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Scientific New Constellation Manufacturing SNCM

Scientific New Constellation Manufacturing  SNCM

L. Edgar Otto    06 March, 2013


The theme of this as a spurt of new innovations and general ideas as to the future possibilities and technology of quasic theory will probably not be posted in real time.

*A science fiction perhaps, of the levels of data mining by the datamites, for example a hierarchy of those entities that may access our data, include datamite dust where concrete from other sentient systems behind the normal concerns of our social system of security and commerce.

*Where touch is also a part of general stereonometry defining geometry... the concept of a glow globe, a spherical touch screen that (by quasic programming) will not only display several globes, enlarge or spin them in the depths of its internal space (a three dimensional sunspot) or probe below the surface and so on... but will display other three dimensional structures inside such as not just spectral linear holographic color distinction to visualize depth so as to show latices, stellations, or bodies in natural color and motion.  Also, if we can touch the virtual space in the flesh or in programming, the small ball could project outward as if to project the insides to life size or a diameter beyond the diameter of the globe. 

Such globe I conceived before for surface calculations over the span of a sphere.  But this admits clouds in clouds of depth and span parameters which of course may be shared.  Some methods in the quantum like region of polarization to make the regions concrete over more than a linear natural dimension may require analogs to the number line idea of quasifinite wave particle duality programed virtually or in some combination of entangled crystal symmetry space chips all of which can be a basis for sharing, yet keeping the hard location secure independent of the cloud idea, the social idea, and the physical storage of data.

In a sense, as if in some sort of erotic or power dream, we gain by the doubling of our chiral probing systems of different patterns, alternately in duality, rather than the efficiency of but one better when running with a back up in the waiting... again, the negation or mirroring of things is a relative concept, the slit experiment as slits have higher analogs.  Such archetypal patterns connect as is natural with the evolved recapitulations and functions of our adaptable universal law brain stem which is a measure perhaps of our general vitality, energy, and mental health.

* * * *
00:34:22  Datamite (Subquasion Quasifinite Xtals)

We imagine then physical dust that can be illuminated and rise and fall, by sound or photoelectric looping for a magnetic field plus the gravity direction of say ball bearings that can compact or expand the symmetric structures in 3D.  A subquason can be a quasibit of information that may be part of a cloud or a xtalline structure including the pathways that expose the lower dimensions of travel in the fractal like span with singularity (chiral vector crosseyed connectivity slit count).  These can be exchanged and can form an over pattern that varies the replication of the totality into a finite space or can globally reconstruct the parts.  One use of this in the glo ball would be to show the evolving sequence of minerals (datamite virtually) of organic chemicals such as for nutrition and diagnosis of the functioning of a specific environment with genome of a living organism.  With caution it can simulate what would happen with changes within the design choices and parameters of such a general theory.

Another application would be to demonstrate say the history on different scales of the universe according to a particular theory of everything say as if from the Big Bang Model.  This visualized over time in the glow globe space.

The fine distinction between click maps or hypertext moveable web pages meet as if the best of CSS and the old table formatting, the vectors, raster, and general datamine xtal isolated or shared symmetry contents. The three space representation generally more familiar and intuitive (perhaps that also projected from a disk representation vertically) could view these subquason datamite entities symbolically as say ball bearings for the programming of the dynamics of a particular space.  Just maybe in a wider theory, of superduper symmetry and higher sentience levels- we in a lower system could in principle project into higher theories or at least the complete theories as if at some final but thin frontier or horizon.

*02:13:21  Quasifinite Prime Brane Patterns:
A Quasifinite Prime Insight or Conjecture, the Anti-sieve.

From a discrete view we cannot fill the plane with fractal dimensional paths, but we can fill the generational quasic dimensions of finite and binary crosseyed objects by the symmetry considerations.  In effect we add layers to the brane array in at least a fixed ordering greater than that of adding one thing in a vertical or horizonal boundary axis to the rows or column...reducing again as a process of quasic symmetry breaking the location of primes leaves some objects not covered or sieved progressively over the growing quasic binary generation spaces that originates so as to divide, as in four space, 16 absolute singularities into 11 and 5 for the patterning that then extend implicitly over the next higher spaces.  In a sense at any level as discretely filled the nature of primacy vanishes with the primes as one object or property in multiplicity not distinguished on some depth layer, as if these in an analog continuous system merge or make vectors vanish into a ground level of a measure hierarchy basis including entropy of model bases for natural dimensions. The continuous filling corresponds then intelligibly unto the power continuum of a group level investigated.  These properties may be transitive over apparently random space of wide generalized locations and patterning as if to exchange the fixity of certain dots independently of some property constrained by the power system as non-necessary uncertainty in a positive concrete crosseyed and hidden symmetry dimensional span space as well as depth considerations or ultimately unity as symmetry building of properties so expressed.

There is a large qualitative difference between the informational and dimensional aspects of number in at least four space that distinguishes the unitary theories of forces as broken into 10 + 6 or 11 + 5... we can then ask philosophically which of these patterns may be the cause of the other, or both jointly if a pattern is more than accidental at all... or in general when in integers one or some singularity is in what sense a generator of numbers as if from some quasifixed origin and consequent structure we may interpret as evolving. Is the pattern of primes quasi-necessary over all possible patterns or not as they might evolve from some primitive singularity generator and to how far- can we choose from among such seeming total theories of patterns if any and does this in a sense exceed the totality of the theory?

In matters of physical theories intelligibility is a stronger principle than consistency, but is a non-necessary paradox. Yet with the general philosophy this in a sense reaffirms the omnium model as an open super qualitative theory of everything more than Godel like metalogics- these themselves based on the idea of prime grounding of unique consistent and inconsistent or quasi-provable laws that expands the concrete power of our physics as mathematics as it expands the utility of mathematics itself.

*Thought on the Way to the Bus Stop (early this morning for domestic supplies) :

What then are the patterns I am describing in my models- and do not get me wrong, the understanding of such a wider scope of their application and possibilities has really given me a profound sense of self, wholeness, awakening little regrets for the lack of knowing or focus in the past... and even the realization that I have passed again some point where I am on my own as to whom to ask, in this world, about some of these things- we so trusting of those who come before us or who don their cloaks of professionalism as if only to display an ideal...but it does not matter when anyone surpasses those around him- nor does it evoke loneliness... 

The idea is, what if this model is somehow but a reflection of the structures of our mind by which, and with wider insight as to what such models mean and can be as it is said often about such projection on the world as ourselves, what guarantees the model theory fits that of the workings of the world, sifts thru our haunting parallels as in our discussion of theories of everything from different views, each of us in a sense with a model, crystalline singularities and the search for security against less pain (or its seeking as some do in a reversal of mirroring). Knowing as if it can be totally organized as if layers of an onion or atom or solar system and so on or not. 

Part of the idea of an innate sense or drive of survival is the realization, as hard as any theory, that some steps would be catastrophic devastation to undertake if a soul considers it and can know.  There is of course no compensation by something like fame and so on short of some short circuit that glorifies revenge or lives on in the cherishing of diverse others that humanity goes on.  It is not we have too many people, Lord knows the refugee children across the world can evoke deep or shallow heartbreak and actions, it is how many awaken to their epiphanies of their higher better minds and find something, perhaps thru a state, that frees us by collective inquiry where the mystery of some model is first ourselves as the object of needed investigation.

Love is a shouting into the wind, our long hair of snow grows as our bronze age melts thru the cold in some eternal summer dream we get lazy or bored with too soon thus forget the journey of reading, learning, simply living, as we data mine our books of childhood... I include here a photo as photos asked for by our local weather man of unusual things in the blizzard- another photo in the exhausted source of this small town around me that caught my eye.  This world, this state is more than the dealing with money, it is the shear enjoyment or the self improvement as we recycle our time with the initial true professionalism and trust of those who cure and aid authentic we visualize and initiate in this quasi-time traveling to what degree we may all find we create our own and the world.  Survival is stubborn sometimes in that it also extends our dark ages more than those golden ones, but the age is yours and begins and ends with you- let us hope we will be choosing wisely, nothing on earth can take that away from you that such things matters to any model, full of good, full of evil of which we are often the authors, moreover full of common sense whether the wind hears or not in its changes.

*Zbrane and Magic Number Patterns:

06 March, 2013  23:51:01

Philosophic particles relate to the pattern of 24, as in the various possible intelligible reading of the DNA codes in relation to binary systems.  As such, in terms of physicality and perhaps the general field of gravity, the inertia's, where the Higgs-like particles exist they act as initiators to some real quasifinite material pathway, existence, which is in a sense counter to the symmetrical dimensional expansion of the phenomena of plasma pinching and intrinsic decoherence of a free group of individualized singularities.

*Other Projects and Awakenings:

07 March, 2013   12:55:30

Vaguely, a book with a concise simple title, a philosophic fiction...Tripod, PeSla, Dremel, Dalton, Galton, escapes me for now.

I am reviewing certain foundations of applications that amounts to code programming.  The realization a general flat table or brane graph represents vectors of symmetric operations perhaps as usually seen.  The general duality could intelligibly depend on ordering of that built up from a certain connection of two points into the next higher space and the addition of the dark neutral singularities in the count of which as concrete may define Pythagorean relations akin to Fibonacci symmetry breaking in the general space- the singularity counting is hard to keep in mind or sort out yet it applies to the generalized Fermat last theorem.  The abstract nodes or templates and mirror in a quasifinite virtual encoding can be used to turn simple changes in axial or polar orientation and directions into some xtal node, datamote, by simple linear last to first cycling in an ordered list and this extended by tables in tables where each note xtal is used in interactive methods.

Sometimes, as I try to make sense of the history and the collective social world, I come close to realizing just how much this effort and awakening out of nowhere as my life could stand out from my modest unnoticed life problems and contemplation.  I would like to think this was not impeded but innate, by things like economic considerations.  I would have our universities live up to their ideals, and putting the old conflicts aside make stronger bonds between cultures for the greater good and for the projection of out humanity into higher things like space.

Let us not impede inquiry by pointless greed but let us not design in ignorance the rise and mutations of cultures as if these so successful in replication we accept they are to be wasted as the collateral damage of evolution.  Our mind is our first of tools, our models as if the language of Lions (Wittgenstein) to ours is unintelligible for the words sake amounts to a paradox of just where all sentient species can intelligibly mix.  Let us not put a toll and call it industry on what is free in the clouds or paranoia we gamble as protection or insurance.

For proofs as extraordinary claims needing extraordinary evidence, the paradox of any timeline or any model of something held at a distance- with some ultimate exception not considered as the ultimate mystery, some divinity of a man perhaps, what is this but the paradoxical extraordinary of rolling logs each the front as active and moving as we still build our stone age pyramids of mass in compression against the outward explosion of fall and gravity?  There are many foundational things to do before we invent the wheels of any theory of everything.

But the universe also knows of your needs that you must store and choose who shares the sunlight and not what is just in your heart of a half remote dream of our best ideals to come... ignorance is not a necessity always with us as are the poor or wars, for the workings of society or the world that things have to always remain this way that evil takes its tolls if evil we make more than the freedom of indifferent seas, and better days, surely they shall come.

Good Inquiring then, my child of earth, mourn not the lost of my poems or secrets, things not thought or not spoken, no blame I lay on myself the restrains of action... just what can be your own.

* * * * * * * 

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