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Parenthetical Phi and Bogus Pi (metaglossa2)

Parenthetical Phi and Bogus Pi  (me

L. Edgar Otto   24 March, 2013  09:10:31 PM

170x10(128)  when the difference in excluded values or all included in an interval by quadratic symmetry approach the transcendental and irrational values, pi and phi when under the Pythagorean transformation.

Where the axiom of choice and the ultimate hypothesis of the continuum is to be thought provable or not provable always or decided uniquely one way at super singularity the interpretation Platonic or Atomically vanishes thus in Metalanguage dependent as if a spirit on primes can be taken in ideological subjective perspective and is hardly a Metaglossa of a unified reality as possible physics within all of the creative aspects of structured vacuum as space.

While some debate the physics or philosophy of this paradoxical structure, professional shamans or on rats in a maze behaviorists reward or pain as doing or conquest by stimulus, threats or response... a social or ideological methodology in the guise of science, we all come close to the great pattern, structure of the world.  There may be no necessary foundations or ground that replicated identical things at the singularity if many-fold are replicated or either privileged or distinguishable  unique in there being or history to which in the stance of one universe we prove it the real or that all possible ones of different values exist so to add to the result of our default being and observations.

The minor differences after some mirror of higher purpose potential or to be worked creatively are neither absolutely determined nor totally random as the teleology falls out from our exploding values of equations and their laws of symmetric conservation save at some focus in an interval.  The anomalies are at once all important and worth little in that we understand or read the cosmic code of this world.

This is not to say in a quasifinite universe of concrete default no higher ultimate singularity or infinity exists as the quasi source and ground for a dynamic and differentiating evolving universe or things like life within it, evidently its hidden confluences in the main positive, part of a greater if intermittent unity, that is in the materialization of universe we find commensurable and receptive values between ongoing differences that return or forever diverge, the universe evidently in a state of the intelligible.

Ideas of dark matter can be imagined as not the source of the universes accelerated expansion as much as the results beyond some horizon of more complex structures and the burst of light.  If we can see before this horizon we might think of an interval to the next lower level of the nothingness as a sea of inflation- but this could be conceptional and not the case at all of actual universes- inflation ideas vanish along with the appealing explanation for why in general the background of space and its after glow is so uniform.

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25 March, 2013   08:53:51 PM

Footnote: this post comes just before a couple of others, note date.  I wanted also to emphasize somewhere the contrast in stances of total theories- some more toward Dirac and some more corpuscular and Platonic such as Eddington's Uranoid of his Fundamental Theorem.  In particular his quantum relativity over a totality field counts the particles (or dual pairs say as protons or electrons) to the exact very large number which includes a factor of 2^136.  Now beyond this as if a Super-Uranoid we should now ask in the multiverse concept if this number itself should be taken to a higher integer supersymmetry factoring of which Eddington's is a reduction analogous to his array of 120 + 16 of a matrix like diagonal.

We can of course ask if the ensemble is complete or what natural low dimensional environs actually exist as to the count over a total universe space and even if these are symmetrical in balance and if in the duality of halving and duplication as a quasivirtual mirroring and condensing that these dynamic integers are so contable intelligibly... and can we say necessarily in such possible higher space of symmetries that the Aleph transfinity is the same even when we count the powers to sub-parts (say even or odd is the same as all such integers) or in this heady realm we may find a certain quasixfinite realm of numbers.

Omnium distance and weights concern more the horizon or aura, the atmosphere and not the quasifinite not distinguished folding or enfolding of these anomalous counts of dynamic quason (that is uranoid like and total) with the idea of a flow or time and thus creative as a force I dub Teleon.

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When it rains it pours--- a third article I just read on science daily applies:   new observations on double strand breaking of DNA and say Alzheimers -- with Neoteric or learning by such structures as part of the bpicture, maybe.

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