can be in mirrored form also- that also an ultimate paradox of nature at rest or is ever moving- we can imagine in the count of universes not just the extend division of fractions of one- but five for example- in the count of things we would have decimal numbers that begin and end with a whole lot of zeros between them... and the form of these numbers obviously would be multiplied by ten as if the decimal was not there, just the expanding or diverging receding point ends.  Geometry is likewise.

I hope after I read your references I am not embarrassingly too far off from anything above my head that I have misrepresented things (so would be young Einstein's read my thoughts as with any others with a grain of salt- let us keep honesty alive at least as an ideal for science.)

I agree that if the experiments are possible it is really but a few of them needed, as well after all this soul searching we only need to extend our theories a little further to find wider horizons, better methods, and answers.

Until then the nature of our minds is important and perhaps one of the things Lisa Randall says is more to physics than our obsession with a Theory of Everything- the mind of Leo for example.  I have followed you on my blog for a long time so than you very much for the comments and dialog - but in a sense as Goethe said, he who has very much within needs little without (I think of proofs not just matters of faith here) and of course- the projects and efforts of our Gibbs.

Now, fine worthy people, I begin a visit to my grandson and take a couple of days off.  I was not going to post today but will eventually.  The illustrations I take this opportunity to add involve a higher more general inference pattern of my so called quasic plane (there I did use the word after all) but my cross-eyed views see strange things as we probe the depths of such illusions- for example the raspberry fractal like models apply very well to our visions of the world.

*This was the comment to me from Leo, his pdf link below gives you a good summary of the scope of his vision:  Visit this discussion on the Theory of Everything at

I AGREE, Edgar, HOWEVER WE ONLY NEED SEVERAL EXPERIMENTS TO GET SUPPORT FOR SUCH IDEAS ( E.G. about the QM base for the constancy of the lightspeed etc . etc).
Those experiments could be:
1: Lightspeed drag and extinction experiment inside a double mirrored fast rotating cylinder in the lab. Ref [3]
2: CHAMP-GPS satellite distance outlier measurement focused on GPS elevation angle to the earth.Ref [3]
3: Gravity drag related Lightspeed variation experiment between two balloons or satellites and the earth. Ref [3]
4: Multiverse number count by a renewed Benjamin Libet experiment focussed on RPI and RPII ratio. Ref [6]
5: Double Stern-Gerlach atomic Entanglement experiment. Ref [6]
6: Double LeSage gravity experiment by a new massive oscillator. Ref [7]
7: Monopole radiation based Magnetic field experiment Ref: [7]
8: The laboratory production and exploitation of a micro black hole or ball lightning. Ref:[14]
It is all about cause and effect because we seem to live in an instant entangled Multiverse to explain Schroedingers Cat paradox. God plays dice in CP(T) symmetrical universe…
Reconciliation of QM and GR and the need for a pulsating entangled CPT symmetric raspberry shaped Multiverse.
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