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The Paradoxical Non-Necessity of the Axioms of Physics

The Paradoxical Non-Necessity of the Axioms of Physics

L. Edgar Otto  March 31, 2013

I present here two plates with decimal and alphabetical notations for the underlying information intelligibly containing the concepts of holographic and fractal descriptions of super symmetries.

If you look into the details you can make may conclusions for a new and unified discussion and interpretations of the physics..

In this sense the idea of structures as concrete in an absolute vacuum is itself a quasi-reality of principles or physicality.  Much of it is all too obvious or hidden in  the study of abstract group ideas or especially in the general structure of  materials such as atoms.  Note the significant number of No and magnetism as a rare earth element., Z=60.  Note the surprising chiralities and different approaches to them in the idea of factoring.  Singularities, as a structural complexes or not, are not as simple as we now imagine.

Notice also the right angle twists that at any point on a holographic surface or central inversion of a fractal covering of a plane can be set up in an arbitrary quasi-labeling that is consistent, a sort of non-necessary invariant code in parallel to other notations.

Choice itself as an axiom is a quasi-freedom or fixed place of decisions.  Permutations and combinations are not always distinct.  In the beta 4  (Coxeter's notation) we deal with the 4 space analog to the corresponding symmetries of the analog to octahedra or in some number of these themselves as faces as in the 24 cell polytope.

If we color the corners of a cube, half of a square along a diagonal, we need six colors which leaves a ring of six other areas that could be colored as things exhibit three space translation and rotation stances.

Let the physicists at this level of what is the state of physical singularites be reminded of Dirac's idea of a monopole that drains the charge of the filled negative vacuum and apply it to higher symmetry.

Some workers, engineers, and theoreticians will not accept such ideas unless these come from established reputations or the authority of some institution like a university to which they dismiss alternative views for the sake it is not part of their interest as if to sustain a fiction of history and claim work for their own.  This is not just a scandal for science but for any greater progress in theory.  From this side of the void I am not annoyed as much as amused at the folly. Those with necessary emotional entanglements should not be in positions of judgement or ideas- that I suggest as a matter of debate is how we can judge the science and the scientists.


April 1, 2013  adding a general photo of the "Trans-Coxeter (that is 24 quasic dimension) plane or brane for the sake of the color count of paradoxically discrete objects.  This is not an April Fool's post as with Jesters blog today- but I must admit that sometimes the standard theories by all our young an old Einstein's and their TOEs seem pretty much to me a joke of which I doubt they understand- at least the sensible idea of the limits of a unified theory or the old one when it comes to the importance of foundational structures and the frame of these rotations--- not to mention combined helices or the lack of them is not the deepest explanation of mass, and so on...  On the other hand the NOVA sho and I will get the periodic table app shows just how much of our technology from silicon to the rare earth elements has progressed.

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