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The 720 Game

The 720 Game

L. Edgar Otto    01 March, 2013

In a quasifinite plane, two points may have doubling of cross-eye distance as if a linear analog to inverse square higher focus nodes of waves thru a lens.  At the foundations it is clear that the doubling of perspective to determine space perception depth is a quasic or generational property of brane concepts including the overall structure of what things like charge means in chirality vectors to what we intuitively imagine as concrete matter.  Such depth may be mirrored in the direction at some scales as a reversal of perceived depth.  Our eyes in the crossing may resolve when objects are there to be viewed against a background over several such distance intervals. In the optical environs as if illusions (I mean what after all do we see but in a sense a two dimensional flatland where we can imagine a higher general form as if we had higher perceptive eyes?) a space in a sense may be multiple dimensions of which we tend to perceive but one at a time.

Abstractly in the count we can imagine analogs intelligibly to the metacube of Plato in say four space, Conway seems to have suggested such a general centered stacking of such ideal polytopes.  The mind can imagine more than just the higher dimensions which if literally explored and named the faces say of sets of cubes labeled with colors or words, as with miss Boyle, we can invoke a sense of dynamic movement and structure in such space.  As in the case of a Rubik's tetrahedron the solution may be easily found in a few foundational level steps even blind close to the global logic of movements involved.

It the idea then of location is philosophically unclear as to even the property of touch in geometry there is wider freedom to explore this property from the philosophical view of how many intimate dimensions we may follow into a quasifinite depth.  We see but three of nine dimensions for example at a time.

As with the case of that difference we sense between the virtual computer and real life world, if the virtual is in a sense a separate information system as in our dreaming- we may take a picture, printscreen, of anything seen despite the encoding and its hierarchy of the virtual code within the machine.  But how do we take a picture of such screens in our dreams, save perhaps by memory to draw it in the flesh or into a screen to paste it past the structure of or within our minds? 

I saw yesterday in science daily articles the fact that the eye itself, say connected somewhere else in the body (presumably to the spine) can be information the mind can process as light information from the environs.  But we already know that we can see thru our skin in the sense that experiments were done with a grid of electrodes that the blind can see in various patterns, that over a 64 dot grid (which I do not suggest that number here significant- yet it in a sense could be).  In general the spine as a replication or extension for organisms does have the ability as a body to specialize, beginning with the crustaceans.  Echolocation, and the synchronization between individuals, wolves, birds, schools of fish, and so on at once seems and is a mysterious connection yet simple properties of behavior due to basic geometric forms such as parabolas.

We do not quite answer some questions about what is beyond possible generations of groups and dimensions in regard to the nature of consciousness but color is a little more in abstract conception than the usual philosophy questions like do we see red the same or how to show it.  I almost believe that for some individuals the ability to see certain colors over all the underlying variations of properties or forms predispose them to or gives them a higher spiritual sensitivity in their consciousness- perhaps also to the show they see in any cracks of reason enjoyed as if the trips of hallucination of which for the sober mind, the gift of reason may not observe nor feel free to give up its coherence of self control. 

For we know the rainbow depends on the angles of the water droplets to the sun- but what if as we observe the sparkles of snowflakes in the snow all oriented in different directions, the whiteness of the snow itself a diffusion of light, such diffusion of specific (as if the holographic distinction of spectral colors to capture the depth of space) that like the stars at night if we look close enough we may see a rainbow of their colors?

The 720 game I contemplate tonight, as my thoughts have turned again to things like click maps and other HTML projects I tried to learn and work with better last August, a sort of discrete step animation of the orientation of polygons and so on with colored regions and combinations- more a way to aid he visualization as perhaps an educational tool rather than a working toward some sort of general new theory of everything, if we can animate it later from a more continuous stance such as Google Earth globes, much of what can be done from the finite stance, flatland, can be done with the unfolded Euclidean structures then put into other equations.

Note that in the proximity of primary colors in the diffusion of light, on the generational level the distance is like wave forms for certain color combinations of layered candles for example stand out brightened or are muddied into more gray.  Of course the linear building of protein structures from reading the genes also has these perspective generational properties of optical illusion quasic brane space in global forms as well as just linear algorithmic order and can be to a great degree in choices more but still algebraic. (this is not just dismissed as difficult by the vague term "non-linear" where it does not simply mean more than one space.

* * * * * 

We sometimes put the basic particles in a square array, the leptons and quarks and so on... but as to the properties and location in such a matrix and the linear cross-eye distance resonances these should be viewed as a cross-eye array of such quasi-superimposed particle states so as to define them.  Even this may be thought of as a grid that may be turned at a right angle and what observed or seen, or interpreted as a particle of different generational signs or depths if the idea if flavor and color in a generational quasic brane space.  The higher generational cases are more difficult to see but we should always keep in mind the structure and being of this abstract space as a possibility before we in blindness assert some conjecture false or some higher thing, symmetry, dimension or so on, as beyond real limits- same for their assertion needing reasonable evidence.

Now, as far as the mind, (and the idea of Higgs-like particle being in the center of said dimensionally crossed objects that focus the idea or mediate mass) in our virtual space that reacts to another virtual space we can derive a concrete and transferable picture that is hidden from awaken space save by the external process of transferring the virtually looped yet laid down memory in dynamic feedback to itself. 

To say it again, from the general sense of a wide space these processes that seem at a distance or are like wormholes already thru a vacuum existing or not while the illusion of transition or its interval taking time, or beyond the usual span and range and direction of time... That what is possible between the sum totality (Omnium) between things thought virtual or in the flesh concrete as beyond the system, beyond the emergent totality within a system also such a our consciousness, that what in reality may be beyond this dream world to a new awakened world or this the awaken and that the phantom dream is present already in this state of being- for if something like God is a part of reality then such a concept should be accounted for if we are to have the widest theory of everything.

* * * * *

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