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Terra Haute (Journey through New Flatland II)

Terra Haute  (Journey through New Flatland II)

L. Edgar Otto  30 March, 2013   8:08:52 PM

Into Wilder Strawberry Fields & Ball Lightning

*Nebulus had explore a wide span of the universe and came to the birth of light and time as if somewhere between what he saw in the white noise or his dreams, the last of flatland of universes like shadows or parallel worlds.  He came to the hot region between the Sea of Socrates and the Platonic Ocean in the hotter regions of the Planck Constellation or Continent - but it was near the largest thing in view in all the world- a very great empty void.

*At some distance he heard their conversation, the learned from each land true to its perceptions and rule of law and laws as they debated why this object came to be.  He felt they had to see his view or abandon their weaves, braids, knots, and tapestry of their string theories.  For as old as the days when the sky hot and cold but blurry, its seas and lands named after philosophers, through the age of regions Heisenberg, Einstein, Lawrence, Curie  Planck and all the sainted other on the clearly timeline and map, scientists, this third level at the awakening of light seemed an end.

*For all the God named particles, the seeking of copper or god for sure copper as if energy some alchemy of lead to gold, at the bottoms nothing seemed to go beyond and there many mysteries now clearer were not resolved.  Hawking in his whisper said of strings we prove no God or he catches what concerns in the heart of many, the mind of God.  More than Hoyle and Asimov who dabbled on the side with science fiction- inquirers oft wax Biblical.

*Nebulus arm wrestled in the land of Motil, and all who see the flatland dimensions ten, eleven, twelve... How can we see the world as atoms of but six curled dimensions even if as the climate in the land of Vuyk is a freer realm where the multiverse can breath, each one as if a different size raspberry?  How can these separate things that are the same of many yet one trend of folding be connected and visible in the symmetry breaking if not for his own views?

*For if there is some lightning ball like structure in the void, in the vacuum dimensionless and scaleless its level- not that the universe began with one big bang says Hoyle, but a lot of little ones, the quasars.  What then does it matter in the overall design if the universe itself a particle?  Nebulus tried to understand their symmetry breaking compactifaction yet had to ask... why not one big void of these six (and yes missing the punch and slice, line and circle of the remote two other dimensions or in the flesh at the 27 one more, by Eddington!, in the ghostly mirrors 28- as well as many little curly ones?

*It seems to follow, if we follow the white noise rabbit up from or down some rabbit hole that we in our four space universe leave there the hidden seven, such higher symmetry also a mirror- that is in there we would see the four and here ponder the phenomena of hidden seven.  These broken dimensions of information may in a higher dream be exchanged and along with the vanishing grin of the quantum Cheshire cat move on to higher spectra or higher dreams of things beyond- if not some idea of God then certainly the ground for universal mind that inside our brain we find its seat of wisdom, knowing, feeling, confluences of emotion and space, of the cosmic and the organic code we only now find so close the same design.

*So too with our nuclei and atoms, the lowly particle for all its cloudy will-o-wisps and falls or reach to memories, one small mote or particle itself spews out its mediators composed this side of heaven with the mechanism of hidden dimensions.  String theory and such alternative physics, the finite or the endless whole, rise or fall together logically.

*Nebulus felt as some report a sense of satisfaction at least with the issues of religious things as if he over time had his near death or life experience.  For awhile as most likely this level of the journey would not satisfy his longing for the hidden answers- nothing phased him, no fear of unknowns, no petty flow of how his fellows believed or lived, all their own message of cherishing in the mainstream, or those with but one life who wasted it, not even death always around his shoulder and moving evidently closer though pointless its measure in measureless time- such a view of the universe not only puts a soul in deep perspective- this at last a worthy view as some suggest we should see our small blueberry marble or hold the greatest thing some distant visitor from the stars- this puts us into the Good, we then know it so in our awakening.  We praise as well what we can build, stand or fly at will, our childhood toys the chemistry sets, and magnets, telescopes and microscopes and mirrors, fill the world with aluminum pots and pans, warships, the plows not abandoning the idea that we are obsolete in our need for war.

*If the endless universe is newsworthy, then certainly so are we and our story.  While I crave new things to see and read on my journey I still mourn the loss of seeing the plot to come as much as with those I have shared with our songs.

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