Sunday, March 24, 2013

UNUM Truth and Beauty in the Standard Theory

UNUM  Truth and Beauty in the Standard Theory

L. Edgar Otto    Sunday, 24 March, 2013

We gaze out from terra firma or the familiar waves of seas upon the starry sky,
here and now perhaps beyond closer to Unity of the distant One...
As St. Elmo's fire and Lightning Balls bounce and dance, the universal form, a dreamikin,
bilateral its symmetry, unknown it but a shadow never born

Do you not feel the tingle, signal effect upon your skin?
So near its up and down as solid see saw against the gravity.
Idaho defines life to begin at conception, Indiana pi as three
But does this make us any closer to nothingness or immortality...
as universe allows or molds your desires? You who climb the triune heavens,
strangely evolving charm.

Your soul unique lives, still combined its parts tho broken
as the numerology of your hair evaporates, dissipates motes past Let there be Light,
would-be when's, clones multiplied.

* * *

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