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Pointless Order and Metaglossa between Intellect and Information as Human Projects

Pointless Order and Metaglossa between Intellect and Information as Human Projects

L. Edgar Otto   22 March, 2013

*In a succession of inclusive closed systems within systems what is the effect of the Casmir force on all or each level?

*As creative intelligence or abstract raw information (when even the sense of absolute nothingness or as the lack of something is physical) is understood as a unified force of one entity or process it retains its mysterious as well as its raw aspects, these then by a model or theory understood lose the sense of what is something or that absolute idea of substance including mass as a mirror to intelligibly understood theories of everything a pointless exercise of rearrangement of meaningless or pointless objects within  indeffinite boundry free space regions of rooms in rooms.

*This of course is the objection to dynamic teleology for the general direction and asymmetric causation in succession as scientific physics.  But as a conceptual mirror then imagined to this a theory of Unification, the depth and span as coherence itself thus a metaglossa of quasifinite and system models as the higher message of comprehension between the pathways organized as the sense of identity, unique or as an ensemble of unique choices (as in seemingly half aware machine choices) we can hold that the model itself, looped or not in the conception, is the message, purpose, order, and free potential of intelligence as the reality of quasi-substance.

*Yet the appeal to symmetry or its breaking is of the same paradox and is capable of expansion as descriptions or models that persists like indefinite Being transcending our theories and descriptions should we not reach the threshold of the totality or be sensitive to the generality of intelligibility and its potentials in the finite and infinite real and imagined realms.  In this we as sentient beings are not only creative in our model building, we can adapt, be forewarned, predict to some degree of accuracy, and intellectually judge the sorting or combinations intelligibly deduced from a model. 

*Science in the metaglossa of variations in the information and meaning of a reality or its representational model can be rational judgements of at least an abstract system and its utility in application to some truth or physical process or reality.  The scientific stance is at least as complex and foundational as that of the deeper unity of our human minds of which it finds in its multiplicity of measure a kinship as modeling the method of inquiry, the world, and subjective identity as quasi-unification.

* * * * *

In the illustration as a symbol bank and work in progress Fig.4 note the alternative description of the square faces in a hypercube with the count of the 24 ordering.  The solution to this and its extension as an alphabetical system does focus on the opposition of faces as well the cubes in pairs that solves the extension of such a hypercube in its unfolding. It allows wider counts of things in terms of chiral directions or translation directions.  But such total descriptions as with any comprehensive totality of a (here geometric) theory we may find what we then learn and know balanced within itself of as much emptiness as understanding including arrangements or arrays of its sub-process as combinations as well.  Why then do we have a sense of unity or identity? Why then do we not ask why the universe here rather than why not when we should just as well ask- what does it mean and why does it persist when it does despite what we feel about it?

This core stance, the motion or the stillness as part of a physical description comes up when we seek foundational models such as the linear but zero volume string idea that a line may exist to contain and unfold into higher dimensional entities and physical things when just as well we should face the idea of it as a point as an abstract singularity with finer structure or not (a relative or fixed end or beginning within the imagined limits and causative flow directions in a system of symmetries, super-symmetries, or asymmetries), we first notice if we are objective by how one individual can see or not the model of another individual- in one case the understanding is dismissed as unscientific or as creative fancy at best, on the other hand such presenters of models based on dynamic or core fixed stances become more advanced in the philosophy to ask why the others do not understand.

* * * * * 

After these posts- the last somewhat delayed after beginning immersion into the world of smart phones, I seer in the national news last night the interview commenting on the new data 300,000 years or so and about a million years earlier than thought of the age since the so called big bang- after all I am presenting this as if on any scale (or theories of scalars some say for that matter) as if the visible universe itself is an aperture in the camera obscura, the pin hole camera, black box and so on...  I found it interesting, this more accurate 13.8 billion year measurement that the man interviewed said it could be possible that we may see beyond the big bang... this current viewing was said when the atoms came into structure (on the macro scale)...for at the instant relative or absolute in question do we not view a great burst of light?  I find several of my fellow bloggers with alternative theories rather holding parts of these views if we get down to the foundations, galatomic, Yuri, point-loop, Vuyk (especially in the ball lightning model and creative black hole like objects), Pikanen with wormholes of which the Mersene aspects I still find along with many difficult terrain, Kea, Gupta, Johnson, Wes... the list goes on and on... and of course more established inquirers such as Rowlands, KaKu, Perose, and so on...

My comments on this last illustration figure certainly seem optimistic yet I am much aware, while being hopeful things come out better soon and to some end, that the world, its economy and wars in not at all in a safe state.  Let us hope this sense of wholeness as if something more than the unified theories that I feel is the result of my inquiring and that somehow we can add to a better world for us all and those to come.  Let us hope those who sanely watch for what is like evil in the world do not become causalities of it by association.  Let us hope the simple reality we face going into peril too late to change our minds when it is as much a reality changing thing as of little individual significance will enlighten us more than keep us in unjustified ignorance.  Perhaps over all this we find even greater realms of thought and Being.

* * * * * *

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