Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Trepidation and SUSY's Sleek Long Gams

Trepidation and SUSY's Sleek Long Gams

L. Edgar Otto   26 March, 2013

The damsel dancing, playing beach blanket bingo gyres and vibrates knocks the would be dremels down with an aimed shake and twist.  But in the end it is about relationships, bonds, the thin curtain of polka dot bikinis in the romantic noir, the commentary narrative as if we read the thoughts of private eyes from a simpler time.

She is only mimicking the rebellion of youth after a great war when innocence is safe and spoils of victory with expectations abound.  Yet in the end her bling is silver for in her dervish dance she dares the tunnels, balances on the board, bends her knees or stands upright, rides the waves.  Does she mourn the loss of her lover for her journey to the sky, she a time lord to where lovers cannot fly?

What long and slender, streamlined as sand passes thru an hourglass her long legs, from the source past knees to ankles.  Guido looks at what he can, thinking there is always a deeper base in the game, which way to the beach? he asks, as he puffs up his biceps, throws dust in the weaklings eyes, sending out a complimentary message that can get thru her sunscreen sent, judge her colors.

Nets and funnels and cellos, it does not matter in the contrast if the navel is covered by the old fashion swimsuit nor even one for sport just painted on, nor if all of the face in public, lovers private or a trophy of power shown off by the influential signaling superior man's arm. Susy takes on the housework and child bearing, her cravings for clothes and high heels as much a body epic culture gathering she as the deeper definition of the gods pass it on.

But she is That Girl too, how wide and free seeing the skyscrapers of New York, fearless Wonder Woman she may become breaking thru glass ceilings, to save the busy nerds who run the world, and tobacco stained old men, entrenched who climbed the corporate ladder - she can move like the gyroscope moving abruptly at right angles for a whim window shopping past city blocks.  From her view she can do physics too.  After all the knee bone is connected to the shin bone, and the shin bone to the ankle bone. 

What comes after that in her top of the world and moving mountains or with that oceanic feeling that her secure heart and intuition can make her faint and lose herself awhile if in the dance as she reaches out in the rhythm of life and blush to find her curly TOE's?

* * * * *

One can wonder if this silver fox would be taken seriously to say perhaps  Fermi was wrong like many in their narrow mysticism of the eleven sphere, that earth as terra firma, the center not used to only seas say Einstein was wrong.
We can name elements after such significant saints, from the planets beyond Uranus, thru those theoreticians, then the collider men and engineers, until finally we just use the numbers in the long learning beginning with Madam Currie for that anomaly on the horizon of physics in Lord Kelvin's time, a crack, a trepidation wobble we see in the higher energy of the dust or great voids in the early sky.  Thru the ancient alchemist dream of turning lead into Technetium.

We can plot the muon rain in the ice cubes, the earth itself a shield of half the sky, count the hotspots, plot the data that we may just reach given enough and total time.  Still thinking perhaps this all too concrete Boltzmann and Brownian maze of a concrete solid yet hollow ball is all about what is left to show how she eats the raspberry universes with hints and tease by magnetism, attractions and repulsions our at home in our standard physics model, its half truths of monopoles.  But when momentum ghosts resolve in pairs does one neutrino vanish into such a black hole that eats it?  In what ether sea is the velocity of light not violated went photons are given off moving thru the higher waters?

At the ankle, flat and true angles right, a mirror to which fission and fusion meet at stability, the center at Silver, awaits the world in its knee jerk reactions or down on its knees.  In the cloudburst can come surprises although we may yet not see them, we lazy lizards soaking up the sun, wondering why the cosmic rays accelerate when it is built into them as surely as the spectrum shifts its violets are blue and SUSY's rosy lips are raspberry red.

* * * * * 
The next post called Transplexity (Transfinite Complexity) XfCom, will concern the general principle as it relates to our biological mechanism and concrete mental coherence.

Great science daily article today 3-26 13 8:33 on emotions... 

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