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Metaglossa Topology, Teleons as Dynamic Quasons

Metaglossa Topology  (Teleons as Dynamic Quasons)

L. Edgar Otto     25 March, 2013

While it may not yet be clear what happens at the remote regional focus of space of a super-singularity we certainly can imagine a more conventional picture of space over an interval of time and a topology with weights influential but excluded as if not an abstract distance over a lifetime.  This parenthetical breath still seen as absolute vanishing or the containment of all that stands firm against all else as the focus of perception thus an ultimate reality.

At this level of complexity we may not regard the existence of a fifth force independent and higher as a natural dimension implied as a concrete equivalent realm as in the lower dimensions.  These, like with some idea of count and ratio of symmetry breaking are metaglossic and teleological more from the idea of a continuous field than corpuscular...the metaphor the game of chess where the board maps the field in various ways and the pieces the matter.

So I give a more familiar vision looking down at the lesser perspective of where geometry and mathematics develop in the three and four space as if these are the terra firma of our experience of complexity and imagination, the feeling that of natural dimensions these are more physical than metaphysically abstract so in a sense unreal.  Indeed, from a vision looking down the textbooks rarely probe even the third dimension in its development such as harmonic spheres and conformal under deformation build within these low dimensional views- once mastered the mathematics can be a disappointment and certainly not as powerful as we imagined for the trunk over the roots and branches of say our calculus to so describe what we want from the world.

The influence for the theme of this post was my desire to find still a new and wider path outside and beyond my own states of developing theory- perhaps synchronize as well as understand parallel ideas I see in the driving work of others.  As with the raw art of beginnings this is not crystallized from my intuitions into a more fixed understanding and formality, I try to draw or sketch in a free and new but careful way as if I take the natural flow of accelerating ideas to more guide them.  Also because as wonderful as it seems my encounter with a smart phone is not going well so I just shut it down...I need the power supply for my expertise that I go beyond the whispers of a crystal radio to learn the steps of more fundamental arts- to know the values in electronic circuitry.

(Oh, if I had only shown more interest in the engineering mode as a youth when the marvelous parts were replete around me that now have vanished into the metaphysical magic back then of voices thru the air, hidden messages in the shortwave radio, the sputnik and telstar and so on...) 
The steps and branching of what to do first before something else when the branches and doled out tutorials are tangled by someones design- some missing simple step, some stance of mastery like my own clinging to paint- we are victims of our own and others creative designs- on top of that and who knows what denizens live in our dreadlocks, technology a dandruff that will rain out to leave us bald... I had two devices fail or short, that slow decay of hardware- it is hard to keep things in the flesh, yet we need the sunshine even when our braincells talk intensely to each other we can feel bad and down- life is more than that, and hopefully more than when in the great expanding sphere between them our lifetimes fade in or out of those around us.

You see, the thought that the old television shows have come back to me from my youth as if the light should I have met it from some other planet is a now from then, I mean the old episodes of I Love Lucy may still be around somewhere in space even if we cannot catch them from our home-world. The idea of once made a transit we can go back with such information thru time is premature to the ultimate physics needed for the unification of our world.

Symmetry is an existential teleological game, the pieces moving free in a board as if a field, that in that way or philosophy it can play itself beyond the lower dimensions.  Information, embedded in information and so on... expands in jumps and flows and sub-routines. The wildcards, the zeros and ones expand with abstract weights between them and as we see but have not resolved in the mainstream of current physics, the higher idea of information is Metaglossical in structure in that it is quasi-universally conserved- this is not simply some theory of an identity element or reference frame of metalinguistic finite entities bounded.

At the empty core of singularities these convex but differently intelligible structures of the vacuum, nothingness the creative drive or force by omnium distance and weight persists- the belief in the interval as if the metaphor and model is of life forms can be as hard yet tenable as the belief in some ultimate being or ultimate emptiness- for the unfolding or folding, thus the abstract multiplication of these abstract entities at some distinct difference of half boundaries or of subsets of them as if two lives intersect, the boundless circumference of each or the ensemble of them move on by accident or destiny the flow or fall in time.

I remain enough of a poet to cite the Ancient Mariner where when the wedding guest ask what made the vanished ship move in a calm sea- the Mariner replied that wind opens up before and closes in behind... I see such the answer we seek if it is answer enough of such informational structures if dynamic, the compression of space before and so I envision the unfolding in depths toward some center or in the cosmic string like line that the description is there as to how these super-singularity structures in singularities work.  And myth as it seems it is no more strange than our other myths of attempts to description, modeling a theory of everything.
A beach ball on a waves simply makes circles, not surfs as if a skipping stone so too the surface of bobbin particles in a vibrating quantum sea.  But what can move in punch can move in slice and separate as well as blend, independently the goal and the receptor... a place in the cracks and cleavage that some find melt together, some find vanishing past gifts, some a little light with messages exchanged- of course this takes the vitality of youthful vagueness as well the comfort and position, love not just mechanical yet done in weightless space where we can fly as well in our dreams.  Not just the superposition of wild card points changes the game but along with them the count of edges, and so on.

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12:02 PM   This morning the exploration into a different depth of topology which seems at a raw beginning in isolation the need for new terms with new ideas- feels a little more concrete and sound.  I mean, this may be the usual view for all I know- but a living thing is sensitive to its internal and external environs at the general MT or metaglossy quasi-horizon boundaries on the level of , well, Teleons.  Of this I have some terse notes and will post a third part later.

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