Friday, March 29, 2013

Quasifractals (Quasigroup Superfractals - Qsfcm)

Quasifractals   (Quasigroup Superfractals -  Qsfcm)

L. Edgar Otto   Friday, 29 March, 2013

*There exist a Hilbert-like fractal that is within the same dimension despite the trans-virial aspects and the covering virially reduced of all the points as if in the next lower dimension is visited twice (as in a flangelation state of four space into three).

The manifold possibilities of this are more than three, saddle, plane, and sphere... and as subgroup symmetries are more than Euclidean embeddings of the non Euclidean of only seven reduced projections.

*The flatland of this quasicontinuum as information (from the beginning the reality of such and application of information can seem thin as a mathematical physics) being in reference Euclidean and multibrane extends to indefinite higher dimensions including the magic square matrices of binary higher orders.  This is the flatness problem of cosmology with deeper resolution than inflation and big bang theories.

*By viriality we understand the duplication of bits of informational coordinate space that at each entity, the Higgs-like properties of any particle in this sense can be doubled and mapped to fractal spaces as in the patterns of a complex plane.  It factors in an intelligible and prime integer number theory manner.

*No group is necessarily physically significant and present in such space with respect to its subgroups.

*Binary informational flatness unifies the description of all binary bases as a quasic pattern and position- thus the octonion follows naturally from the quaternion and there is nothing left out of the foundational algebra in the total design save by lesser considerations.  From the informational view a particle carries both the bits of two places and eight places to describe the totality of numbers and directions, and scalars, of a manifold.

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Note:  Ulla posted a link on facebook from MIT which is highly relevant, time symmetry breaking as a dual pathway... the synchronicity of my posts narrows.  I also considered this a them for an essay to enter as a sort of new versions of Abbot's Flatland as it is a new take on higher dimensions and symmetry.

*When we rotate (rigidly or of wider quasic information span) an orthogon by its group (the distinction made as what can be quasifinitely interpreted as inside or outside an horizon) we can and usually do regard a path of shifting change in the number of bits changing in gray code coordinates over a quasic space as a sequence of so many linear (orthogonal edge) successive abstract motions of the change of one bit or corners to return to the same identity state.

*Such sequences in totality may double or combine beginning with duality(viriality) and not necessarily open or closed as complete (thus relatively holographic) systems.

*Such path properties may combine paths of distinct field (quason) objects as if superfractals as fractals of themselves implied.

*In our life (deep brain core) review of fog and shadow event experiences, real or subjective places or time at singularity of existing, the superfractal open or closed sequences may reorganize, close, or expand our perception of time, perhaps concretely re-experience.  Such learning (neoteric or archetypal) can be interpreted  or fixed as if a higher conscious choice decision or intention that may adjust to its own tachyonic-like (in multiplicity) encoding- as with a photon as a singularity distinct but interrelating with the flatness of multibrane flatland, relatively.  This apples to the inflation idea as an explanation of the uniformity of the cosmic background as well the mirror question as to why in an ideal and crystalline like model as quasic space we find in the world differences.  The state of the omnium more dynamic and ongoing than our previous speculations.

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This, on the hypercube and its subcell level, can be very clearly drawn with the binary coordinates as the nature of principles involved.  Beyond this we indeed can imagine higher such fractal like space in the wide realm of number theory and so on...

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