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Transfinite Complexity (Transplexity - Xfcx)

Transfinite Complexity (Transplexity - Xfcx)

L. Edgar Otto     27 March, 2013 12:11:42 AM

In the main against the dissolution's in the world we take our chances as if our paths of life that must vanish to grow, transcend to other things (in the metaphor or theory anyway), each moment the vanishing of our coherent past into the coherent future at the empty or infinitely dense existential now, so too our learning matching the dynamic creative universe, the empty instant of singularities unfolding from the absolute, has quasi-connected sub-intervals of confluences in hierarchy wherein things that break can be bound again.

In the bulging swells this year of time the snake moves to digest is crushed and paralyzed prey a spacious symmetry we but see superimposed illusions of the dimensions, so too the complex plane and sphere imagined of hyper numbers and beyond we break or bond our hearts too as so we feel and learn to feel, life sensate as much as complimentary rational.  Bounded stronger in our minds, living longer, some merging of the chromosomes not that different from the plants and close to the chimpanzee our genes stronger work together.

The sketch that works tho simplified, traces of particles in motion, graphs, Feynman's notes that house what cannot be seen with flesh but felt thru mirrors and time- in the greater scheme and spirit of things Kepler constructs the stellations, the great icosahedron and its brothers,  the quarter shift of the compound 14th semi-regular polyhedron also is a sketch of great grand Platonic things into the next dimension... But there three golden rings can be interlaced and hold together all three independently, no two held by one of Bromanian knot-like rings that need the three together necessarily- nor so the last of how we think in the simple logic of diagnosis what as the last of physics laws,  said conserved of momentum and energy.

Nature then in dimensions has its early viking runes of threes in threes we blinded in the twilight like the heroic Odin. Nine the number, thrice blind.  But in the eyes of some Asgard or Olympia the imagined as if once real gods, echos in the stones, the hollow giants now but empty shells we who fish comb the endless beach collect them along with wave washed anchor rings of stone- that is, far from equilibrium the grains of time like sand keep its limits of the smallest size.  And the giants now have no smaller local name, the monoliths left speak of a more primitive tribe, these like Roman ruins and layered pyramids decay and all broken forces begin as equal, independent the totality its entropy as one.

So, as if we can know the results of a theory, we speculate the sun will not blow up as the flavors change in its neutrinos.  Yet suns persist in the mainstream of weights and measures ever focused, gravity in tug of war within the hearts of stars with electric fields.  Their flavors do not necessarily shift as directions differentiate their generational values for these break apart and repair that what at the absolute is most ultimate is balanced with that in the chaos is most broken- that the dimensionless values both Dirac and Eddington thought to ponder.

The rays of dust accelerate at their own pace somewhere between the perpetual motion of light and immovable place, the quasi-broken principle is the key in this balances transfinite yet quasifinite unity of sky and dust, of the state of space and matter as well of complexity in the codes of the cosmos and of living things.  The scale of it all meet at some central place of which it is intelligible to ask things in the wide fixed and changing atmosphere of our minds. As if a spacious singularity this double shock front of time allows that of what is ghost to be the reference frame to that of mind.  Who knows then if these things that seem like distinct forms of consciousness cannot one day be interchanged?

So down the legs of SUSYQ flows the generational sketch and unfolding of space and time, or this compressed into some form of diagonals imagined lines and meaningful matrices or more some hidden truth in diagonalization after all should we at least understand better these projective magic branes.  This  as the highest achievement of the path of physics, the sum total, the omnium we gathered and worshiped as surely as the sun, the atom bomb.

Now we gaze deeper into the past, high and low energies the colors of such spectra tho her ankle might be ultra green, we drawing our equations in the sand with rule and compasses imagine as if the graphic pencils of a child all the colors, subtle grains from uniform, paint the crystal colors in the caves and mountains of the moon thru the interference patterns of silicon lenses of our telescopes, both bottoms up or top down our saloons or taverns full of bubbles our beer bars. The binge more than churches or grocery stores, the commons where need for each other finds a living-room.
These saloons of the elixir of knowledge bought up by the brewers to control the price, sometimes nothing more in their metaphysical rap more than the street facing store front.

Somewhere in the background the twins (Naughtons) play their grand pianos with hints they share something of their minds while the arts go begging tho the music sweet.  It takes sometimes a full orchestra or learning to play again in subways and on the streets. Writing a song from that long incubating in the mysterious mix as if we do it in a moment before we learn we can.

We drink of the cosmic rain to awaken us from the slumber of perfect webs or standing into danger, taking foregranted our sleeping without the need of dreams.  Time and size and power synced these pass thru us or shift our codes too close to the developing, the mutation, the incurable cancer as if the lonely cell sees only its own terrain of a new third of space.  Life learns by brute force in chance, its remissions.

The nine spheres, earth centered relative its firmament, in the heart within horizons and atmospheres, its generators of magnets flux and pole shifts and reversals, its brain of molten and iron crystals we could think as more types of forces to imagine in the teleon heart the three becomes eighteen so these expand. The eight corners of the world unfold these twenty-seven, six times six times six... the numerology is hauntingly intelligible.  Our search for her TOE's is not without consequence, conflict, and emotion.

Would you judge the path of your own work as if aware of it at the moment and into some greater totality or of another's heartfelt work...only you can report the truth of your states of vision (the world hears although there is no signal,stone record, nor sound), but after struggle more than sleep the judgement of the spirit of some finality of dreams more than a trend of progress or careful results justly in efforts proud, is that you wake up to feel the sunrise or morn the sunset tho never totally dark while solitary is the first of evening stars- beyond the truth and beauty, beyond knowing right or wrong, a return to the unspoken and unwritten gaze in respite outside a race that all can intuitively know- this is how you know such truth that you judge your let there be light and know it is good.

Let us not get so fallen from our fellows that we forget to hear the whispers of the stars so believe that does not exist.

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