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New Constellations

New Constellations

L. Edgar Otto   05 March, 2013

Hunters, gods, ships and eagles
 their fall into the earth or sun
Add to the celestial globe soul skeletons
 connect the dots, fill in colors and myths

Beyond it is a fire not just a sieve
 these dots of light in hues and depths, stars
Or dark stars that cannot decide if they
 go nowhere or when, tortise chasing

New stars in the night should fill the sky
 a distant time of conflicting hearts
Twinkle, spark, we long time falling up or down
 the ground joined phosphene cosmic latte

Crosseyed in the forgetful expansion taking time
Cautious spiral arms, conscious vertigo into pole stars

* * * * *

Theories: 04 March, 2013   17:23:34

*the cross-eyed viewing as quasinfinite requires withing the empty wave like intervals integer value focusing, plus 1 2 3 4 singularities in the quasic brane which amounts to log like additive roots position wherein we regard an infinity over the finite interval that absolute infinite motion (repeated or cyclic) is the limit of absolute rest over an indefinite linear multiplicity , depth cross-eyeing, this concept is in general independent of strict dimensional relations of ordered (hierarchical) quasic abstract motions of rest or functions of movement between the dimensions.

In regard to the vertical axes the horizontal transition does not show local expansion, dilatation over boundaries.

*20:56:34  From the quasic quasifinite view, the depth and span AM FM generalized multiplexing of it all, the relationship of quasinifnite (endless chase unto a limit) between depth and span super positioning, better describes a solution to Zeno's ultimate Achilles paradox.  Consciousness on the quasic level can be seen as a hard science of transceivers between sentient singularities where these depth span differences ground the source geometry of such synchronous source exchanges akin to when we pass horizons (here the flat brane or cosmic worm hole lines) between space and time, or mirrors as say electron or monopole, space and time, matter or antimatter, sub-duality mediators, as physicality.

* * * *

Interestingly, the science magazines are deep into soul searching as to what physics is in our time and what the search for a theory of everything means, what the role of mathematics is in it after all, and the ultimate question of what and why we and the the universe are.  This a thread theme or topic in Gibbs website.

I come there as a poet or philosopher, sometimes my art is art and not just mathematical but the process of focusing the light of wisdom is like that of science.  Thus I summarize these theories inspired by ongoing looks at the foundations in this poem New Constellations, the colors at least the four primaries of the birds.  An eagle flattened at least to the hyperbolic spinning disc which is an artist's view, a drawing of a sunspot at least a hundred years ago at the turn of the century.

15:05:46  Depth Discreteness and Catastrophe

It should be obvious by now that the general idea of super symmetry theories, in the simple case of issues of non-locality, entanglement, the physical apparatus we set up for our thought experiments as in quantum eraser from at least dual slit experiments is as theory incomplete as well as our idea we sense such an incompleteness in the quantum theory- or alternatively  the insistence on a foundation as completeness was the wrong interpretation as to the state of the reality.

These anomalies, that is black body radiation or that lack of discovering the aether wind, have their analogs to day in the observations from our modern particle accelerators.  It is the unification, of which I suggest is the comparison of a wider view of dimensions of singularity of linear (number line) and brane flat spaces where we insist on the flatness as if an absolute grounding.  In the usual slit experiments the spectrum shifts along this number line and the count if we polarize light passing thru is discrete or particle like with respect to that line but the wider plane, with tricks of reversals or not in two quasic axes over the whole system as interpreted distinguishing particle and wave, is the  probability curve of wavelike properties.  But the ground plane symmetry has more implied or illusion dimensions for this continuity as at least the powers of 2, here independent of the uncertainty of equal partitioning of path choice or the integration of transfinite levels of description.

Can we design an experiment which conveys this unification ultimately of the wave and particle idea in these higher symmetries of whatever general nature?  Have we only designed our experiments and not necessarily or mathematics or intuitions to find the expected decision as to the results quasi-independent of our issues of consciousness influencing things? From one view the LHC and other such projects amount to such an experiment, as yet incomplete.

Can physics exist as intelligible without such anomalies so is unified in a general theory of everything, the goal of what mass or gravity means without some form of acknowledgement of super symmetries including hidden or dark null spaces?
It is not clear that we can merge antimatter generally to tap the calculated greater mass of energy thus assume for all so called particles there are anti particles to fix to the idea of super-symmetry involved.

Of course quasics is but a third level of many physics possible but almost less relevant in is spectral measures... but in the depth as well as span we have this century old paradox of wave particle description, certainly there are techniques to resolve this which is evidently at least a four fold problem- and certainly in possible phenomena and properties of spaces of natural dimension can be at least five fold.

These depth and span differences, each in a sense cross-eyed, that is at least two chiral slits, should be useful in the measure of physical phenomena over the omnium on an arithmetical level, abductive, inductive or deductive or as illusions or not, of exact values, approximations, or dimensionless intrinsically or not.

How we apply our sentience (that is thought experiments) as influential in say the interpretation of quantum theory (or inertia, gravity, mass, and so on) is neutral yet equivalent to the actual possible influence itself, albeit that intermittently and indefinite.
This is simpler and more profound than simply and algebraic unifying formula.  It is a question at the heart of unity, the Law of Omnium: namely, unity equals zero times infinity in its widest dynamic and possibly transcending metaphysical sense a we divide general space and depth time or source time also as continuous or discretely.

* * * * *

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