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Higher Dimensional Quasic Fractals (Tycho and the Firmament)

Higher Dimensional Quasic Fractals
(Tycho and the Firmament)

L. Edgar Otto 19 March, 2013 10:31:38 PM

It has been considered as scientific since Tycho Brae in his study of the motion of the spheres and sky survey to mine the data and find more accurate figures for things like precession of the equinox.  We have at least a hierarchy of values to further research or define- but from a compromise model such as Tycho's at what point can we say there is not an exact value, why it persists, and if not why?  Is this not the nature of things today in our statistical data to seek and so declare a particle as the Higgs that does not quite fit the standard picture leaving gravity still outside a unified theory of forces?

It is one thing to use statistical tools with any theory or model, even for certain number theory's.  It is quiet another thing to enthrone reasonable uncertainty as the foundations of reality said a measure of our ignorance.  Those of this science stance tend to defend their methods as dogmatic as any assertion of religious fact- evolution as a fact for example- so seem defined as against previous wisdom as unscientific- to pronounce astrology useful only for historical interest. 

The theme for this post occurred to me watching a PBS lecture on the ecliptic discussing the nature and number of the zodiac.  Is there a 13th or 14th constellation, the lecture said 12 was chosen for the convenience of the number and the use of 360 degrees prevalent.  He explained the procession of the equinox and how Tycho revised Ptolemy's estimate of 36000 years to 1 degree of 72.5 or 26000 years to reach the same pole star beginning with Aries.  But there are other traditions, particularly the Babylonians who divided it into 40. Of course such intuitions of ratios by the ancients are viewed as coincidental or crude numerology.  He said that Tycho was not a believer in the Copernicus system but failed to say he was a compromise and did not believe in Ptolemy's either. 

A generation seems to pick and choose certain things or motives important to the creative mind of some of the great scientists while mentioning other parts of their pursuits at best in obscure pages, these influential or not, much like we may debate the relavance of their personal lives and beliefs as influential.

Tycho, by careful analysis of data, found that all the motions of the spheres with the earth as center  (indeed it is a matter of relative motion if the stars move against a fixed globe in the sky or the earth itself is in motion- such a spin, I imagine is the origin of the term universe, if that came from one turn but it is ultimately the same description in a unified theory) could be reduced to one simple motion.

But the climate of the times in ideology not clearly within the scope of science more than that separation early on from religion (one does not understand Aristotle without being in his mindset on this matter) or its development as dualism with science as a second philosophy by Descartes.  It was often a matter of life and death to argue against the idea of a universe specially centered or created as we rose thru the sphere from the firmament to a place of first causes and perfection.  I find this more of a corpuscular view of the universe or ideas of heaven as opposed to all we have found in the division of the physic into questions of wave duality.  Tycho held the Earth central and all else revolved around it and some of the planets around the sun. Of course we dispensed with the epicycles in such natural three space much as what we consider an electron may be analogous as such a phantom path better described by clouds.

Or Kepler said to be a mystic- but has anyone considered his embedding of geometric solids as if he would have known of higher dimensional spaces and symmetry?  What of Bode's law?  And it bares repeating that Newton was not only our first great physicist but last great astrologer who on the side investigated Bible codes.

Now scientists in a sci mag were said baffled that despite the activity of the sun it seemed to have a perfect spherical surface... I suggest here is evidence of such ideas of higher firmaments in a space of wider symmetry. But from the quasifinite view as to what is inside or outside of things that is not so much stances of necessity or a multiplicity of remote possibilities (if there are more than three dimensions they are present in a sense even if we see but three of them at a time).  The question of if we are a center of things so suggesting special status and creation or if we are but a very small speck lost in the sea of space no longer holds at the foundations of an emotional and contradictory choice.  Such statements usually are quoted just like chapter and verse by the proselytizers- things like the earth is flat, or from space we do not fall off at the edge of the sea who are really excited about being a part of their own growth of new ideas and tend to show off their knowledge demanding others understand them. 

Somewhere between youth and wisdom of experience we may say it is the best and usual age to do physics- perhaps the gifted succeed better in life than the genius by our older measures.  But do all things have such a finite lifetime or age such as the rise and fall as the pendulum swings of great empires?  Can we say yet that the universe is finite and once only or everlasting at some level of description- that we really can decide by the wobble or precession of an electron if there are distant other universes or the one?

I think my graphic symbol, words and picture bank for drawing, can lead to a deeper view of space than I think many see.  The motions are abstract and there may be much more than the quason symmetry described in the illustration or some reason that limits such things.  It is here the general symmetry as if composite number factoring applies in its foldings or spinning on a field as well as linear level beyond Riemann's insight of the next dimension of manifolds for example.

I also envision a notation (I hope my quasic motion laws and notation if needing explanation will be a matter of researching my posts for those interested- we do more than simply square them as if an algebra...) of which the 24 square faces of the hypercube can stand out- but this is for now just a mathematical recreation of which at the moment I am not sure how useful it is, say a metalanguage or hypertext beyond the very clear binary encodings considered in arrays of intelligible totality- I use the alphabet of signal flags minus the duality of A and B for first inversion and pairs needed for the counting.  Essentially these sorts of alphanumerics form wider and sometimes looped possibilities as ordered sequences, a sort of holographic fractal idea... If each is of different colors we could explore better the nonnecessary distinction of fixed and random.

It is clear the Earth and environs is a very dynamic system within all the levels of things in it- but we should see this as sober science not matters of ideology. I see that what goes on deep down toward the core has direct effect on life on the surface in a sci mag article recently.  We need to see the Earth itself beyond our assumptions of these simple symmetries.  There is much to explore.

I must remark that today at the library I found a tract concerning eBooks and the library... I know the issue is an economic one... but if such books cannot purchased by the library what might that mean but more ignorance as we narrow the access of information for us all, OK pay for some alternate view then, but is this a world safe for inquiry?

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20 March, 2013   6:02:00 AM Equinox,  Aries, Troposphere... record cold and snow as the weather varies

Biologically, the greater or hidden system of code reading as super-fractal symmetry explains many things- among them the relative coherence under mutation and differentiation of which integration errors are corrected relative to the totality of the system or certain sequences and functions can be replaced usually part way.  Still,  certain sequences or integrated organ functions may exceed this coherence that a system as with toxicity, unravels.  A biological system is not totally distinct from similar symmetries of the elements.  But we obviously transcend this span of a system as a totality in that there can be a confluence of codes between organisms and all the reductions needed to reset the vitality in replication and natural selection. 

If evolution or even creation is something like thought, the consistency, intelligibility, lifespan or coherence of a system is this general symmetric field that evolves thus made concrete as much as any system as a thinking theory of everything.  But a system has its building potential inheritance and mass weights which can only address some point its internal structures... in this sense the general idea of say cancer is much more complicated than just the idea of quasic generational dimensions or such space as the source of motives and ideas as if a life force from the depths and emission in motion of our concept of catastrophic or ongoing energy. 

In the expression of this force sometimes simpler systems out live those with greater complexity, that tortoise that seems to always be ahead of the marvelous bilateral runner for example- what does it see with its five primary color receptors while the birds with four are at home in our familiar space?  Would some faculty of knowing the potential dangers of a changing world while it could prepare a species for dangers.

Why would we not want to fund research to deflect and be warned of our meteor companions?  How can we allow for one moment nuclear threats and proliferation as if the center of all was our social climate and changing? Does it not take more to bring civilization to say Africa with its lack of basic medicine than the act that may cause more damage to what we fear of the unknown- for the sake we may live better in such ignorance of higher things and devil take the hindmost from the herd?  Should we not in our adolescence prune the connections reasonably and individual specifically? 

Is it science to have so many imagine the curing of depression a matter of harsh psychotropic drugs for the whitewash of serotonin when the problem was said yesterday a matter of nerves in the ability to communicate with themselves?  Are we drunk with distractions addicted to the pointless mass of messages who generations of the young now crave?  So, Prozac for our depressed canines is a scam after all?  There are many worthwhile things to do in that higher level of science that we vaguely call sociology- and deep from within what we do in our home-world such symmetries directly sustain or unravel our brains from youthful beginnings and delayed development to the wider memory in looping abuse and general increase of dementia when no simple solution is looked for and overlooked or our idea of what natural thinking is will overlook them.

In the search for total theories or the empathy that sometimes we lie or expose raw truth to our children, survival is natural that those who can sense a wider world of learning will not admit the lack in what they yet do not know as they awaken as if spring and the world unfolds at their own pace and despite the height or atmospheres of pressure theirs a firmament to which sometimes it is safer that the depths of their minds and souls are best left invisible to the world.

The would be and for all practical purposes, gods of Olympus, as healers with their hands act as if theirs the source of healing- which could be- but can they decide for us all if a patient is not capable of informed consent for the sake of physical or mental pain as part of what is concrete in an oath not to tell the patient the seriousness of his illness? While it is clear a life should be lived intimately and intensely it is not clear what effects without good grounds our assumption that each moment should be enjoyed as ephemeral and done so best in ignorance.  This is not how the gods would act.


I imagine my next post will cover some general principles in this sort of space (originally a space of my flangelation for after all we do have the concept of time-like nodes and dimensions) as a higher form of relativity and an expression not Euclidean in his linear interpretations but not non-Euclidean in the usual sense either.  We simply need to distinguish logically what is passive or active in terms of energy- but as a more general unified theory we can still distinguish say the electromagnetic substance from that we imagine as gravitational- this of course applies to what we think may appear as if an energy of our consciousness in the abstract structures.  An error correction code and its fractal path, in a plane or space where equivalent by say the Z array fractal or even the knights moves- thus higher supersymmetry breaking yet not in the sense of quasic generations nor of particles, needs not as parts or joint positions change only one of the axial path dimensions- perhaps this is important as to what is going on when the general energy of thought is disrupted or distracted.

* * *  added in the library walking here in record snow and 9FG degrees due to the Greenland high...

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