Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Galaxy Gal Swims Through Time

Galaxy Gal Swims Through Time

L. Edgar Otto     July 10, 2012

This is a post mostly of the illustrations and is a sort of symbolic computation
 in the development of certain foundational ideas in the physics and for other
creative considerations.  But I also found some rather interesting cube puzzles that
in there orientation may also in a sense count and compute and express some rather
abstract ideas- looking down from the more general space into what from the lower level
of such problems the complicated becomes rather simple or easy yet the theory finds
a wider compass of depth.

The ideas here as if to arrange ideas into contexts are rather elemental- things like count,
struggle between the  intimate relation of plant and animal, of man and woman, of the paths
from the photo of fresh water river clams zoomed from high on the bridge, the seat of action
in the symbolic and creative folds of the lucky cherries, broken and giving birth-
and so on as if intuitively I may find something interesting or at least balanced in the human
element against the vague slide rule exaggerations of cold space.

I might conclude that in the actual physics few here understand some of this and it does
seem to appear to the average bureaucrat that my thoughts go everywhere (I do not claim
superiority but obviously their view is too narrow).  You see, equal opportunity should come
as at a beginning and not the end of means for a mythical pasturing out into a fixed and
zero sum society.  We can have such an actual dream of society but in the process it will
lose the individual in all their glorious diversity that so ground the evolving civilization.

The see and say and hear no evil monkey-see-monkey-do mentality goes both ways
and the social rewards can be empty at the foundations, that or its light invisible by those
who but mimic themselves in the security of fear of their pointless mirrors.  I would hope
that some readers of better training or intuition do not miss my points before it may be of some
benefit to them and society, and for some of them their nasty personalities-  the global climate
does not stray too far from the shell of the soil in its temperature ups and downs but there is a wide
space above, and a solid infinity below us so it seems in flatland.

I may have to begin my creative science project with a new formulation as there seems to be so much
that comes into the path of what was the plan- the design should be the leader not the stigma or the
shame of mental illness of which it seems we can at least define as a certain blindness of petty ego or even an emptiness of ego that strives to exist, but not immortality, in its lazy level of not even being crazy in thinking for themselves and not so dependent on others.  Nobel prize- well, there is not doubt that the English have shined in the last score of decades- but this truth has nothing to do with merit or how we encourage
science in the world so to make it a better place.  If  you cannot explain time then how can you set a
true standard for publication or even evaluate some theory or experiment outside of the context of an era- and if you see my abstract particles and cannot find a basis beyond Otto dreaming of no knock in the cycles of his engine and this not a proof of the patent rights as he stared into the smoke stacks- well, perhaps some such stray gene and mutation will arise again  in another hundred years when most things will not matter like who was the artist or who did the minor crime- a hundred years from now.

* * * * *
Later that evening in the public library:  Entanglement Dice

I thought I might do a fast sketch of some of the more formal uses of the hypercolor (hypersymmetric) visualization tools of the symbolic logic to bring home more of a sense of the concrete in the abstract physics. Of course this is only the crude beginning but it goes a long way to explain some things such as the wider possibilities of intelligible physics now thought too complicated and non-linear.  In effect this allows a supersymmetric (from the quasic view) existential reason for our ideas on entanglement.  I envision variations on these cubes and the intelligible rules of abstract logic and reflection mirrors (let us ask if there is a relation say beyond the color matching (the hidden symmetries are after all a generalization of hidden symmetries as in the calyptic cubes) of "faces" that in some sense attract or repel and if in the generalization- such as it is it does in fact generalize some of the methods and ideas of the Feymann diagram although the general grounding quasic grid theory already does that- you see we read the covariant mixed and other vectors as if perpendicular to the even and odd ordering of numbers when the x and y of the plane is reversed).  Can we for example in the dark mirrors (of 48, or 96 colors and so on)  relate these as properties that may repel or attract, break or build in the matching between the dark or light supercalyptic symmetries as one general universal and existential moment of theory?

This is not the more complicated way we treat the geometry as what to expect from rotations and reflections in string symmetry in that it seems associated to quaternions and so on as to the height of the extension of our ideas of numbers and space.  For example, in simple entanglement (that is we could also consider other such ideas, all seemingly vague or even magical, such as quantanglement in association with information, as in Penrose) it is obvious that the observation of a particle once connected at a common fundamental ground regardless of the dimensionless constant idea of a once or in context established distance that via such symmetries the other one at a distance beyond light speed observation is obviously of the opposite identity element context parity.  It is the next level that is the question as to if this is still but a metaphysics- can there be such generalization that involves a relation creatively between the light and dark idea of space and matter that is intelligible beyond what we regard as material observation or gravity observation possibilities and to what extent is this on the whole a unique state of the universe (or multiverse)?

Can this simple visualization aid us in a greater unity of what we mean by dimension and space, light and dark and beyond?  Can it be integrated with the usual ideas of symmetry (and SUSY) in an intelligible way?

* * *

On the way back home after the first post I took this picture of  (a blue heron?) thinking about how prevalent in nature is the snake like extension from a core of a bilateral symmetric heart-  like some of the dinosaurs some look at this design as they hunted on the shore safe in the distance in the inland ocean and say of the design that it seems a very weak and monstrous design in nature as the long neck is so vulnerable.

We have a lot of local news on our river Nessie (oddly this is considered by the creationist as evidence that somehow dinosaurs and man coexisted as if this debate solves anything in any direction of grounding or any issue in what is truly, in Hoyle's sense, another brilliant Brit physicist, intelligent design without capitals)  our long neck mythical beast I find echoed in this symmetry design in large dogs in the river and the river fowl and so on when something bordering now on the artistic catches my eye and I reach for the camera.  Our river Nessie is really a float which the authorities say is a hazard when in the river and want to know the name of the artist.

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